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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a small room with no windows or holes to see inside. The door must be locked with a shim-proof strong padlock, and the combination may only be known by on-site Security Officers.

Testing must only be done with Class-D personnel, and SCP-XXXX must not be directly seen by any researchers.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a common black leather chair, approximately 1.1 meters in length. Its anomalous properties take effect when a human looks at the object directly. Any form of viewing that is not direct prevent the anomalies. Humans have repeatedly reported a feeling of warmth and happiness when they look at SCP-XXXX. After at least 10 seconds the subject will feel the need to use SCP-XXXX to "take a break and relax". After at least 1 minute, the subject starts to walk towards SCP-XXXX and will sit down. Upon contact with SCP-XXXX, the subject will move into a comfortable position and fall into REM sleep state. The subject will stay in this state for exactly 12 hours. Upon waking, the subject will have noticed no change and will continue with their life until SCP-XXXX is threatened by something. When this happens, all affected subjects will immediately pause their activities and run towards SCP-XXXX to protect it. This will continue until the threat ceases. No other anomalies have been found at this time.

When any subject is affected by SCP-XXXX, they are to be referred to as 'SCP-XXXX-1'.

Addendum XXXX-1: SCP-XXXX was recovered from an abandoned █████████ on 3/6/2016. It was reported by the [DATA EXPUNGED] Corporation1 stating that "people were falling asleep in a chair, and wouldn't wake up until the next day". The Foundation dispatched a cube van to recover SCP-XXXX. The driver reported mobs running at the van, trying to break in.

Testing Log XXXX-01:
Subject 1: D-9366 (A Caucasian male 32-years old, older sibling of D-9367)
Subject 2: D-9367 (A Caucasian female 29 years old, younger sibling of D-9366)
Special Conditions: D-9366 came from a different location and had to walk the way here.
Test Administrator: Dr. Ross, Lee
Procedure: The subject will be brought into the room. If and when the subject enters REM state the testing will be paused with the subject still in the chair inside the testing chamber. The subject and SCP-XXXX will be recorded using standard audio/video surveillance systems and stored on a video cassette. This cassette will be stored along with the testing logs for future reviewing. After subject exits REM state, they will be instructed to enter a small soundproof room guarded by a reinforced steel door controlled electronically. This room contains a small variety of recreational pastimes, including a coloring book, a 20-pack of crayons, a Sony Walkman loaded with a 120-minute mixtape of various songs, a pair of headphones (goes over the head, no earbuds) and a newspaper clipping of the comic strips and puzzles. After the subject engages in one of these activities, Subject 2 will be introduced to SCP-XXXX while blindfolded. Subject 2 will be instructed to threaten SCP-XXXX.

Dr. Ross: Please enter the testing chamber.
(D-9366 enters the testing chamber)
D-9366: Umm… What's so special about this? It's just a chair.
(Dr. Ross does not respond)
D-9366: Okay, thanks. Real helpful, doc.
D-9366: (mumbling) Although, it does look comfy.
(D-9366 approaches SCP-XXXX and sits on it)
D-9366: Oh, wow. I could just fall asleep on here.
(D-9366 pauses)
D-9366: Hey Doc, mind I take a quick nap?
(Dr. Ross still remains silent)
D-9366: I'll take that as a yes.
(D-9366 enters REM sleep state as expected. Surveillance cameras are set to record, and testing is paused for 11 hours and 45 minutes)
(15 minutes after the testing was resumed D-9366 left REM state as expected)
D-9366: Man, that felt good. How l-
Dr. Ross: This section of testing is now complete. Thank you for your cooperation. Please enter the next testing chamber to finish testing.
(Dr. Ross opens a door to the opposite of the entrance. D-9366 is cooperative and enters the room, where the door closes behind him.)
D-9366: So what happens here?
Dr. Ross: Please enjoy some of the recreational pastimes located in the room you are in.
(D-9366 wears the headphones, plugs them into the Walkman, presses eject and pulls the cassette out. After checking the label D-9366 inserts the cassette again and closes the slot and presses play. Shortly after D-9366 engages in the coloring book.)
(D-9367 is led into the testing chamber containing SCP-XXXX)
Dr. Ross: Directly in front of you there is an object. You are to somehow pose a threat to this object. Under no circumstances are you to remove the blindfold.
D-9367: Okay. What exactly is this object?
(Dr. Ross hesitates, then responds)
Dr. Ross: That is unnecessary information. Please proceed as instructed.
(D-9367 aims to kick the chair however misses)
(Perfectly in sync with the kick, D-9366 cringes.)
Dr. Ross (to D-9366): Did you notice something?
(D-9366 pauses the Walkman and takes off the headphones)
D-9366: Huh?
Dr. Ross (to D-9366): Did you notice something? You cringed.
D-9366: What are you talking about? I didn't do anything.
Dr. Ross (to D-9366): Noted.
(D-9366 resumes the cassette and continues coloring)
(D-9367 lunges toward SCP-XXXX knocking it over onto its back and causing D-9367 to lose balance and fall onto it. Skin contact was made, but the anomalous effects were not shown)
(Very loud banging is heard from the door leading to Test Chamber 2. Surveillance footage shows the source was D-9366 trying to get out. D-9367 recoils in fear and backs into the opposite corner of the door. As the threat ceased D-9366 returned to his activities, apparently unaware of the events that occurred)
Dr. Ross (to D-9367): Please continue.
D-9367: No way! What was that noise? I can't tell because I got this stupid blindfold on!
Dr. Ross (to D-9367): Continue as instructed. Do not remove the blindfold.
D-9367: Yeah, well screw this.
(D-9367 removes the blindfold and notices SCP-XXXX. D-9367 walks toward SCP-XXXX and tilts it upright)
D-9367: This looks comfortable.
(Dr. Ross calls in security officers to remove D-9367 before anomalous effects start)
End Log

Analysis: The anomalous effects seem to only happen if the subject can see SCP-XXXX. The senses of SCP-XXXX seem to be shared with instances of SCP-XXXX-1. However, they seem to be unaware of this.
Notes: Future testing will require at least two security officers standing ready outside of the testing chamber.

Continued testing has not yet been done.