Some SCPs

Item #: SCP xxxx
Object class: Safe
Special Containment procedure SCP xxxx should be kept on its track at all times in a 100x100x7 meter room. The room must be monitored and also needs to have at least one (1) level 2 Security Officer guarding the room. Everyone must stay 1 meter away from SCP xxxx unless you are testing.

SCP xxxx is a wooden roller coaster that is a clone of the now defunct Greyhound at Six Flags New England (formerly river side park). It has the words "El Atrapamoscas" written on the front of it. SCP xxxx was found in Spain at the now defunct Parque de Espana. SCP xxxx was reported to the SCP foundation after the city finding reports of people dying on SCP xxxx. Traces of the coaster can go back to 1920 with this being one of three roller coasters that operated at the park.

SCP xxxx has a very unique train classified as SCP xxxx-A which will suck the energy from people and will make people's organs slow down so much they will always sometimes die. If the ride is continued while there is a dead body, the body will go missing.. If SCP xxxx-A were to ever be taken off the track, no one should ever get in it. If they do, they will be given a toxin which will either kill them or shut down most of their brain making them paralyzed or in other cases loose sight and hearing permanently. There is currently two SCP xxxx-A on the track and only should only be used for testing. Never put dead bodies that didn't have organ failure unless it is for testing. If a body is placed, it will cause an explosion. SCP xxxx will be safe during the explosion with no damages.

The company who has made the ride has been found to be Philadelphia Toboggan Company (PTC as most people refer to them as). PTC has told the SCP foundation that the roller coaster was completely normal when they tested it and the problems had only occurred a year later. The former owners of the park are currently dead however their grandchildren have told the SCP foundation that their grandparents were trying to hide the fact that people died on the roller coaster and was standing but not operating to keep the public safe. The park closed later due to financial issues with the park not being able to buy a new roller coaster and the decreasing popularity.

Test # Description of test Result
Test 1 Class D were told to ride SCP xxxx After the first cycle, all of the Class D perished. Autopsy shows that class D participants vanished.
Test 2 Vehicles from SCP xxxx were replaced by trains made by premier rides (the trains currently on SCP xxxx were put on a switch track after Dr Bright took the vehicle off and broke one of the three making only two SCP xxxx-A and a ban from entering SCP xxxx.) and class D were told to ride the roller coaster with 2 cycles. Class D perished on first cycle however, SCP xxxx-1, did not come out at the 2nd cycle.
Test 3 Different animals (cow, chicken, sheep, etc.) were Forced against their own will and strapped down put on for 2 cycles. All the animals died, however the chicken managed to survive.
Test 4 Some dead bodies from other class D members put on to SCP xxxx. There was an explosion, almost destroying the cell with 17 injured (including Dr Nelson) and 15 dead.
Test 5 Class D were told to touch SCP xxxx. Class D became stuck on the wooden supports with their finger being stuck, then they were being attracted to SCP xxxx. Until their entire body was on SCP xxxx. People can not remove class D from roller coaster without harming them. Two class D's were saved with them being rushed to a doctor. The other class D were drained of their energy.
Test 6 SCP xxxx-A was transferred to another coaster track and Class D was told to sit in it Toxins came out and drastically hurt the brain. Mentally and physically. This also hurt the eye of some class D.
Transcripts from interview of class D after touching SCP xxxx and being saved. 
Dr. Nelson: Hello D-636774.
D-636774: Hello.
Dr. Nelson: Can you explain what it felt like to touch SCP xxxx?
D-636774: It felt like some sort of wood I'd felt before but later as it started to pull me closer, it felt like sap or something like uh syrup.
Dr. Nelson: How did you feel when this happened?
D-636774: It had almost felt like I was old and out of breath.
Dr. Nelson: Did you feel any pain when you were taken out of SCP xxxx?
D-636774: Yeah, a lot of it. Almost like breaking an arm or a leg. Only that it is 10 times worse.
Dr. Nelson: Do you remember what it was like after being taken out of SCP xxxx?
D-636774: No, I can only remember after I was taken to the medical area that I got news that only one other person was alive and the others died. 
Dr. Nelson: Before the test, what was your thoughts on roller coasters?
D-636774: I loved them, I rode roller coasters every month when I went to six flags.
Dr. Nelson: How about now, do you still like them?
D-636774: No, I hate them. They could burn in hell if they could. Just like this stupid foundation.
D-636774 noticeably get angrier.
Dr. Nelson: That will be all. 
Transcript ends.