Madame Cure's Hand Creme
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Item #: SCP-1971

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: No outstanding containment measures are required for SCP-1971. All instances located are currently held in a secure storage locker in Storage Site-23. Testing is to be performed on D-Class personnel only.

Description: SCP-1971 is a carton of nine (9) green polyethylene bottles. Each bottle is emblazoned with an image of a hand that appears to have many creases and lines etched on it and a label of "Madame Cure's Hand Creme"

Each bottle is filled with a clear, viscous gel. The chemical composition of the gel has yet to be determined via sample tests. Only contact with living biological tissue with present the gels anomalous effects. Testing with non-porous materials has produced no effects what so ever.

Once applied to living tissue, the effect is immediate and dramatic. Any liquids contained within the cells in contact with the gel is violently expelled, though the cells themselves remain undamaged in the process. How such a forceful reaction can keep the tissue in a viable and living state is still under testing.

In ██% of all tests performed, the subject's affected tissue continued all normal processes required of it, regardless of the fact that it was completely desiccated. Further investigation into this is pending.

In the remaining █% of tests resulted in termination of the subjects. The effect of the gel spread through the subjects body, generally 6 minutes after application , in a single, violent expulsion of fluids. This was first discovered in test HC-096 with D-92834.

Addendum: Investigation is underway on the company "Madame Cure's". As of █/██/201█ no company has been found with that name, however a label on the bottom of the carton details an address. Said address leads to a vacant lot in downtown █████, ██, Canada.

Also printed on the label :

Thank you for purchasing Madame Cure's Hand Creme! This is only for the discerning individual who prides themselves on exceptionally smooth skin.
Madame Cure's Headache Creme
Madame Cure's Foot Powder
Madame Cure's Tooth Whitener
Madame Cure's Sleep Aide Serum