'Hammer of Wishes' (FG6Y7/N5HT8/2RFP3)
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Status Renting
Demand High
Value Contact: Zhu Fang/Harold Silver/Edward Kent for details
Availability Unique
Identifier Magic Hammer Hammer of Wishes
Description Item is a handheld wooden mallet. When struck against a flat, hard surface, whatever the user is thinking of will immediately manifest in front of him. Items will instantaneously disappear once the user hears a bell ring.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, Ltd.
Initial Report
Author Kumagai Sumio Date May 26, 1983
Interest High Identifier Hammer of Wishes
Our agents were embedded in an archaeological expedition investigating a recently discovered Kofun in the Nara prefecture.

Given the properties of this item
File Opened Under: FG6Y7/N5HT8/2RFP3
Marshall, Carter and Dark, Ltd.
Tracking Information
Owner Date Comments
Dr. Shoda Kenzo February 3rd, 1983 Initial Discovery
Marshall, Carter and Dark LLP April 15th, 1983 Dr. Shoda approached with monetary offer, rejected. Repossed item using evidence of extramarital affair as leverage.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, Ltd.
Rental Record 01
Name Date Period Comments
Oda Yoshiyuki June 8th, 1983 1 month None
Yuk Ye-Jun July 12, 1983 1 month None
Hiruma Noritoshi August 15, 1983 1 month None
Willard Duncan September 18, 1983 2 months Government Official, item rented at half price in exchange for certain concessions to the Company
Marshall, Carter and Dark, Ltd
Memo 17
Sender Michael Li Recipient Zhu Fang
Just got word from the higher-ups-it looks like Silver managed to call in a few favors. The item will be shipped to New York this January. I'm sorry, but it looks like it's out of our hands.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, Ltd
Memo 18
Sender Nagatsuka Hiroji Recipient Zhu Fang
Mr. Zhu, I think I have a solution to our little problem. I would like to speak with you in your office tonight. Don't record this memo; it would be best if this was kept off the record.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, Ltd

Ideas: Basically, petty contest between two high-up MC&D employees who hate each other and are trying to curry favor with the bosses. The American manages to get a great permanent rental deal with Prometheus Labs, but the Chinese one leaves out some crucial details that result in the Labs experiencing a disaster when an entire facility disappears. Zhu thinks he's won, but the person directly under him has been manipulating the whole thing to get the hammer into IJAMEA's hands. He steal the item, and we end with a gloating note from the American.

Nagatsuka convinced Zhu to put an antimemetic agent into the information, in order to prevent the bell-ringing condition from being found out. The effect wore off as soon as Prometheus's facility disappeared, making it look as if Silver messed up. Zhu trusted Nagatsuka enough to let him look for new renters, but Nagatsuka was just manipulating him to get the Hammer back into his own hands.

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