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Operation Dark Room (UIU File: 2000-215)

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Case File # 2000-215
File Opened 8/7/2000
File Closed 5/26/2004
Lead Agent Florence Thorne
Summary Information obtained from PLAMPRO triggered an investigation into the activities of Marshall, Carter and Dark, Ltd. and its contractors, based on suspicions of trafficking in controlled paratech. Several years of investigation uncovered evidence of multiple violations of federal law, including paratech smuggling, human trafficking, illegal human experimentation, tax fraud, and bribery of federal agents. Acting on this evidence, a multi-pronged raid was performed in cooperation with the Esoteric Division of the Internal Revenue Service, the Special Action Detachment of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and the British Occult Service, resulting in the arrests of 17 MC&D employees and the seizure of a large quantity of illegal paratech.
Case File # 2000-215 Date Filed 8/7/2000
Report Author Florence Thorne Field Office Three Portlands
Amrita Therapeutics, Genetic Engineering, Marshall Carter and Dark, Paratech Smuggling, PLAMPRO, Prometheus Labs, Three Portlands

1. Background

In 1998, Prometheus Labs underwent a massive restructuring, leading to the emergence of dozens of independent paratech companies and the end of Prometheus Labs as a corporate identity. During the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991, the fragmentation of the country's paratech industry lead to a significant increase in black market paratech sales and street-level paracrime throughout the former Soviet Bloc; given its status as the single largest developer and supplier of paratech in North America, it was feared that the dissolution of the Prometheus conglomerate would result in a similar surge in paracrime if left unchecked. Therefore, the Prometheus Labs Asset Monitoring Program (PLAMPRO) was launched to perform long-term surveillance of former Prometheus Labs employees and resources.

Marshall, Carter and Dark, Ltd. is an international auction house and private members club based in London. The club caters almost exclusively to ultra-high-net-worth-individuals; the identity of the club's members is one of its most closely guarded secrets, and it is likely that there is no complete record of the membership list in existence. Marshall, Carter and Dark specializes in the procurement of rare items and unique experiences, which are often paranormal in nature. The club has a history of violating federal laws and international normalcy regulations, and has been the target of several previous investigations by federal authorities.

Sundar Marten Abelen, MD (P-1989/1371), is a geneticist and paratech researcher formerly employed by Prometheus Labs. Dr. Abelen was one of the lead researchers on the development of Prometheus Labs' "All-Natural Automatons", or ANAs, a controversial paratech project involving human genetic modification and full-body cloning. While the use of these technologies in such a manner would normally be prohibited, Prometheus Labs was granted a conditional exemption from these restrictions by the United States Domestic Security Council and the Undersecretary-General of the Global Occult Coalition. Following the breakup of the Prometheus conglomerate, development and production of the ANAs was allowed to continue under Amrita Therapeutics.

Dr. Abelen was dismissed by Prometheus Bioengineering in 1993 for undisclosed ethics violations, subsequently vanishing from public life. As his employment was terminated several years prior to the conglomerate's dissolution, he was not subject to PLAMPRO surveillance. Dr. Abelen's whereabouts and activities between October 1993 and May 2000 are currently unknown. He resurfaced in May of this year, when he approached a number of former Prometheus Bioengineering researchers currently employed by Amrita Therapeutics, apparently at the behest of Marshall, Carter and Dark. According to PLAMPRO informants who were privy to these conversations, Dr. Abelen was attempting to recruit several of his former colleagues to assist with a genetic engineering project under his oversight.

On 7/31/2000, notorious multiversal smuggler Jordan "Submarine" Raybon (P-1994/0947) was apprehended by this agent during a sting operation in Three Portlands. A large amount of illicit paratech was confiscated from Raybon during his arrest, including five microfilm cassettes containing sequencer code for a first-generation sigil machine. These were positively identified as the same microfilm cassettes that had been stolen from the ICSUT Portlands archives three weeks prior, and are part of a set of Prometheus Labs occult research data that the university acquired last year. When questioned, Raybon claimed that he had been hired to transport the stolen microfilm on behalf of an individual he called "Doc Sun Door". Raybon famously suffers from severe chronic tinnitus; given this fact, it is believed that the "Doc Sun Door" he identified is actually Dr. Abelen, whose first name Raybon simply misheard.

2. Current Status

Sundar Abelen is currently suspected of paratech trafficking, criminal conspiracy, and unauthorized genetic experimentation. He is believed to be affiliated with or acting on behalf of Marshall, Carter and Dark, although the scope of the club's association is unknown. Determining the extent of MC&D's involvement, locating the current whereabouts of Dr. Abelen, and identifying his activities since his dismissal from Prometheus Labs in 1993 are the primary focus of this investigation. The author of this report, Florence Thorne, has been designated the lead agent for this case; also assigned are Allen Sharp and Tony Drake.

PLAMPRO operators and informants have been notified to be on alert for signs of Dr. Abelen, and were asked to immediately report any unusual activity involving PLabs assets related to occult and/or genetic research. Evidence suggests that Dr. Abelen is attempting to recruit researchers and steal data from the former Prometheus Labs in order to address a knowledge gap in his genetics project. As these efforts appear to have been unsuccessful so far, he is likely to make additional attempts to retrieve this data, which may present an opportunity to apprehend him.

3. Leads

Jordan Raybon is the most direct link to Dr. Abelen at this time. He is currently in federal custody awaiting trial for smuggling and theft. While cooperative during interrogation, he volunteered little information, and likely knows more about Dr. Abelen. Given this, as well as his known association with the Lighthouse Mafia, Special US Attorney Dalton Ready has been asked to consider offering a plea deal in exchange for Raybon's testimony.

The microfilm tapes confiscated from Raybon present another avenue of investigation. ICSUT Portlands has offered to analyze the tapes in an attempt to determine what kind of occult workings the stolen sequencer codes were intended for. Preliminary examination by this agent revealed that the taped sigil sequences are far longer than is typical for first-generation sigil geometry generators; it is likely that the sequences are proprietary thaumic programs developed by Prometheus Labs for internal use. Such programs would have extremely limited and specific research applications, so deciphering them could reveal the nature of Dr. Abelen's current activities.

Marshall, Carter and Dark's involvement makes them a target of future investigation for violation of normalcy regulations. However, there is not enough evidence at this time to establish probable cause for a search warrant. As the investigation into Dr. Abelen progresses, it is likely that further information will come to light about MC&D's role in his activities. If and when there is sufficient evidence for a warrant, the club's offices in New York should be promptly raided by federal authorities; until then, their known operations in North America should be closely monitored.

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