Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Implementations of SCP-XXXX are to be stored at Site 19's Item Vault. SCP-XXXX does not pose any danger, powered or not, except for the occasional paper-cut. Any personnel with a security clearance of Level 2 or above may access SCP-XXXX at any time.

Update to Containment Procedures ██/██/19██: SCP-XXXX's entry is pending deletion, owing to its now understood and non-anomalous behavior. See Addendum SCP-XXXX.1 for further explanation.

Description: SCP-XXXX are a collection of origami toys, ranging anywhere between 1 cm and 5 cm in height and weighing up to 4 grams. They are made from origami paper and come in several colors. Each one is composed of a random set of folds, and no two implementations are alike. On each SCP-XXXX, there is a single 0.1 mm thick WNDR-76255 microchip, with an average of 21 peripheral tendrils extending from it to each fold. Both the microchip and the tendrils are invisible unless meticulously examined. Every implementation of SCP-XXXX has an imprint on one of its folds with a serial number1 and text that reads: "Manufactured at Wondertainment Inc."

The WNDR-76255 microchip has several hardware components that allow it to collect information on its environment. This includes a gyroscope for balance, a thermometer, an altimeter, and several other trivial sensors. Attempts to remove the microchip from SCP-XXXX without damaging it have been unsuccessful.

The tendrils on each SCP-XXXX are both powered by, and provide power to the WNDR-762555 microchip. The microchip can use these tendrils to move each of its folds allowing itself to move and fly. When force is applied to a tendril—greater than the expected force from drag, that force is converted to energy and stored on the microchip.

A SCP-XXXX is played with by exerting force on it, which it then uses for power. The suggested way to exert force is by flicking it. Once powered, SCP-XXXX flies in random patterns until it loses power. Multiple SCP-XXXX in close proximity have displayed a flocking behavior.

Addendum SCP-XXXX.1 Owing to Wondertainment's history of anomalous toys, when SCP-XXXX was recovered it was immediately given a containment procedure. However, no anomalous attributes were found after The Foundation's initial tests. The WNDR-76255 microchip, while remarkable in its size, was determined that it fits well within the realm of plausibility.

The Foundation contacted Wondertainment regarding SCP-XXXX to confirm its non-anomalous nature:

To: █████@██████████████████
From: █████████@███████
Subject: Regarding N9TT-9G0A-B7FQ-RANC

Packaging Letter SCP-XXXX.1