Happy Lemon

Special containment procedures:
Happy Lemon drink must be kept in a freezer in a 14x18 room with the cap sealed tightly. The happy lemon juice will try to leak out of the bottle and mix with any water or other drink in the area. The room must no have any gaps, breaches or entry points besides the main door. Every time a new shipment of Happy Lemon comes in, it must be contained the same way.

Happy lemon was found in a store called {data expunged}. The only other person in the store was a crazy cashier who was extremely happy and shouted Happy Lemon! at the top of his lungs shortly before dying. He had yellow liquid leaking out of his mouth and nose. A further investigation showed that all members of the town were dead with similar liquid leaking from their mouths and noses. The liquid was the same as a lemonade drink called Happy Lemon that was sold in all of the {data expunged} stores. The happy lemon logo is a cartoony, ecstatic lemon. All the happy lemon drinks were removed from the town. {Data Expunged}