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File image of SCP-X, photographed upon recovery.

Item #: SCP-X

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-X is a massive, monolithic, extremely dense1 rectangular prism constructed from an unidentified solid material. SCP-X measures 365.26m (base length) x 400m (width) x 6378.11m (height), and possesses an iridescent surface comparable to synthetic Bismuth. SCP-X is currently positioned upright on its base, and is considered inert.

Attempts to ascertain SCP-X's chemical composition have proven unsuccessful, due to two anomalous effects. Firstly, for unknown intents or purposes, SCP-X has been thus far resistant to any outward force, and instead exerts its own anomalous, self-generated downwards thrust. This force is unvaried, and has little to no effect on the ground on which it stands. Attempts to counteract this force have been unsuccessful due to the extreme, disproportionate amounts of energy that SCP-X exerts, and as such, its mass cannot be calculated. In apparent correlation with this effect, SCP-X is indestructible, and has thus far remained impervious to the effects of natural weathering or attempted high-energy perforation.

Secondly, material analysis2 has concluded that SCP-X possesses no physical atomic presence. Upon scanning SCP-X, Electronic [REDACTED] Multidetectors exhibit a consistent blackness, as opposed to solids with similar properties creating standard images of particles in consecutive arrangement.

The purpose or origin of SCP-X is currently unknown. Its perfect prismatic design and anomalous properties suggests a probable extraterrestrial origin.

Recovery: On ██/██/19██, SCP-X materialised approximately 48 kilometres above the threshold of Earth's atmosphere and subsequently descended into [REDACTED], an Ecuadorian rainforest. Assumedly in correlation with its anomalous effect, the mechanism of its descent is not considered to have been due to the Earth's gravitational pull, and its velocity was extremely slow, lacking acceleration as per newtonian law.

Due to the negligible human presence and influence within the area, public acknowledgement of SCP-X was swiftly suppressed. However, Heavy Foundation-Issue [DATA EXPUNGED] were rendered unable to relocate SCP-X to its then-assigned temporary containment area due to its resistance to force. In lieu of standard relocation, the earth directly beneath SCP-X was cleared and displaced with initial foundations for Subcontainment Hall X-0A1A, where a series of controlled detonations ensured the specific alterations necessary to contain SCP-X, and allow its descent underground.

Authorised personnel, you are currently viewing an outdated document. SCP-X is currently utilised as a front document, and is accessible to Level 1 Personnel and above. As assigned Level 5 Personnel, you have access this notice, and the following additional information.