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Item: SCP-2219

Object Class: Euclid* (see containment procedures)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2219-A is submissive to it's containment, and is perfectly docile (EXCEPTION. See Incident 2219) whether in containment or not, as long as it gets weekly walks in open air and occasional contact with SCP-2219-1 (people 2219-A consider its 'friends'). During these walks 2219 is to be kept under a watchful eye by a trained sniper (1 in every corner tower of the facility), and at least three (3) D-Class personnel are to accompany 2219-A, positioning themselves out of the sniper's line of sight of the target.

*SCP-2219-B is very dangerous to any surrounding living beings who do not have 2219-1 status. If a 2219-1 is nearby, 2219 is much easier to manage (Worthy of a safe rating, but only under these conditions) because it will not use its abilities on or near a 2219-1 to kill anything. Any D-Class personnel that attain the status of 2219-1 will be exempt from monthly termination for as long as they retain the status.

Note: If a D-Class personnel must be removed from the facility for other reasons, see addendum 2219a.

At any sign of SCP-2219-B during a weekly walk the sniper is to fire multiple hollow point bullets through 2219's skull or spinal cord until they are sure damage has been sustained against either of those targets. Any D-Class personnel that remain alive are to tackle 2219 to the ground and forcefully cause damage to the object's skull or spinal cord. Gratuitous damage to the skull or spinal cord of 2219 removes it's control over 2219's anomalous properties (SCP-2219-2). If 2219-B appears and the proper damage to the skull or spinal cord cannot be performed in such time before 2219-2 can be used (such as while 2219 is in it's cell), 2219 can be temporarily contained with a 5ft thick layer of concrete. Temporary containment lasts for approximately 30 seconds. Long enough for multiple firearms to be gathered and a 2219-1 to be located and brought to the cell. ADDITION: 10FT LAYER OF HARDENDED STEEL ADDED TO CONTAINMENT CELL. See Addendum 2219e.

2219-A has so far not requested any items besides a comfier pillow (which it requested at the beginning of it's containment), any requests that are made by the object should be reported to Dr. O'Connors for approval or dismissal. 2219-B has made a number of requests over the course of it's containment including:

A laptop (Denied for reasons of secrecy)
An adult magazine (Denied, deemed pointless by the attending researcher)
A box of condoms (Denied)
A car (Denied for pointlessness and for the expense of the make and model requested)
Note: What does an SCP need with a [EXPLETIVE EXPUNGED] Rolls Royce? - Dr. O'Connors.

Description: SCP-2219 appears to be a Caucasian teenage boy, real name [DATA EXPUNGED], who is approximately 17-18 years old biologically. Chronologically it has been kept by the Foundation for over 20 years and has never visibly aged. 2219-A has admitted to have been alive during the civil rights movement in America in an unauthorized interview from a 2219-1. And 2219-B (under the influence of a 2219-1) has made a claim in an interview to being even older than ███ years old. See INTERVIEW LOG 2219-01 for a record of the interview.

2219-B is able to manifest an unknown substance, believed to be more liquid than solid, out of its skin. It has so far been impossible to examine it as any piece broken off of the source will crumble into dust identified as similar in chemical makeup to cremated human ash. (SCP-294 was able to produce a sample of the material, but the substance disintegrated into dust).
The substance is referred to by the D-Class personnel as “Shadow Juice” but this is incorrect and misleading as the substance has been produced in both bright light and complete darkness. Adding to that is the fact that 2219 produces a regular shadow and when 2219-B exerts its control over the material (as it otherwise lays against the ground), the substance casts a shadow as well.

2219-2 when not under the control of 2219 (original examination took place after damage to it's skull and spinal cord) has been described as slimy and cold. When under the control of 2219-B it can harden and move to form almost any shape. The largest recorded size was 20ft in a straight line from 2219. 2219-B often uses 2219-2 as a form of transportation (similar to floating in water, except that it supports 2219's weight), occasionally 2219-B even takes a nap when it's in control of 2219 for long periods of time in between testing, with 2219-2 staying rigid, suggesting some level of autonomy. If extreme damage is done to the skull or spinal cord of 2219, 2219-B loses control of 2219-2. From what simple reports the researchers have of this damage (this type of incident has never happened in a lab, there has and will always be a 2219-1 present if any purposeful test of 2219's abilities is done) 2219-2 will become (or possibly always is) a secondary layer under the skin and over the muscle, becoming rigid and holding 2219 in place for rapid healing.

2219-A has seemingly no control over his counter-part's abilities, or if it does have some control, it has no interest in using them to hurt any living thing. ADDITION: See Incident-2219-1-A for more information about the only exception the researchers know of.


Interviewer: Dr. ██████

Interviewed: SCP-2219

Date: ██/03/19██

Note: A D-Class personnel known as D-0925 will be the main 2219-1 referred to in future documents, the 2219-1 when this interview occurred was a small bunny that 2219 had in its possession before we found it. The bunny doesn't matter here, this is simply so the record will know why 2219-1 talks in the future, but did not in the interview… . There were ██ casualties when we first attempted to take the bunny from 2219. Unfortunately that was not the first time threatening a 2219-1 would not end well for whoever threatens it. - Dr. O'Connors.

[Begin Log]

Dr. ██████: Hello. My name's ██████. [Previous encounters with SCP-2219-A indicated a first name basis with new personnel improved possible 2219-1 status by 15%] You remember my friend Jane? [Jane was a doctor who previously worked at the facility as the head of staff before Dr. O'Connors took over]

SCP-2219-A: Yes, she was nice.

Dr. ██████: Yes, but unfortunately she… doesn't work here any more.

SCP-2219-A: Oh. [It's possible 2219-B might have taken over here, the researchers do not know as 2219-B is a good actor and a there are no known ticks or habits 2219-B exhibits when it is acting like 2219-A, for now the object will be referred to as SCP-2219 until the researchers know for sure 2219-B is in control]

SCP-2219: Where did she go?

Dr. ██████: She was… assigned to another project.

SCP-2219: Someone like me?

Dr. ██████: Perhaps, or perhaps it was something without a mind, a comb or a locket maybe. [The Doctor laughs, 2219 laughs as well, which is stranger than if it hadn't]

SCP-2219: Will you give her a message for me?

Dr. ██████: Err, only if you do me a favor.

[2219 grins, in hindsight Dr. ██████ has confirmed this is when he knew 2219-B was in control]

SCP-2219-B: Sure, what would you like from me? A [REDACTED] up your [EXPLETIVE EXPUNGED]?

Dr. ██████: [The Doctor sighs] No B [2219-B's preferred form of address], I'd like to ask some questions.

SCP-2219-B: Alright, ask away, but be sure to get Jane my message [2219 grins widely again] it's [MULTIPLE EXPLETIVES DELETED].

Dr. ██████: [The Doctor interrupts SCP-2219-B's spiel] Yes yes I get your point, moving on. When were you aware of yourself?

SCP-2219-B: 20 seconds ago.

Dr. ██████: When were you first aware of yourself?

SCP-2219-B: When ol' [REDACTED] was just getting his feet wet in that whole imperialism business.

Dr. ██████: So you were born in the [DATA EXPUNGED]?

SCP-2219-B: Oh why would you think that?

[End Log]

Note: From there it just dodged all of the interviewer's questions and eventually asked to be put back in it's cell. Conclusion, 2219-B claims to be as old as or older than a long dead king of Europe. - Dr. O'Connors.

Incident 2219-1-A

Summary: On a regularly scheduled open air walk, one D-Class personnel, D-1622, started hitting on D-0925, who was one of the current (and possibly most important) 2219-1 at the time. A conflict ensues. The entire event ended up unfolding by a camera watching over the site's greenhouse, containment center of SCP-███, giving us audio of the event along with D-0260's and the observing sniper's reports. The following is a transcript of the event.

[Begin Log]

SCP-2219-A: …so we ended up talking about him and his family for about 20 minutes before I had to get back to containment. [D-0260 states the object had been talking with D-0925 about it's recent conversation with another 2219-1]

D-0925: Really? I thought you only had 10 minutes at a time to talk with your friends before containment?

SCP-2219-A: I think the guard wants to be my friend, he didn't seem to mind me talking for longer until he got a call on his walkie-talkie and had to take me back. [Guard's identity has been ascertained and is currently under observation for possible SCP-2219-1 status]

D-1622: Hey Katie. [D-0925's name]

D-0925: Well that's great, maybe you could try talking to him?

SCP-2219-A: I don't know, he's so much taller than me.

[D-0925 laughs] [The group of 4 files to a stop by the greenhouse]

D-0925: Oh I don't think he can be that tall, are you scared-

D-1622: Katie.

D-0925: [D-0925 sighs] Yes Donny? [D-1622's name] I'm kinda in the middle of a conversation.

D-1622: With who? The dirt?

D-0925: No, with A. In case you can't hear, we were discussing-

D-1622: That's what I said, the dirt, now why are you talking with a skip when you could be talking with me? I'm the only real guy here, no offense Thomas [D-0260's name]. We could do some more talking at the party Harry is throwing. What do you say?

[Previously quiet, the third D-Class personnel D-0260 begins to speak]

D-0260: I think we should get a move on. Get A back to his quarters before Dr. O'Connors has our sorry [EXPLETIVE EXPUNGED] dealing with 75.

D-1622: Shut it Thomas. Now c'mon Katie. You want to come, right?

D-0925: No I don't.

D-1622: O'Connors' got your [EXPLETIVE EXPUNGED] working overtime?

D-0925: No.

D-1622: Then why not?

SCP-2219-A: Can we just go already?

[D-0925 makes to start walking again when D-1622 grabs her arm]

D-1622: I'm talking to you!

D-0260: Right here guys, really?

D-0925: Get off me! [From D-0260's report, the researchers know the sound of skin hitting skin in the report is D-0925 slapping D-1622, and the following sounds are D-1622 hitting D-0925 across the face and D-0925 hitting the ground]

D-1622: No [EXPLETIVE EXPUNGED] is gonna slap me without getting slapped back!

[The next 7 seconds have no intelligible words, only sounds, but D-0260's report makes it easier to ascertain what is going on]

[A large body hits the ground, 2219 has used it's anomalous ability to throw D-1622 to the ground]

[Multiple gunshots are heard, the sniper intended these to hit 2219's skull and put it down long enough for the others to grab it]

[None of the gunshots hit, D-0260 states 2219 used part of 2219-2 to block the bullets]


[The researchers don't know whether this was 2219-A or 2219-B, they refuse to answer when asked about this incident]

[More gunshots as D-0260 fires on 2219, it uses 2219-2 to block both sides of itself from the bullets]

[D-0260 says he saw D-1622 try to fire, but 2219 knocked the gun out of his hand]

[D-0260 refuses to talk about what happens next, as does the sniper. So the researchers only have sound to gather information]

[Loud screaming, shouts from D-1622 to spare him, he didn't mean to do it, it'd never happen again, a deep voice that the researchers can only assume came from 2219 assures him that he's correct about that last fact. Sounds of the ripping and tearing of D-1622 and screaming come until everything is quiet]

[End Log]

Conclusions: 2219 seeped enough 2219-2 to use it's anomalous ability in less than 5 seconds, faster than any previous record could lead us to suspect. If it wasn't for the fact that that level of production had never been seen again and 2219's good behavior around 2219-1 had returned, 2219 would never be allowed to heal from the damage to it's skull and spinal cord.

The theories being discussed as of writing are as follows:

This is the power 2219-A has over 2219-2 and it refuses to use it unless a 2219-1 is in danger, which would imply 2219-B is somewhat of an involuntary self-defense mechanism that came alive, or 2219-A has dissociative identity disorder and a personality that has control over 2219-2 but with less qualms about killing things, but these explanations don't fit with 2219-B's hints about having been alive longer than 2219-A

The being speaking was 2219-B, taking control to defend 2219-1 in the time of stress. The corollary as to why it doesn't use this power to defend itself is that it knows it can survive the bullets, but 2219-1 can't survive damage like it can, so it tries harder to defend 2219-1

It was 2219-A with the second theory's explanation of why the power isn't used to defend itself

It was both of them working in union, allowing them to use 2219-2 more efficiently, no evidence has been collected that suggests both personalities could be in control at once

Or the most dangerous theory of all. A third personality, a possible 2219-C that defends 2219-1 or has some other agenda. Either way, the very fact that this theory could be correct means preventing another Incident 2219 is the highest priority of this research team. the researchers have no way to contain a third personality that uses 2219's anomalous abilities in a way stronger than 2219-B normally does, short of explosives, which are unsafe and could possibly cause a containment breach of other SCP's, or damage any personnel standing by, and keep them from keeping the wounds on 2219's skull and spine open and not healing. Otherwise it could regain control of 2219-2 and start a containment breach of other SCP's.

Note: Starting now, all 2219-1 are not allowed to leave the facility for anything less than death or a vegetative state that the 2219-1 is unlikely to wake from. We don't want to induce another Incident 2219 just because 0925 broke her leg and someone botches their explanation to 2219. If a 2219-1 does die or enter a coma, 2219 is to be told immediately while multiple 2219-1 are around. - Dr. O'Connors

Addendum [SCP-2219a]: The recommendations to staff reassignment made by Dr. O'Connors have been taken into consideration and approved by the O5 official responsible for this research facility.

Addendum [SCP-2219b]: Walking 2219-A is no longer a randomized job, with all D-Class personnel in this project required to list who they have a problem with so they will never come into contact around 2219. The possibility of unknown 2219-1 coming to harm could lead to a second Incident 2219.

Addendum [SCP-2219c]: O5-█ has sent a directive down the food chain that for the time being, SCP-2219 is not to be tested either with or against another SCP. The researchers can't risk losing this valuable of a potential resource, or allow a containment breach to occur.
Addendum [SCP-2219d]: O5-█ has allowed tests to be done to determine the hardness of 2219-2 and what it can pierce on the condition that it never contacts another SCP or materials produced by it. If the researchers can find a material it cannot break through, the researchers could truly contain it if an Incident 2219 occurs again, and if the need arises for termination, a bullet made of the material could possibly be fired and pierce through the protective second skin of 2219-2 that forms when 2219 is injured, although Dr. O'Connors has stated harshly he doesn't want 2219 to be terminated.

Addendum [SCP-2219e]: Dr. O'Connors Test Log - The following ten (10) tests have been approved by Dr. O'Connors:

Addendum [SCP-2219f]: As mentioned before, 2219 is biologically human, and its anomalous properties do not allow it to be exempt from basic human functions like hunger and sleep. A D-Class personnel (D-0763), not of 2219-1 status, to be sent to termination the next day, was sent into 2219's containment with night vision goggles, tempered steel handcuffs, and a video camera recording a live feed to the attending researchers. He was told to enter the room as silently as possible and to keep the camera facing towards 2219 at all times, if he could successfully contain 2219 in the handcuffs, he was to place the camera on the table inside, facing 2219, and leave silently. If 2219 was sleeping in a way that its hands weren't able to be grabbed, he was to leave silently and the experiment was to be performed the next day. The first night that did happen and the project was rescheduled to the next day.

The feed was recorded for posterity and will now be explained with the examination of the film.

The D-Class personnel enters the cell and the camera is shaking significantly, D-0763 was afterword told to hold the camera to its chest to stop the shaking. D-0763 slowly walks into the object's bedroom, the shaking makes it difficult to ascertain, but 2219 is clearly enough seen to be sleeping shirtless on its bed with what appears to be a black sheet slightly bunched up against its side and falling onto the floor, D-0763 confirmed it was actually 2219-2. D-0763 edges closer and closer to the bed, finally seeing that 2219 is sleeping face down with one of its hands under its chest, as per instructions, D-0763 leaves the room and the cell and immediately requested permission to a beer and then sleep after debriefing. Said requests were allowed.

The next day the personnel was reminded of its commands and sent into the proverbial lion's den.

D-0763 entered the cell and kept the camera to its chest as ordered. Because of the feed's audio, the personnel's heart beat can be heard to significantly increase as it enters 2219's room and sees 2219. With the stable video feed, it can be seen clearly that 2219-2 is sublimating out of 2219, admittedly at a much slower rate than normal. 2219 is sleeping with both hands 'above' its head, near the wall.

D-0763 goes to its nightstand and sets the camera on it. It then walks to the bed with a very slow pace and clamps the cuffs onto 2219. 2219 sits up from the bed and jumps to its feet, A small sound is heard that with loud volume and enhanced sound the researchers have identified as 2219 greeting D-0763 as 'maggot'. It raises its hands into the 'dual handed grip' mentioned by an attending researcher in a previous test and formed a smaller (but still much larger than a normal sword) falchion in front of its hands and proceeded to stab and cut apart D-0763. It then brought the sword under its arms and lodged it in the ceiling. With the leverage of a foot on its hilt, 2219 repeatedly swung its arms (and the handcuffs) onto the blade, severing the connecting chain in three strokes.

2219 then turned and walked to the camera. It set it on the ground and crushed it with a mallet of 2219-2. The feed ended there and the cameras of the cell show the crushed camera flying out of the open doorway (apparently thrown by 2219). The next day while 2219 was on a walk, the researchers found many pieces of metal that were at one time the handcuffs, and have been subsequently sliced or ripped apart, but they were neatly stacked in its wastebasket when they were found in the inspection, there were also many marks and cuts in the walls where 2219 appears to have slammed the handcuffs against the walls to try to break them.

In an interview after the walk, 2219-B stated it did remember killing D-0763, and that it was because he woke it up. It also said that the handcuffs wouldn't work, and that he had figured out an easy way to get out of them, and it would just be annoying to keep being woken up like that for everyone involved.

It is not known whether 2219 was woken when it was handcuffed, or if it was awake for longer. And if it was awake, for how long it laid still and allowed D-0763 to come closer. The most interesting thing about this event is this process of 2219 releasing 2219-2 during its sleep, this almost confirms that it is a process not reliant on 2219's conscious thought or action and that 2219-2 is based around 2219's mind. It also raises the question of what would happen if 2219 were to have a nightmare or start sleep walking. Would it destroy the facility? Would it even stop if its skull or spine were damaged? It's not known and hopefully it will never be found out.

Addendum [SCP-2219g]: Dr. O'Connors has been removed from this project. He has disobeyed a direct order from an O5 official and is currently undergoing a reeducation program in another site of the Foundation. If the program is successful he will be assigned to another project. The new current head researcher is Dr. Bruce and all questions should be brought to him.

Dr. Bruce has stated he doesn't plan on changing how things are run at the facility, beyond acquiescence to all O5 directives. And as of the most recent order, no experiments involving 2219 of any kind are to be performed without explicit permission from an O5 official.

Author's Note: Hey, I don't know whether this is bad form or not to do an author's note like this or should I write this in the comments? I'm not sure and please tell me so I can fix it, either way this won't be in the actual SCP article.

I think my weakest points are the interview, the dialogue in everything, that some of the incidents I describe are a bit too ''tale-y" for an article and get off topic, and that my idea itself may very well have been done before in another SCP article, and I just haven't seen it yet.

But please tell me what I did well and what I could do better.


P.S. The reason I have chosen the number 2219 is that when I first looked for a number in the Series III section, I found 2219 empty and decided to use that number when writing, I didn't think of using XXXX. Currently SCP-2219 is about an Asian plant boy that is on deletion vote of about 4 hours, so I think the number will be free when it's ready to be read.