Item#: SCP-2441

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2441 is to be kept on SCP-2441-2’s person at all times. SCP-2441-1 and SCP-2441-2 are to be held at Site-17 in a 4-room cell no less than 10m x 10m x 2.5m. The area containing SCP-2441 is to contain two (2) bedrooms, one (1) bathroom, one (1) living area, and adequate electrical and plumbing utilities. The area containing SCP-2441 is to be furnished with items requested by SCP-2441-1 and SCP-2441-2. Any item requested by SCP-2441-1 and SCP-2441-2 must be approved of by no less than two (2) level 4 personnel. SCP-2441-1 and SCP-2441-2 are not allowed items that would compromise security, including but not limited to:

• A computer with an internet connection
• A cellphone, landline, or any other telecommunications device
• A firearm
• Sharp objects

The area containing SCP-2441 is to have one (1) security camera installed per room, with one (1) or more level 1 personnel monitoring the area remotely at all times. SCP-2441-2 is to be accompanied at all times by two (2) or more armed level 1 security personnel.

SCP-2441-1 and SCP-2441-2 are allowed to freely roam the facility and use the cafeteria, restrooms, laundry, and any other area of the facility deemed as public use. SCP-2441-1 and SCP-2441-2 are not allowed to leave the facility or enter restricted areas of the facility.

Upon the manifestation of an object from SCP-2441, no personnel are allowed within a 5m radius of the object for the duration of the object’s manifestation. Any object manifested by SCP-2441 for longer than five (5) minutes and forty four (44) seconds is to be confiscated and Dr.█████ is to be notified. The confiscated object is to be given to Dr.█████ for study. Any object confiscated must be returned to SCP-2441-2 within three (3) hours twenty seven (26) minutes and two (2) seconds of manifestation.

Upon the manifestation of SCP-2441-3, Dr.█████ is to be immediately notified. SCP-2441-1 and SCP-2441-3 are to be escorted to the containment cell if wandering the facility at time of manifestation. Upon returning to the containment cell, SCP-2441-1 and SCP-2441-3 are not allowed to leave the containment cell for the duration of SCP-2441-3’s manifestation. Upon arrival, Dr.█████ is to give supplementary orders to security personnel, interview SCP-241-3, and file observations in Document 2441-03.

If SCP-2441-3 becomes uncooperative, SCP-2441-3 is to be reminded of Document 2441-01. If SCP-2441-3 becomes hostile, lethal force is to be used by the assigned security personnel to incapacitate SCP-2441-3. Upon incapacitation, Dr.█████ is to be notified, SCP-2441 is to be confiscated, and SCP-2441-3’s corpse is to be brought to a secure holding cell no less than 5m x 5m x 2.5m. The holding cell’s walls must be constructed of 1m thick reinforced concrete. SCP-2441-3’s corpse is to be restrained in a strait jacket and sedated for the duration of SCP-2441-3’s manifestation. In addition, SCP-2441-3’s corpse is to be restrained by hand by assigned security personnel and SCP-2441-3’s strait jacket is to be shackled to the floor via steel chains outlined in Document 2441-02. Upon reanimation, under no circumstances is SCP-2441-3 allowed to re-acquire SCP-2441 for the duration of SCP-2441-3’s manifestation.

At the end of SCP-2441-3’s manifestation, SCP-2441-2 is to be given medical attention. SCP-2441-2 is to be returned to the containment cell and SCP-2441 is to be returned to SCP-2441-2 as soon as possible if SCP-2441-3 was incapacitated during its manifestation.

No tests or experiments are allowed to be performed on SCP-2441, SCP-2441-1, or SCP-2441-2.

Description: SCP-2441 is a spherical object constructed of an unknown element. The object is 12cm in diameter and is light grey in color. Tests have shown that the object was created sometime within the last 20 years.

During the manifestation of an object or SCP-241-3, white outlines will appear and glow on the surface of SCP-2441 for thirty seven (37) seconds. The outline patterns change during each manifestation with a recurring pattern appearing during SCP-2441-3’s manifestation. A light hum similar to the hum of florescent lighting can be heard originating from the object during these periods.

[[Details about manifested Objects]]

The mechanism by which SCP-2441 manifests objects is unknown.

SCP-241-1 is structurally a 24 year old Caucasian female measuring 183 cm tall and 69 kg. Tests have shown that SCP-2441-1’s body is actually █ years old and possesses a mental capacity of the same age. DNA analysis also shows heavy genetic modification and notable lack of mutations in SCP-2441-1’s genetic code. From interviews, SCP-2441-1 claims that she “Grew up quickly” early in her life. SCP-2441-1 also claims that she has been growing considerably slower for the past 1.5 years. A rapid ageing process is suspected to have been responsible for the considerable age differential. No signs of this process are present and it is assumed that SCP-2441-1 is ageing at a normal rate at this time. SCP-2441-1 is suspected of have being grown as a clone. -???

SCP-2441-1 has shown to possess average intelligence, measuring in at 104 IQ. SCP-2441-1 claims to be ████████-████ and that SCP-2441-2 is ████████-████. As Dr.█████ has spent the most time with SCP-2441-1 since containment, SCp-2441-1 shows distrust to researchers and personnel other than Dr.█████. SCP-2441-1 also shows extreme attachment to both SCP-2441-2 and SCP-2441-3. SCP-2441-1 claims that she and SCP-2441-2 are brother and sister, but DNA analysis shows this to be incorrect.

SCP-2441-2 is structurally a 21 year old Caucasian male measuring 170 cm tall and 60 kg. SCP-2441-2 shows the same genetic modifications as SCP-2441-1 and suggests that both he and SCP-2441-1 were created within the same timeframe.

SCP-2441-2 has shown to possess reduced cognitive function, reduced awareness of surroundings, and below average intelligence, measuring in at 78 IQ. SCP-2441-2 is unwilling to relinquish SCP-2441 willingly.