GreenWolf's WIP Drafts

This pages houses all of my drafts which are currently being worked on, but which are not yet ready for general review and feedback. Once a draft on this page reaches a point where it is ready to be put up for critique, it gets moved to the Showroom.


Name Article Type Notes
Circumstances Tale 2nd Part of Vital Signs.
Lighthouses Tale Tale about the Lighthouse Mafia.
It's Not Pronounced Hero Tale JOVE struggles to stop Scarlet Hammer from restarting the Cypriot War.
Signals Tale Myra Rider and Bastien Lachance discuss the finer points of Maxwellism and the Silicon Nornir.
The Body Electric Tale The UIU investigates the attempted assassination of Representative Raymond Caldwell.
Saint Hubert's Key Tale Prometheus Labs develops a vaccine for lycanthropy.