Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The remains of SCP-XXXX are kept at Outpost 120-09. Monitoring equipment will be installed around and within the entity in case it should ever become active again. Any proposals for study that might damage SCP-XXXX must be routed through Command.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a biomechanical entity found in the Kuiper belt during standard containment of SCP-████.

SCP-XXXX is roughly teardrop-shaped, with a flattened section designated as the bottom of the entity. Opposite, there is a significant bulge, which is believed to store the majority of SCP-XXXX's analysis equipment.

There are several dish-shaped structures on its surface that are presumed to be receivers for various forms of electromagnetic radiation, as well as lozenge-shaped capsules of unknown purpose. Several areas on its surface are broken, suggesting more appendages were once present.

Biological components appear to have been grown over a mechanical frame. SCP-XXXX was designed to live in space. When observed, the entity seemed to have difficulty coping with temperatures much warmer than the Kuiper belt. Its surface temperature was 50 degrees Kelvin when first found.

It was apparently once capable of interstellar travel, but most of its systems were damaged by an unknown event that left it stranded. Dating methods suggest it to have been at least 1.3 billion years old, though it had apparently spent the vast majority of this time dormant.

The entity was almost entirely dormant when it was found. The only signs that it was active were faint lights running along its surface. Experimentation and observation showed that these were in response to radio waves. It had apparently been collecting signals for some time, but no sign of other functions could be detected until Foundation assets approached, at which point it began broadcasting.

It was able to break Foundation decryption in less than one hour, at which point it began broadcasting binary signals in an attempt to communicate, starting with extremely simple mathematical concepts. However, after a report was transmitted back to Earth, it stopped broadcasting for several days. The temperature of its dorsal bulge heated by five degrees Kelvin during this time, apparently from processing the information.

SCP-XXXX shut down for approximately four hours. The temperature around SCP-XXXX's dorsal bulge heated up significantly, to about 60 degrees Kelvin. The Foundation team went into standby, in the event that SCP-XXXX became hostile, while a message was transmitted back to Earth asking for further instructions. The O5 Council advised caution, but instructed Dr. Bloom to continue attempts to communicate, with an eye to bringing SCP-XXXX into a containment solution.

SCP-XXXX shut down for seven hours this time. The heat was more severe, up to 70 degrees Kelvin, and it seemed to cause some damage to the biological components of the entity. O5 Council adviced against deception, as it could complicate long-term containment solutions, and because the odds of the species that created SCP-XXXX still being both able and willing to initiate hostilities were deemed low.

SCP-XXXX shut down for slighlty over ten hours. The surface of its dorsal hump reached 85 degrees Kelvin, to the detriment of its organic tissues.

SCP-XXXX went inactive for fifteen minutes before its final communication.

SCP-XXXX's systems appeared to shut down entirely. As it radiated heat, its temperature dropped back down It was brought to Outpost 120-09 for study. Over the next several months, its tissues began to decay, and no further activity has been detected.

Note: Dr. Bloom was reprimanded for letting his emotions interfere with the study of SCP-XXXX.