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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

— Sir Arthur C. Clarke

"Technology is neither good nor bad; nor is it neutral."

— Melvin Kranzberg

"To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction."

— Sir Isaac Newton

Startup (1892-1938)

The early days of the paratech industry, as companies like Prometheus Labs form to capitalize on the potential of anomalous research in the wake of the Sixth Occult War. Many important discoveries are made during this period, laying the groundwork for all future paratech development. Normalcy preservation organizations begin to assume their modern forms, and the idea of the Veil — long upheld by informal consensus — is first articulated as a formal policy.

  • Preliminary Report of J. C. Randall Upon His Party's Efforts... — In 1927, Doctor John Carver Randall led a team of experts on an expedition to explore the multiverse. They never returned. Written by GreenWolf
  • Zeitgeist — A day in the life of a ghost hitman, a space-drug smuggler, a psychic mob cleaner, and a junkie witch. Enter: the Chicago Spirit! Written by A Random Day

Bubble (1938-1992)

The Second World War, the concurrent Seventh Occult War, and the subsequent Cold War create a surge in demand for paratech, leading to a parascience bubble that will last until the end of the Cold War. This period is filled with numerous mergers of paratech suppliers as the market consolidates in order to better meet growing demands. Normalcy preservation organizations and national paranormal agencies reach the height of their power, giving rise to a strong Veil and the so-called "Golden Age of Normalcy".

  • SCP-2664 - Redline — In 1950, Joseph Stalin demanded a weapon for world domination. GRU Division "P" built a weapon for world peace. The year is now 1963, and that weapon wants the world. Written by A Random Day
  • SCP-2350 - From the Mind of Malinalxochitl — At some point in the 1950s, the United States weaponized the concept of mosquitoes. Not the mosquitoes themselves - but the concept. Written by A Random Day
  • SCP-2630 - Stock of a Sort — The market seems awfully bullish today. Written by Taffeta
  • Make Portland Weirder — During a massive music festival in 1970, a Foundation agent inadvertently ends up in Three Portlands and finds the UIU already waiting for her. Written by Jacob Conwell
  • Operation LLEWYN DARK — When a contractual mind control satellite run by demons is struck down by a meteoroid, it's up to the Foundation to do some emergency maintenance. Written by Taffeta
  • 'Unicorn Horn' (HYTCH/8FNE6/B77KT) — Marshall, Carter and Dark discover that unicorn horns are amazing contraceptives, and take the inevitable equine body horror to its logical conclusion. Written by GreenWolf
  • Grant Request for Utilization of Electro-thaumic Computers... — How do you deal with a growing demand for exorcisms? Prometheus Labs has the answer: build a better exorcist. Written by GreenWolf
  • Grant Request for Genetically Engineering Low-cost Organic Automatons... — "Slave" is such an outdated term. We prefer the name All-Natural AutomatonsTM. Written by A Random Day

Burst (1992–1998)

The fall of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War causes the paratech bubble to burst. An anomalous black market begins to emerge as old Soviet paratech stocks are lost and looted. The decline and eventual dissolution of Prometheus Labs in 1998 sends further ripples through the already reeling paratech market. The downsizing of national paranormal agencies and the emergence of new mass communications technologies puts the integrity of the Veil in question for the first time in decades.

  • Grant Request for the Construction of an Interstellar Science Vessel — Prometheus Labs has always dreamed big, and there's nothing around bigger than space. So the logical conclusion is to build a starship powered by a black hole. Written by GreenWolf
  • The Bard of Ambrose — After years of work, Prometheus Labs has finally succeeded in creating an artificial intelligence capable of thinking like a person. The only problem is that it thinks it doesn't think at all. Written by GreenWolf
  • T Minus — Witness the PL-76 Shiva: the power of a god, bent to the will of an artificial mind that questions the meaning of its own existence. The Foundation is going to steal it. Written by A Random Day

Repercussions (1998– )

The emergence of several smaller companies from the remnants of Prometheus Labs leads to increased competition within the paratech industry, driving a period of technological advancement and economic recovery. The paratech black market continues to expand as Prometheus Labs paratech lost during the breakup falls into criminal hands. Normalcy preservation organizations fight to maintain the weakening Veil as they adapt to the chaotic landscape of the new millennium.

  • SCP-2897 - The Bard of Analytics — What do you do with an AI capable of thinking that it doesn't think at all? The Department of Analytics thinks it has the answer. Written by GreenWolf
  • SCP-2820 - Vaishnavastra — The Lord makes his presence known in many forms - including an AI-controlled death ray. Written by A Random Day
  • Moonlighting — Building an android for an art show is clearly the best way to get back at your dad. Written by A Random Day
  • SCP-2176 - Ghostlight™ — It's a lightbulb. Filled with ghosts. It's a ghostlight. Written by GreenWolf
  • SCP-2308 - Futures Trading — As it turns out, time travel isn't a safe investment strategy after all. Written by GreenWolf
  • UIU File: 2014-014 — There's a big gentle shark who only wants to get away and a bunch of crazy technocultists who want to get metaphysical with it. Written by 9Volt and LordStonefish
  • The Analog Kid — What's the difference between a hivemind and two-way telepathy? Is there a difference? The answer may lie inside an abandoned machine shop in Three Portlands. Written by GreenWolf
  • Apotheosis
    • Avatara — After life is death. After death is rebirth. After rebirth is causing death. Written by A Random Day
    • Grant Request for Investigating the Application of... — In 1988, Prometheus Labs unearthed the corpse of a god. This is what they planned to do with it. Written by GreenWolf
    • SCP-2970 - Holy Misplacement — An immortal missionary, last survivor of a religion long lost to the ages, begs to be made whole. But how much does he truly know? Written by TyGently
    • The Lord of Endowments — The god of transhumanism. Written by sirpudding
    • Samsara — The Warrior seeks revenge. Tau-5 seeks humanity. Neither of them realize that they are pawns of a higher force seeking to become whole. Written by A Random Day and TyGently
  • The Fountain of Lamneth — You wouldn't download a car, so why would you download Cthulhu? Written by Taffeta
  • To Be Noir Not To Be — There are only two things I hate about this job. The plasma cannon cleanups and the fanfiction reading. Written by Taffeta
  • The Unusual Suspects
    • 1. The Dedekind-Infinite Demographic — The Unusual Incidents Unit tackles a multiversal IP theft, and the end of Samsara becomes the beginning of something much worse for the Foundation. Written by Taffeta
  • Unusual Investigations — The Three Portlands Bomber
    • Permanent Waves — A couple of UIU agents, a bomb, and a chain-smoker. Just an average week in Three Portlands. Written by GreenWolf
    • A Farewell to Kings — The chase is on as Agent Green and the UIU hunt down the individual responsible for planting the memetic bomb in Three Portlands. Written by GreenWolf
    • Moving Pictures — The UIU's hunt for the Three Portlands Bomber culminates in a climactic wizard duel in a museum of illegal art. Written by GreenWolf
  • State of Being — Three years ago, the Unusual Incidents Unit encountered a shark that ate concepts. It's November of 2017, and the investigation that this spurred is far from over. Written by 9Volt
  • Guns Pointed at the Head of God — In 1998, Prometheus Labs built a weapon to kill God. Twenty years later, it's become obsolete. This is the arms race of the new age. Written by A Random Day
  • Hypervelocity — An adrenaline junkie snorts demons like cocaine and robs a cursed bank. Written by A Random Day
  • Terminal Velocity — A criminal mastermind snorts demons like cocaine and hijacks an interdimensional train. Written by A Random Day
  • Under Control — A young medium finds himself at the intersection of geas, magic drugs, necromancy, and unethical business practices. Written by TyGently
  • Comedown Machine — Murder. Taco Bell. Espionage. Art supplies. It would be one for the history books, if anyone could remember it. Written by TyGently

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Prior to their collapse in 1998, the Prometheus Labs conglomerate was the single largest manufacturer of paratechnology in the world. Founded in 1892 with the goal of researching and developing anomalous technologies for the benefit of humanity, Prometheus Labs remained relatively small for the first half of its history. However, the increased demand for paratech caused by the Second World War and the concurrent Seventh Occult War allowed Prometheus Labs to expand its operations.

In the wake of these wars the demand for paratech continued to grow, fueled by the expansion of international normalcy preservation organizations and a clandestine supernatural arms race between national paranormal agencies. Prometheus Labs benefited greatly from this paratech bubble, rapidly developing into a multi-billion dollar, worldwide research conglomerate.

The end of the Cold War brought a sharp decrease in demand for paratech, as world governments drastically cut funding for paranormal operations. The bursting of this paratech bubble left Prometheus Labs in dire financial straits, a situation made even worse by their heavy reliance on esoteric investment techniques. A series of catastrophic research accidents in the late 90s managed to finally push the company over the brink of insolvency in the early months of 1998.

In September 1998, the primary holding company, Prometheus Laboratories, Inc., was dissolved. Its subsidiaries had all either been sold back to themselves or sold off to other companies and organizations, splintering the once-massive conglomerate into over a dozen smaller businesses. With the sheer size and complexity of the Prometheus conglomerate, it is not surprising that this transition did not go perfectly — multiple high-value assets were "lost" and several subsidiaries suffered "accidents" during the dissolution.

The breakup of the Prometheus conglomerate greatly disrupted the global paratech trade; the dissolution and fragmentation of the world's largest developer, manufacturer, and supplier of paratech threw the entire industry into chaos, as existing and new business interests alike attempted to expand their operations into the void that had been left behind.

Corporate Structure

Prometheus Laboratories, Inc. was merely a holding company for dozens of subsidiaries operating under the Prometheus label, many of which were also holding companies for even more subsidiaries. Each of these subsidiaries operated with a high degree of independence under the direction of their own boards of directors and executive committees. Through these subsidiaries, the Prometheus Labs conglomerate provided a vast array of services and products, ranging from dishwashers to cruise missiles. At its peak, the conglomerate employed almost 300,000 people, and had a net revenue of approximately $75 billion.

Successor Companies

While a large number of Prometheus' personnel and projects were assimilated into the research arms of the Foundation and GOC after the conglomerate collapsed, the company's complex corporate structure has allowed many of its divisions and branches to continue operating independently, despite the demise of their parent company. Some of the more notable ones are listed below.

Amrita Therapeutics

Formerly a subsidiary of Prometheus Bioengineering, Amrita Therapeutics rebranded itself after the collapse to continue manufacturing the highly profitable All-Natural Automatons. In recent years, Amrita has begun expanding into the development and commercialization of stem-cell based technologies in the field of regenerative medicine, but remains committed to the continued development and support of ANAs.


Formerly Archimedes Solar, a subsidiary of Prometheus Energy, Archimedes widened the scope of its operations and rebranded itself following the collapse of Prometheus Labs. The core of Archimedes remains centered on solar power generation, but the company has expanded into related areas such as heating, electrical wiring, desalination, and wireless power transmission.

Argo Automotives

Known as Prometheus Automobile Group prior to the collapse of the conglomerate, Argo Automotives operated from 1998 to 2009, when it was forced into liquidation following the failure of the paraeconomic investment strategy it had relied on for funding. During this time, it had a reputation for selling high-tech, high-performance vehicles.

Redzone Security

A software company specializing in developing programs for anomalous applications, formed by the core development team of Prometheus Software Solutions in 1998. It is also responsible for maintaining the servers that made up the Prometheus Labs intranet, which has kept this network available, to a limited extent, to Prometheus' successor companies.

Silver Hand Cybernetics

Previously the Prosthetics Division of Prometheus Medical, Silver Hand Cybernetics developed products almost exclusively for sale to the anomalous community. It operated from 1998 to 2004, when it was bought out by its primary competitor, Anderson Robotics.

Titan Consumer Appliances and Electronics

Formerly Prometheus Consumer Technologies, Titan Consumer Appliances and Electronics took on its current name and branding in 1999. Titan focuses on developing consumer applications for paratech, a goal which often brings it into conflict with normalcy preservation agencies.