Happy Holidays, Photosynthetic

On 12/13/████, SCP-628 became active for approximately 51 seconds and produced an unfamiliar piece. Due to atypical lack of complexity normally displayed by SCP-628's original compositions, a database sweep was initiated. The piece was found to match a children's hymn used within the region in the mid-1600's. Records indicate that it was sung on the occasion of a birth. A recording of the hymn, scaled to the human audio spectrum can be found below.

You Will Learn To Love Him


Here, you sit within His cradle
Here, you sit caressed by His song
He sings that you may harmonize
Will you yet return His Love? Will you
Celebrate! Celebrate! For I promise
You will learn to love Him soon.

Records show that the original title of the composition was "You Will Learn To Love Us." All instances of "He," "His," and "Him" were added later to replace "We," "Our," and "Us."