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The City of Three Portlands, commonly called Three Portlands, Three Ports (3Ports), or simply Portlands, is an independent city-state and paranormal enclave located within a self-contained pocket universe, accessible via Ways located in and around Portland, Maine; Portland, Oregon; and the Isle of Portland in the United Kingdom. With an estimated permanent population of approximately 80,000 persons, Three Portlands is the largest paranormal enclave in North America, and is one of the most populated locations to be entirely concealed behind the Veil.

Three Portlands' sovereignty has historically been challenged by the United States, arising from the need to monitor and limit access to the city in order to maintain consensus normalcy. Since 1940, Three Portlands has been in free association with the United States, which recognizes and guarantees the city's autonomy while reserving the right to enforce laws and regulations necessary to protect normalcy within the adjacent regions of America.


The origins of Three Portlands are unknown, and the subject of much speculation, but it is generally assumed that the city did not exist prior to the incorporation of Portland, Oregon in 1851. The earliest reliable record of Three Portlands is an internal memorandum of the British Occult Service dating from 19031, documenting the activities of various minor occult cabals in the south of England and the adjacent multiverse; this memo suggests that British authorities and occultists already possessed some awareness of the pocket universe, and indicates that Three Portlands had been lightly populated for at least a decade at that point. Parahistorian L. Rowe has theorized that Three Portlands may have been formed by or from the global thaumic backlash in the wake of the 6th Occult War, which would place the city's origin in the 1880s.

[1900s-1920s: British use for Sidhe relocation efforts; growth of paracrime/smuggling; incorporation of city council; Randall expedition]

[1930s-1940s: UIU discovery; Hoover Mandate; Howard-Grant Agreement; 7th Occult War/Battle of Portlands]

[1950s-1960s: Paratech industry expansion; expansion of anart scene]

[1970s-1980s: Foundation discovery; improved relations with the UIU; rise of Maxwellism; competition with Eurtec]

[1990s-2000s: Collapse of paratech sector; rise of the lighthouse mafia; emergence of Anderson]

[2010s-2020s: Rise and fall of Anderson Robotics; Foundation interventions/Delta-3]

Geography and Climate

[Size of the city ~27 square miles; Roughly circular, expanding outwards]

[Shadows, anchors, and major fixed landmarks — City Hall, Prometheus Plaza, Memorial Park/ICSUT, Deer College]

[Weather: Rain]

Government and Law

[The Mayor's Office]

[City Council]

[Municipal police and courts]

[UIU and US Federal courts]


[Streets — no cars, yes autorickshaws; robust trolley system]

[Communications — maxwellist hub; PL/Asterism Communications]

Demographics and Culture

[English/American; Sidhe; Wizards; Anartists]

[English and Celtic languages]


[USD/GBP money; also — favors, barter, geas work contract, etc…]

[Golems, Golemancy United; PL/Anderson, Paratech; ICSUT/GOC; Art]

[City revenues and expenses]