Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3940 is to be kept in a secure storage locker at Site-11. Testing of SCP-3940 may be performed by research staff with Level-2 clearance or higher. Testing of SCP-3940 may be performed by research staff with Level-2 clearance or higher, while under the supervision the project leader (currently Dr. K. Frames). Tests are to be conducted in a secure location. Users that have been rendered unstable after interaction with SCP-3940 are to be administered Class-A amnestics.

Description: SCP-3940 is a metamorphic slate pebble. Aside from its anomalous properties, it is otherwise physically indifferent from naturally occurring slate. The object measures about 8cm in length, 5cm in width and 3cm in height.

Once picked up, users are compelled to contemplate their environment, and begin a questioning phase about their surroundings. Subjects may sit, lean, lie, inspect objects, walk in circles, stroke surfaces, etc. This continues for an indefinite amount of time, until the subject verbally poses a question, or the rock is separated from the user.

The second phase involves prompting a question. Once prompted, the scenario given by the user manifests.

Though vague results in testing, it's been found that SCP-3940 has some criteria for it to take effect. One known criteria is that the question asked must be heard and understood (the language, not the content) by another individual. SCP-3940 seems to "approve" of more realistic questions, but this is not always the case. It also seems to be easier if the user asks in a more contemplative manner. It is speculated that there are more criteria, because the effect does not always take place even though it would seem reasonable.

After the second phase, the user enters the final phase, whether or not SCP-3940's manifestation occurred. The user's obsession will pause and present the user a moment of clarity to separate from SCP-3940. If not, the user's obsession will return, and the phases repeat. For each cycle, subjects have reported an increased compulsion to SCP-3940. It is therefore important that supervisors separate before it has a psychological impact on the user, or compromise security.

Verbally communicating with the subject has shown to give greater control and suppress the affected's compulsion.


Date: 04/2/████
User: Dr. A. Sands
Question: "Why do we even need walls, as restrictive as they are?"
Effect: Walls in Sector-██ vanished, resulting in the collapse of floor █ through ██, the death of 39 D-class,█ research personnel (Accounting for Dr. A. Sands), 47 survived with injuries, 42 of which made complete recovery.
Notes: Dr. Sands had been in the testing chamber for over seven hours before asking this question. How did this pass us by? He didn't need to [REDACTED]. Losing a researcher because no one checked up on him? Part of the facility has been ruined, people killed and injured. [REDACTED] breached containment. Could have resulted in a massive containment breach of other SCP as well. This could have been avoided, if not for some researcher to get all giddy about a new SCP. From now on, all tests will be supervised.
- Site Director [REDACTED]

Date: 08/3/████
Supervisor: Dr. K. Frames
User: D-1431
Question: "Could I have a red ball?"
Effect: None.
Notes: Repeated forty-nine (49) times, with no effect. Subject reported extreme willingness to try again. Despite being told to drop SCP-3940 and leave the testing chamber, refused. Forceful removal and administering Class-A amnestics seemed to do the trick. Though, one of the guards ended up a little bruised. - Dr. Frames

Date: 08/3/████
Supervisor: Dr. K. Frames
User: D-1431
Question: "I wonder, what would it feel like to have a red ball?"
Effect: A red ball appeared in front subject. Standard rubber ball. Inflated with air.
Notes: After three non-manifestations, subject proposed they ask in their own way instead. I suspect asking in a more "contemplative" manner is more likely to trigger SCP-3940. Seemingly nothing anomalous about the ball. - Dr. Frames

Date: 09/8/████
Supervisor: Dr. K. Frames
User: Dr. L. Patten
Question: "Oh, I do so wonder, what would it feel like to actually own one kilogram of solid gold?"
Effect: None.
Notes: Well, can't blame me for trying. - Dr. L. Patten

Date: 12/8/████
Supervisor: Dr. K. Frames
User: D-1436
Question: Variations of wondering if a glass of water suffices to quench one's thirst.
Effect: One (1) glass of water.
Notes: Question was asked in D-1436's mother tongue. I forgot to tell her to do it in English, but upon further investigation, it seems language might make a difference. She asked in several variations in Spanish, with no yield. Once in English, the manifestation occurred. - Dr. K. Frames

Date: 14/8/████
Supervisor Dr. K. Frames, Dr. Z. Varela
User: D-1436
Question: Same as previous.
Effect: One (1) glass of water.
Notes: Question was once again asked in Spanish, but only heard by Dr. Varela (whose mother tongue is Spanish). Glass of water yielded at first attempt. Experiment was repeated, with same result. - Dr. K Frames.