SCP: Quantum Fly (by Gustavo Gamer)

Item #:SCP-(…), Quantum Fly

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-(…) must be under constant surveillance, Twenty four (24) hours, seven (7) days every week, on a eight (8) Meters3 iron box, inside a 30m3 room completely empty and clean, in a Vaccum Space. In case SCP-(…) is not found inside the box nor the Room, the entire facility must be evacuated and special forces must be sent to Re-contain the SCP back to the Containment Area. In case of being terminated, Satellites must be deployed to search in a ████x████km3 Area in order to ubicate and Contain it again on the Facility. The box must be replaced every Month an the Room's walls must be repaired every year12

Description: SCP-(…) is an adult Fly of the species Drosophila Melanogaster, equiped with a strange, non-organic hematophagy designed Mouth appliance, like a normal Aedes Albopictus. Originally found in ████████, █████, at ██:██ hours, PT. After a Mysterious Variola Major outbreak. After being traslated to The Fundation, Autopsy revealed more than 50 different types of virus, Bacteria, and Fungi. Near a 10% of them, on the Top of the most infeccious around the world. Multiple samples revealed completely different DNA and Diseases, around ██:██ Pm, roughly three (3) hours after autopsy, the SCP completely dissapeared and recovered after a Strange outbreak of Neisseria Meningitidis in ███ ██ ███████, ██████, causing almost ███ Deaths.
After some testing, was revealed that this "fly" was able to travel through Quantum entanglement3.
Every ██ hours, the SCP "jumps" via Quantum Tunnelling to another location if it doesn't do it by will before, if it bites an organic organism, it has an almost 85% chance of resulting infected of multiple Diseases, provoking Death in roughly 10-22 hours after infection4.
The SCP must be on a complete Vaccum Space, along with an operating Quantum Gate in order to render SCP (…) unable to Jump via Quantum Entanglement. It's constant jumps causes damage to the walls of the Containment Area, making holes and 2cm Depth ruptures because of matter disintegration or teleportation.

Is it possible that the SCP disintegrates itself in a failled jump, provoking it's own death5