The Prussian Mirror
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Image was taken before the incident that caused the mirror to crack.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is currently held in a plain, 1.5 cm thick steel box, as it poses no threat when no surface is exposed to touch. The box is specifically designed to the dimensions of SCP-XXXX and no other containment is to be used. Opening requires proper clearance, and after closing, the small circulation pump attached to the box is to be activated, in order to filter all debris matter out of the air in the (hermetically sealed) box. Under no circumstances must SCP-XXXX be handled directly; if it needs relocating, it is relocated while remaining in the box. Physical touch is only allowed in authorized examination or use.

Description: SCP-XXXX is, in appearance, an old mirror, of full-body size (190cm x 60cm). It is cracked from an impact centered around a point slightly above and to the right of the center of the mirror surface. The cracks stretch out for roughly 1/3 of the mirror surface. SCP-XXXX was acquired from the estate of █████████ ███████ ██, deceased. The acquisition was mutually agreed upon and part of the deceased's will, through the SCP Foundation front █████████.

The properties of SCP-XXXX activate upon touch only, more precisely when touching the mirrored surface. These properties were first discovered on ██ / ██, ████, 4 days after the acquisition. During tests based on written accounts left by the deceased (copies of the document are found in a small attachment on the containment box), the test subject was deliberately given a non-lethal (8cm long, 3cm deep) cut to the left forearm, then instructed to place his right hand on the mirror's surface, while in full reflective view of the mirror. As described in the documents, the cut healed within 23 seconds, leaving only slightly pinkish scar tissue. Also as described in the document, the hand placed on the mirror began to bleed from serious lacerations, comparable in both shape and severity to the healed cut. As the instructions of the deceased phrase it, "the injury is drawn to wherever the body touches the mirror".

Because of this trade-off healing property, SCP-XXXX has been put under tight administration. It has been used in a handful of injury cases, displacing possibly lethal injuries to more expendable or durable parts of the subjects body. Excluding tests, SCP-XXXX has currently been used for the following cases:

- An agent with a critical head wound had the wound displaced to the left leg. The head wound healed, and the leg was amputated due to the extensive displaced injury. The agent was then put into standard medical care.

- An intense chest wound from radiation exposure during ████████████ was healed by displacing the injury to, at the patient's request, the left arm. Treatment was then begun on the arm.

- An eye lost in the ███████████ incident was healed, the injury displaced to two fingers (ring and pinky) on the right hand. The patient was then put into regular medical care.

The reason for the limited use of SCP-XXXX in emergency care is due to the dangers of unpredictable healing effects. The mirror has a very complex set of parameters for healing, and "heals" whatever it considers an injury, along with whichever injury was meant to be healed. On the simple end of the scale, tattoos, piercings, scaring and other body modifications will heal, sometimes painfully (after one incident, it is now protocol to remove all body implants before using the mirror. The incident involved a tongue piercing being healed to the point that the metal stub was permanently embedded inside the patient's tongue, requiring surgical removal). However, the most alarming parameters for healing are neurological. Test subjects have become mentally altered, usually becoming assertive to the point of violent disobedience, and many have had an extreme desire to protect SCP-XXXX, refusing to be removed from its proximity. SCP-XXXX will also cause improvements to muscle strength, fitness, and reflexes as part of its healing process. In combination with its neurological effects, some subjects have required enhanced security measures to be removed from SCP-XXXX.

The cracks in SCP-XXXX's surface are from one such incident. A test subject had a lung removed surgically before being instructed to hold both hands on the mirror, for increased healing speed. After 238 seconds, the lung had been regrown inside the subject. However, the mental alterations caused the subject to refuse departing from SCP-XXXX. In the ensuing pacification of the subject, the subject managed to break one guard's foot and thrust her face into the mirror. Not only did it crack the mirror surface, but the injuries were displaced to the guard's head, causing a massive, and lethal, cranial injury to form. The guard could not be saved in time.

At the moment, tests are being run to estimate the precise nature of the psychological effects of healing. The examination of SCP-XXXX's actual material composition have revealed distinct signs of a nanomechanic nature, causing research staff to suspect that some form of nano-bots are using the immediate organic matter (whatever touches the mirror) to heal damage throughout the body. This, however, is only a theory, and needs extensive validation before further study.

In case of emergency injuries, which may qualify for SCP-XXXX healing, contact head researcher ███████ ████ ███████, or administrator ██████ █████████. The case will be evaluated based on the nature of the injury and the estimated psychological effects for the patient, as per his or her current mental condition and perosnality.

Addendum: Study of the psychological effects of healing via SCP-XXXX have begun to show a pattern, according to psychologists Dr. █████ █████████ and Dr. ████████ ███████. While still somewhat unclear, the obsessive compulsions typically detected in subjects seem to be relatable to mild PTSD, combined with religious or similar indoctrination. In an experiment running a full 194 minutes, the subject kept both hands on the mirror surface, held in place with powerful restraints, while enduring multiple injuries, causing SCP-XXXX to perform extensive healing and thus prolonged psychological restructuring. While earlier psychological effects have been somewhat chaotic and even borderline feral, after the 44 minutes and 25 seconds mark, a highly distinctive change appeared to set in. On the mark exactly, the subject shifted from an increasingly agitated mental state, which included repeated (but quickly prevented) attempts to gnaw at the forearms, possibly to get free of the connection to SCP-XXXX, and to a state of rigid but calm physical stance and almost stoic concentration.

As the test continued, the subject showed increasingly disciplined stance and concentration, eventually being allowed free of restraints and kept standing with hands on the mirror surface. At this point, the hands were receiving constant medical attention to counteract the minor but continued injury transfers, but the subject became completely compliant, to the point of taking direct orders and enduring what must have been extensive pains in the hands. Upon the end of the experiment, the subject, without instruction, took a military stance by SCP-XXXX, remaining as protective as other subjects have previously been, but responding to orders that posed no threat to SCP-XXXX. The test was ended mainly because the extensive side-effects of the healing process had made the subject appear unusually fit, causing worries that a conflict could result in significant collateral damage.

Note that the subject remains now a vigilant guard of SCP-XXXX, holding a regular position at a random spot near it (but never in front of it, a fact that had caused some debate). The test subject has shown great reluctance (but no physical struggle unless handled in the same way) to leave the artifact alone and shown good ability to guard it, so it was seen as the better option to simply allow it. Although being a D-class test subject, researchers would like to study the long-term effects of allowing it to serve the purpose that SCP-XXXX has obviously given it. The subject is, however, unarmed and unarmored, and seems to both understand this and be perfectly fine with it.

Addendum: Through █████████ ███, the front that the previous owner willed SCP-XXXX to, more information has been recovered from both the family and the estate of the deceased. This was done under the guise of historical research, using the front's academic and non-commercial departments as cover for our researchers. Through a collection of interviews and some additional documents of some age, more has been learned about SCP-XXXX and its origins, though very little about the precise nature of its properties.

Firstly, the deceased willed SCP-XXXX to ██████████ ███ and thus unknowingly to the SCP Foundation due to contact made in the 1960s, when the deceased arrived as an immigrant from ███████. The deceased was an avid and well-funded archeologist and caught the foundation's attention during arrival due to various items in his possession. Files in the foundation archives confirm that the foundation helped him, through the ███████████ ███ front, bring many items into the country. The name of SCP-XXXX found in the original companion documents along with a retrace of the family line of the deceased seem to confirm SCP-XXXX's origin as north-eastern Germany during the late 1600s. This puts it in the Duchy of Prussia, explaining the name on the documents. However, researchers are still confused how this would allow a clearly nanotechnical component to be found in SCP-XXXX's material composition.

Secondly, a cursory examination of historial sources suggest that SCP-XXXX was either constructed for or initially used in The Thirty Years War, in which Prussia, now as part of Brandenburg-Prussia, took part. While its effects on the conflict are impossible to tell, they are assumed to be minor or to have had some detriment, mainly as the artifact was not used extensively. Combining this knowledge with the results of the described extensive test and subsequent evaluation of the imposed psychological profile, there is reason to believe that SCP-XXXX somehow holds one or more elite Prussian soldiers as a form of 'template' for proper health. This would also explain the fitness of extensively healed test subjects, since a soldier of that era would be expected to be fit and moderately strong, but not in any way superhuman.

Continued research is planned on the artifact's former uses and ties to the family of the deceased.

Addendum: The test subject given permission to guard SCP-XXXX has started to show some unnerving side-effects and been ordered away (not by secondary coercion; the subject accepted the order and left). These side-effects seem mainly physical. In the days after the prolonged healing test described, the subject seems to have slowly changed appearance, including a slightly diminished height and subtle facial changes. Running a simulation of the changes against the subjects pre-test appearance has given a set of estimated faces, one of which seems to match a soldier during The Thirty Years War, Franz Kreizel, whose small portrait was discovered in a Louisiana auction house's warehouse (accessable as online images). Historical research seems to describe him as a guard cherished by Elector Frederick William of Brandenburg-Prussia. One reason for the appreciation of Kreizel was a supposedly astonishing gift with weaponry show-use, accounts existing of him performing artistically on several occassions. This may be the template used by SCP-XXXX as a healthy human being. There exists very little to construct a psychological profile of Kreizel, but the test subject's disciplined nature and physical ability after prolonged healing suggest a strong connection to him.