SCP 2447-Attempt (WIP)
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Still taken from video of SCP-2447. Dated at 7/27/████

Item #: SCP-2447

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2447 must be contained within a 30m by 15m by 30m reinforced concrete cell. The containment cell must contain vegetation native to a typical sub-alpine biome. The reinforced concrete walls of SCP-2447’s containment cell are approximately 1.8 m thick and must be inspected for holes weekly to prevent a potential containment breach. Personnel are required to enter SCP-2447’s containment cell for scheduled monthly maintenance. Temperature of the containment cell is to remain above 19 C for SCP-2447 to remain active.

SCP-2447 is to be tranquilized by use of a dart fired into the thorax before any member of personnel is permitted to enter the containment cell unless by request of a Level 3 administrator. SCP-2447 is to be fed 250 kg of freshly killed insects and rodents, along with the occasional live elk or moose. Food is to be brought into the cell via a 5m long steel pole and larger mammals placed in the cell by an elevation system installed into the center left wall of SCP-2447's containment cell and kept in an unlocked cage. Cage is to be returned after the mammal has stepped out and SCP-2447 is not within 5 m of the cage.

SCP-2447 is a 10 m tall spider-like creature weighing approximately 550 kg. Small brown spines cover SCP-2447’s body and legs. SCP-2447’s head is triangular, and
contains jaws similar to reptiles of the extinct reptilian genera Postosuchus.

The jaws of SCP-2447 measure 55 cm long and 21 cm deep, and contains several pointed teeth, 30 on the lower jaw and 17 on the top, two of which have morphed into large fang-like teeth protruding from the upper jaw, which have been shown to secrete a mix of chemicals containing a-neurotoxins, cardiotoxins, and hemotoxins.

Molecular analysis of SCP-2447’s venom has found it to have toxins identical to several species of snake, spider, and frog. This mix makes up 85% of SCP-2447’s venom. The remaining 15% consists of several other toxins such as cyanide and dioxin, and unknown chemicals that appear to be harmless.

SCP-2447’s seems to be blind, despite the fact that its 8 eyes appear to be fully functional. These are of similar in appearance of a normal spiders eyes, and colored a mix of several shades of grey and green. SCP-2447 uses it’s spines as an auditory and sensory organ to detect sounds and prey. Strange clicking noises have been heard echoing of the walls of SCP-2447’s cell. These are believed to SCP-2447’s attempt at using echolocation, as the clicking noises become more frequent at dusk and night. This is considered normal.

Two front legs measuring a total of 7.2 m protrude from SCP-2447’s thorax, and end in tapered, extremely sharp forelegs. SCP-2447’s main method of catching prey uses these sharp legs by raising the leg and stabbing down like a spear. SCP-2901’s 6 other legs are somewhat shorter than the forelegs, measuring a total of 7-6.8 m, and end in similar spiked forelegs, yet are both thinner and shorter than the forefeet. Scans have shown that all 8 legs are mechanical, and are attached to a motor directly connected to the stomach via a series of pistons and pipes.

SCP-2447 digestive tract appears to be incomplete, with no methods of disposing waste that are known. After eating, the food is directly converted to mechanical energy and nutrients in a small machine embedded in the stomach and is then piped around the body.

While moving, SCP-2447 has been recorded to run at speeds over 50 mph when using a combination of all 8 limbs, however only exhibits this when it is threatened or charging prey. SCP-2447 often only walks using its 6 rear legs, while the front 2 are moving back and forth in the air to find prey. SCP-2447 appears to never rest, and when being captured was documented moving backwards and forwards for several miles and 56 hours, showing a small amount of intelligence to lose its pursers before being captured.

The sounds emitted by SCP-2447 resemble that of a human infant shrieking but are quite louder and of an extremely high octave, barely being in the human hearing range. SCP-2447 has only ever been recorded making sounds when either hungry or threatened.
SCP-2447 appears to understand and attempt to speak simple English words, such as yes, no, food, and water. SCP-2447 will try to speak these words and often carve them into trees or the walls of its cell. When asked about its origin, it carved: I DO T N OW G AW Y, when asked what that meant, SCP-2447 carved NO NO NO NO NO, and then asked for food. Other attempts to ask about this led SCP-2447 to not respond or carve NO!!

SCP-2447 has been noted to use a tactic where it fools humans by pretending to be friendly. SCP-2447 has attacked and eaten all human beings within immediate proximity of itself and has even been reported to jump over 5 m in order to apprehend human trespassers.

SCP-2447 was asked if there were other creatures similar to it and responded Y S NO, WE NO FRI NDS TO Y U.

SCP-2447’s natural habitat before capture by Agent [REDACTED] was the entirety of the Rocky Mountain National Park, often stopping by campsites and carving in a tree HI or HELLO, also leaving a dead elk or deer near the carving.

Accounts of SCP-2447 have been recorded on many separate occasions throughout American history; the first of which dating back approximately 500 years in the form of a rock carving near the ocean at [REDACTED] Among the numerous accounts of sightings, SCP-2447 has also been included in logs of early European explorers and settlers.

SCP-2447 appears to be afraid of children, as when a child approached it, it shrieked loudly and curled into a ball, and swiped at the child for 7 min before the child’s father found it and SCP-2447 ran away. Child was interviewed and given Class A amnesiacs.

SCP-2447 was caught on film for about 7 seconds before filmer was detected by SCP-2447. Video dated at 7/27/████.
Victim survived attack, but died en route to the local hospital.
Autopsy identified cause of death as "loss of blood and shock due to impalement and poisoning."
Refer to Document 2447-2 for details of recording and autopsy report.

On 10/13/20██, at 22:57, SCP-2447's cell's temperature dropped rapidly from 22C to 7 C.
Cause appears to be temporary power loss in the temperature control system.
3 minutes after temperature drop, SCP-2447 began to slow down, and internal temperature dropped to 18 C.
4 minutes after drop, SCP-2447 ceased activity, with a internal temperature at 13 C, until 30 minutes later when temperatures returned to normal. SCP-2447 has fully recovered from the incident.