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Authors note: Here is a draft of my potential first SCP. If you think it's bad, by all means tell me in the comments. I'm putting a draft here so I can test out the story for any flaws.

Object Classification: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All victims of SCP- referred to the foundation are to be questioned in hope of gaining further information about the source of the SCP, before being given class-B amnesics and released. Families are to be informed the subject was undergoing psychiatric assessment. Once the source of the anomaly has been identified all signals are to be promptly blocked.

Description: SCP- is an obscure website titled as "lifeswitch" that takes up the appearance of a typical social media platform. There are no reports of anything anomalous about it's appearance. So far no two victims of the sites' effects have reported the same events leading up to their discovery of the platform, with accounts ranging from a logo appearing next to other social media buttons on commonly used websites, to email references. Many victims do not recall how they found the site.

If the victim chooses to become a user of lifeswitch they will become an instance of SCP-#1. Upon gaining membership they will be asked to complete a test about their personality and aspirations. At the end of this test two instances of SCP-#1 will be paired together and encouraged to socially interact over the internet. After an unknown period of time ranging from weeks to months both will begin to show symptoms consistent with sufferers of the rare capgras delusion, and will claim that relatives and friends are intruders. It is thought that for many years instances of SCP-#1 were referred to psychiatric facilities and were diagnosed with this delusion. However, the foundation became involved after one of these victims was by chance referred to the same institution as another, and each began to claim that the other had "stolen their loved ones," Other time, many pairs were discovered over the world where the relatives of one patient fit the description of the other's "real family."

While nothing can be confirmed at this early stage of investigation, it is currently believed that each instance of SCP-#1 will simply "wake up one day" and no longer recognise their relatives. It isn't known whether the website actually has the ability to alter the events of time, or merely make people believe it can. Below is an interview conducted with the first recorded SCP-#1:

Doctor (redacted): Good morning sir, today I'd like to talk to you about lifeswitch.co-
Subject: (yelling) I'm telling you it's real! Nobody ever believes me but it's real!
Doctor (redacted): Please sir, we only want to understand what is going on. What led you to find
this site?
Subject: I was just browsing a blog one day, I don't remember which. In the bar with
social media buttons their was a new one I'd never seen before. It was just a
magenta circle with 'LS' written in blue. I guess curiosity got the better with me
and I went to the site. Nothing out of the ordinary, just a magenta home page
with white on blue text. The link was secure and my antivirus didn't report
anything, so it looked safe.
Doctor (redacted): What sort of information did this site have.
Subject: It offered to match people to their perfect friend. I like to consider myself a
very social person, so I decided to give it a try. After my account was set up I
was introduced to some guy called Joshua. He had everything I desired in life,
and I had everything he wanted. We got along well for about a month.
Doctor (redacted): And then.
Subject: (silence)
Doctor (redacted): Sir, please! We cannot help your situation if you don't explain it.
Subject: One day I just woke up and Anne, my wife… she was… she. She was gone! In
her place was some fake! Some intruder I'd never seen before called "Paula". I screamed, and
my little girl came running in. Oh god. She'd been replaced too.
Doctor (redacted): Am I correct in hearing that Anne didn't believe that anything was wrong?
Subject: Do not call her that! She is not Anne. Whoever she was she somehow knew of
all the memories I'd made with my wife. All the pictures had been changed. All
my family said I was crazy.I don't know what's going on… I just… (weeping)
Doctor (redacted): So they put you in a mental ward, where you met Joshua, what happened then?
Subject: Not much at first. Then one day his "family" came in. It was her! I know it was!
Anne was there but she didn't even look at me. He stole my wife!
Doctor (redacted): We have some information for you that might interest you. We have received
claims from Joshua that your wife Paula-
Subject: She is not my wife!
Doctor (redacted): Apologies sir. Joshua has claimed that Paula is actually his wife, and has
reported similar circumstances to you leading up to him being placed in the
mental ward.

Currently, no negative outcomes of the site's properties are known apart from severe distress to victims and relatives. So far the only known solution is to give victims amnesic drugs to make them believe their families have been like this belong. However the number of cases is rapidly on the rise and it is becoming difficult for foundation staff to track down all victims. Concerns have been raised over whether the anomalous properties the site has could be replicated to change people's memories about far more dangerous things.