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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The artifact presents no threat not inherent to its mundane counterpart, barring the exception of infohazard to certain individuals. It is to be kept in a locked strongbox when not in use. No additional containment measures required.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a hard-bound booklet, eight (8) centimeters in width and twelve (12) centimeters in height, comprised of approximately 150 pages. The front cover has the words "This Too Shall Pass" inscribed in silvery ink, imitating a calligraphic style. The object is bound in a western style, opening on its right side and the text reading from left to right.

Upon first observation, the book has no anomalous properties, save for being devoid of content. However, when the artifact changes hands, the cover title changes to something appropriate for the previous owner, most commonly "The Life and Times of [subject's full name]", although variations have occurred. Once this occurs, the text inside contains a complete narrative of the selfsame individual, from an indeterminate prenatal event to the immediate consequences of the subject's death. The text itself appears to be handwritten, but does not match either the recipient or the donor, and is otherwise stylistically inconsistent between events; additionally, the text is always a third-person narration, often including things the subject could not experience, and includes allusions and foreshadowing, similar to a biographical novel. Further testing has shown that if left closed and undisturbed for twelve (12) hours, the book will revert to its original blank state.

While displaying this information, the object's pages appear to take on several anomalous perceptional properties, and convey much more than should be reasonably possible on such a small surface, allowing any observers to spend no fewer than eighty-three (83) minutes on a single page without re-reading any portion or backtracking. In addition to this, particularly momentous events are depicted in sketchbook-quality illustrations, though no such images are visible on a cursory viewing.

Additional experimental data to be included with this file at a later date.

Addendum: Appended Testing Logs:

Test Administered By - Dr. Plutarch
Purpose of Test - To determine the authenticity of the text
Test Procedure - SCP-XXXX was given to several Class-D personnel and subsequently returned to the test administrator. A random page was chosen from before the present day and read aloud to the subject, to be followed by a confirmation or denial of the contents read aloud. Portions of text describing the immediate future were also transcribed to ordinary paper, to be checked against the events of the following time period.
Results -
— D-3751: Narrative described the subject's 11th birthday. Subject confirmed this information. Text predicted subject's violent attack of D-4219 later that day. Confirmed in subsequent events.
— D-8810: Narrative described [REDACTED]. Subject vehemently denied involvement, but this information was confirmed with our records. Text predicted various events of minor significance for the following week. Confirmed by subsequent events.
— D-4219: Narrative described D-4219's involvement in the death of [REDACTED], who was related to D-3751. No confirmation from the subject, as this provoked an immediate hostile response from D-3751. Text predicted D-4219's death by strangulation and repeated bludgeoning in the following moments. Confirmed in subsequent events.
Conclusion -Text is authentic.
Additional Notes: Doctor Plutarch is facing reprimand and suspension from testing for his poor choice of subjects.

Test Administered By - Dr. Manheim (Assisted by Dr. White)
Purpose of Test - To determine whether text was visible to more than one party at a time
Test Procedure - SCP-XXXX was given to a Class-D personnel and subsequently returned to Dr. Manheim, who then read aloud a page from prior to present day. Dr. White read over her shoulder.
Results - Dr. Manheim and Dr. White confirmed that they read the same text on the same page, with no change in content whatsoever.
Additional Procedure - SCP-XXX was then given to Dr. White and Class-D personnel vacated from the room. Both Doctors again read the text out loud.
Results - The text changed to "The Life And Times of Janice 'Wheels' Manheim". Both Doctors read the same text without variation, which did indeed describe a previous event in Dr. Manheim's career.
Conclusion - The text remains unaltered so long as it does not physically change hands.
Additional Notes: Suggesting re-classification to Euclid on the grounds of possible sentience. -Dr. Manheim
2/14/14 - Dr. Manheim has recently suffered a spinal injury that now leaves her confined to a wheelchair. This event was alluded to in the test results and is believed to be causally related.

Appended Interview Transcript for 1/27/2014

Interviewed: Dr. Julius ██████

Interviewer: Dr. Manheim

Foreword: Interview transcribed shortly after Dr. ██████ relapsed into depression, with SCP-XXXX being the presumed cause.

<Begin Log>

Dr. ██████: [*incomprehensible murmur*]

Dr. Manheim: Would you please speak up, Doctor ██████?

Dr. ██████: It's of a personal nature, Doctor Manheim. My apologies.

Dr. Manheim: Duly noted. As this has to do with effects of a personal nature, however, professionalism on your part is not mandatory.

Dr. ██████: It doesn't really get any better, does it?

Dr. Manheim: Explain what you mean by that, please.

Dr. ██████: [*silent*]

Dr. Manheim: Doctor, explain the meaning of your previous inquiry, please.

Dr. ██████: My best days are all behind me, Janice. [*silence, Dr. ██████ appears to be in the middle of contemplation*] I… I'm never going to be any happier than I am right now.

Dr. Manheim: Could you explain how you came to that conclusion?

Dr. ██████: The book, Janice, I'm talking about the book. [*Dr. ██████ takes a moment to compose himself*] …I read ahead. And the more I read, the more I'm convinced… that's it. That's all I'm going to do with my life.

Dr. Manheim: Doct-

Dr. ██████: [*interrupting*] I'm not doing any good here, Janice. As much as I'd like to be, I don't have the guts to actually get up near anything dangerous, and I've got nothing to contribute to the Foundation. When I leave, it's going to be like I never came. And even putting all that aside, where else am I supposed to… be? I put aside every other opportunity I had for this place…

Dr. Manheim: Doctor, as upsetting as that is, what does that have to do with SCP-XXXX?

Dr. ██████: …Last time this happened, I… well, I didn't know.

Dr. Manheim: Didn't know what?

Dr. ██████: How it was all going to happen. I thought, maybe… maybe I'll find some way around it. Maybe I'd find something here, something big that would make everything better. Maybe… but no. That's never going to happen, and I know it now.

Dr. Manheim: …Doctor, we're testing the book for possible cognitive hazards. I think it's messing with your head.

Dr. ██████: I should be so lucky. Janice, I've spent more time studying cognitive hazards than you've been alive. I know the symptoms. This… this is nothing like that.

Dr. Manheim: …Have you been off your meds?

Audio recording terminated prematurely by Dr. Manheim.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Dr. ██████ committed suicide by hanging two weeks later, in his home at ███████, ██. Dr. Manheim requested leave from her position at the SCP Foundation for the following month, the reason given being spending time with her family in ██████, ██. Psychological evaluations showed her to be free of serious mental ailment and leave was granted.