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Operation Dark Room (UIU File: 2000-215)

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Case File # 2000-215
File Opened 8/7/2000
File Closed 5/26/2004
Lead Agent Florence Thorne
Summary Information obtained from PLAMPRO triggered an investigation into the activities of Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP and its contractors, based on suspicions of trafficking in controlled paratech. Several years of investigation uncovered evidence of multiple violations of federal law, including paratech smuggling, human trafficking, illegal human experimentation, tax fraud, and bribery of federal agents. Acting on this evidence, a multi-pronged raid was performed in cooperation with the Esoteric Division of the Internal Revenue Service, the Special Action Detachment of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and the British Occult Service, resulting in the arrests of 17 MC&D employees and the seizure of a large quantity of illegal paratech.
Case File # 2000-215 Date Filed 8/7/2000
Report Author Florence Thorne Field Office Three Portlands
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1. Background

In 1998, Prometheus Labs underwent a massive restructuring, leading to the emergence of dozens of independent paratech companies and the end of Prometheus Labs as a corporate identity. During the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991, the fragmentation of the country's paratech industry lead to a significant increase in black market paratech sales and street-level paracrime throughout the former Soviet Bloc; given its status as the single largest developer and supplier of paratech in North America, it was feared that the dissolution of the Prometheus conglomerate would result in a similar surge in paracrime if left unchecked. Therefore, the Prometheus Labs Asset Monitoring Program (PLAMPRO) was launched to perform long-term surveillance of former Prometheus Labs employees and resources.

Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP is

2. Current Status

A paragraph or two describing the current status of the investigation at the time the report is filed. What does the UIU know, what assets have been assigned to the investigation, and what do they expect to find?

3. Leads

Describe any leads the investigators have, and what their future plans are for conducting the investigation. Is there evidence that needs to be analyzed? Witnesses that need to be talked to? Are there any places that the UIU would like to search for further evidence, and if so, do they have probable cause to get a warrant?

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