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Item #: SCP-2304

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-2304 should be stored in a dark, cool, dry wooden container. Humidity in the container should be monitored and kept at 30%~50% at all times, elsewise will result in the object moulding at a higher rate. Cleaning procedures, which includes brushing off mould and preserving the pages must be executed monthly by an illiterate D-Class personnel under the presence of a researcher with a Level-2 security clearence. In cases of test needs, cleaning procedures may be put off, but only under the permission of a Level-2 resercher.

SCP-2304 is an old-fasioned, brown covered book. Inside the cover are 24 pages which are 185mm×260mm in size. According to illiterate Class-D test subjects, these pages are "of an oldish-brownish colour, but feels like new paper". In cases of the object being "moulded", black, round spots (4mm≤d≤45mm, referred as "mould" in following context) can be observed on some pages. "Mould" has a texture similar to moss, and can be removed from SCP-2304 by a light scrape of a thin blade. Once removed from SCP-2304, "mould" disappears. resulting as contents of "mould" to be unknown.

Once a literate test subject reads the contents of SCP-2304, the subject displays a strong will to create literature. Actions of the subject include: asking for pen and paper, asking for a computer, etc. If the subject's request isn't met, his/her mental condition becomes extremely unstable within a period of time. Mumbling quietly, scraping words on the floor or the wall with fingernails, biting fingertips and writing with blood are common actions during the first half hour. As time passes on, the subject may suffer from different levels of mental disorder. Symptoms vary from crying, howling, suicide attempts, to [REDACTED], and sudden death. Any irrational actions of the subject (besides from death) can be stopped by fufilling his/her urge to create literature (providing pen and paper, a computer, etc.). After the procedure, the subject cannot recall any contents of SCP-2304, except that it consists of several short stories, and the main heroine of each story is a girl named "Lucia".

If the subject is provided with pen and paper, the literature he/she creates is known as SCP-2304-1. SCP-2304-1 is known to have a great impact on readers' emotions. Researchers are unable to study SCP-2304-1 because of it's strong emotional power, so it is to be tested on Class-D personnel. SCP-2304-1 is a story. The main heroine is also a girl named "Lucia".

Note that behaviour of test subjects and contents of SCP-2304-1 varies a lot when SCP-2304 is in different "mould rates (the average percentage of mould coverage on each page)". See test logs for more information.

All test subjects are to have any memories of SCP-2304 to be wiped for safety. Mental guidance should be given if necessary.