Gummy_Dragon's Candy Hoard

1. Be kind
2. Everyone has their own opinion.
3. You cannot be right 100% of the time.

A man stood in the streets of New York, holding a sign. He attempted to warn those around him, as the endtimes had come, but no one paid him any attention, as this was nothing out of the ordinary.

Of course, a closer look would have hinted that something was, indeed, out of the ordinary. Perhaps his left eye, clicking with the movement of hidden gears and camera reels, would have given him away. or perhaps his bronze fingers, delicately grasping the fragile cardboard, would tip someone off.

Or maybe the sign would have been his undoing. The harbinger of man's destruction, the scion of Flesh, the monstrous, tentacled crocodile, had been scrawled onto the cardboard under the words, "Wake up, and embrace the Machine! Our final Hours are here!"

Whatever the case, the silent masses were ignoring him, causing him much frustration. He had been chosen for this duty due to his inability to hide in a crowd, and yet the crowd found him beneath its notice. The Mekhanite supposed that such a fate was preferable to a run-in with the Jailors