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A photograph of SCP-3809 found in the locker of Officer [DATA EXPUNGED]

Item #: SCP-3809

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3809 is to be kept in a standard #3-WEP locked storage container secured with an access code. Level-2 or higher clearance is required to retrieve from storage for testing. Only female personnel are to handle SCP-3809.

When testing with live ammunition, a Level-1 LIGHT PLATE/NON HERM chamber is to be used to prevent gunfire from leaving the chamber. Once chamber has been sealed ammunition can be supplied via pneumatic tube. When dry-testing, a standard Class-D observation unit and living quarters will suffice.

Description: SCP-3809 is a Smith & Wesson Model 66 .357 caliber revolver. There are no physical abnormalities with the weapon. Other weapons acquired from the same batch do not exhibit any unusual properties.

SCP-3809 was obtained through the standard channels after being involved in twenty-two suicides over a period of roughly three years. Men with access to the item proceed through three stages- the lengths of each stage vary by individual, and the effects are cumulative. Informed test subjects show resistance to SCP-3809's effects, with [REDACTED] refusing to touch the item for their full three month stay. Study of the item was not ruled important enough for extension of a Class-D's term.

1.) Fascination- Marked by excessive handling of the weapon. By the end of this stage persons affected are constantly holding, fondling, or stroking the weapon, and always keep it on their person.

2.) Obsession and Idealization- Owner begins to structure day-to-day life around the object. The specific nature of obsessive interaction varies wildly between owners- Officer [DATA EXPUNGED] had been taking photographs of the firearm.

3.) [REDACTED]- Behavior begins to indicate perception of the weapon as █████████. This stage always ends in █████████. The owner will pull the trigger when █████████ is perceived, generally resulting in death. All subjects in this phase given an unloaded SCP-3809 have asphyxiated.