Term Meaning
UC Under construction
IA Under inactive construction
R&E Under revision and editing
UE Under evaluation
xX - [ (title here…) ] - Xx Abandoned; discontinued
[ (title here…) ] Finalized

Stories usually go like this: UC/IC -> R&E -> UE -> [ (title here) ]
It would usually be typed up first, then go into revise and editing, then to the community, and from here, I will judge whether or not it should be finalized to be posted on the SCP gallery.

Also for noting, the links to the SCP's are just used for sharing purposes. It's the same thing. People like going directly to the report on Facebook… Dunno why, but they like it.

The Shard


World Class Clarinet
ABANDONED/DISCONTINUED. An Buffet R13 Bb professional clarinet has been discovered, possessing powers, similar to SCP-012…

Binaural Tone
SCRAPPED. A peaceful and calming binaural tone that never fades away, dies, or decays, effects people in a very odd way, allowing extreme concentration, focus, and the ability to catch bullets.

The Mailbox
SCRAPPED. A mailbox that gets an issue of a magazine by Dr. Wondertainment! OH BOY, I WANNA BE A MAILMAN! A bright, happy mailman!

GOI Contest 2014
SCRAPPED. Entered in for GOI2014 but sadly fell below negative net vote and subject to deletion. Also disqualified but it was a good learning experience for my team member.