Item #: SCP-X


Photograph of SCP-X taken by Researcher J██.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-X is to be contained in an 8 x 8 humanoid cell in Site-16. Several items have been added to its cell as of █/█/█.

  • A warm thick blanket made of cotton manufactured by ██.
  • A hand held fan.
  • A paddle brush.
  • A set of nylon hair ties. If set runs out, ██ will be alerted to provide a new pair.

SCP-X is to be given a blank crop top as to not obscure the view of SCP-X-A. Sweatpants and other clothing is provided by the foundation, as SCP-X states it ‘doesn’t really mind staying in old clothes.’

SCP-X is to be fed a nutrition filled meal 3 times a day, consisting of grain, meat, fruit, dairy, and vegetables. Eight ounces (1 cup) of water in a recyclable cup is to be given with every serving. As advisory of Dr. ██, two ( 2 ) vitamins must be consumed by SCP-X every day. This is to provide SCP-X-A with the nutritional value it and SCP-X needs.

SCP-X has been observed to use the blanket for not just warmth, but yoga practices as well.

Description: SCP-X is of Haitian descent and of an average female human. SCP-X has a slight muscular build, being 175.26 centimeters in height ( 5’9 ) and 165 pounds in weight. SCP-X claims to be 20 years old, but has not yet been confirmed.

SCP-X was recovered by a task force in ███, Haiti, after the alert of locals reporting a girl with a strange grove in her abdominal area, and was living alone.

SCP-X has a large opening in its stomach that contains a miniature version of what seems to be a large forest biome.

When SCP-X consumes food, the nutritional value will be used by SCP-X-A. SCP-X-A is not sentient unlike SCP-X, and is the ecosystem that resides in SCP-X’s body.

SCP-X expresses no complications or pain regarding the presence of SCP-X-A, and treats it like a garden.

SCP-X states to feel dizzy or unwell when SCP-X-A is not provided with enough nutrition to thrive normally.

There has been no known organisms residing in SCP-X-A as of █/█/█. How this ecosystem manages to survive with no other factors is currently unknown.1

SCP-X-A goes under seasonal changes, with no natural disasters recorded. The seasons of SCP-X-A are five times shorter than the ones on our Earth.

SCP-X-A appears to extend beyond SCP-X’s body, measure of explored ground is █ yards.

Note: Guide for Seasonal Changes and Lengths

Spring (Estimated 18.4 days): SCP-X’s body functions normally at the season of Spring. No other procedures besides normal human care is needed.

Summer (Estimated 18.6 days): During Summer, SCP-X will spike in a mood fever, lasting around only 5 hours. SCP-X has stated the following explanation (confirmed): ‘It’s my body getting used to the rise in temperatures again. It’s normal, I’ve gotten used to it.’
SCP-X has been shown to be more sensitive to heat, and has been observed using the hand held fan often during this time.

Autumn (Estimated 17.8 days): During Autumn, SCP-X’s hair will be brittle and fall out easily. SCP-X will brush its frequently during this time, and has mentioned it is a therapeutic time for it.

Winter (Estimated 17.8 days): In the beginning of Winter, SCP-X will develop a common cold. (2) Similar to Summer, this will last 5 hours.
SCP-X will commonly use the blanket and sleeps longer than average.
During this time, SCP-X is to be given warmer foods. Such meals should are to be kept at an internal temperature of 140 °F, then allowed to cool down before given to SCP-X. Smaller amounts of food are to be given during this time, as SCP-X seems to store the food as if it were in hibernation.