Item #:SCP-3758

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: There are two parts of the chamber which are the "Green" Zone and the "Red" Zone. The "Green" Zone includes access to the security room and is out of range from SCP-3758's active terror radius. It also contains a small armory in the event of a breach. The "Red" Zone is within the 20 meter zone which holds the chamber and 2 secured doors.

At no time should SCP-3758's chamber be unoccupied. Testing involving SCP-3758 must be approved by 1/3 of O5 command No more testing of SCP-3758 is allowed, even under full approval of any high ranking personnel. The entire area of SCP-3758 chamber is shaped similar to a square with an area of about 15 square meters with 2 double locked doors comprised of Steel and sound-proofing material at the entrance of the chamber. Each door is to have security monitoring equipment and 3 meter spacing between doors. Along with the following, 2 armed security guards are to be stationed at the main door. The chamber is comprised of reinforced steel plating with soundproofing material. Thermal imaging cameras in 2 of the chamber's corners are to be used to moderate it's daily activities. It's chamber is to be inspected every day by either personal or remote drones to check for cracks, or breaks in it's chamber. If any are spotted, report to the Site ██ Administrator at once.

If any changes in behavior are noted, report to a Level 4 personnel immediately. In the event of a containment breach, MTF Epsilon-11 (“Nine-Tailed Fox”) are to report immediately to the containment chamber. If SCP-3758 appears to be inactive, it is safe to enter and check for any other threats.

If SCP-3758-3 forms upon SCP-3758 without knowing of external stimuli, send in One D-Class Personnel to handle the situation. If SCP-3758-3 escapes it's chamber, a lockdown of the containment area is initiated. All-onsite personnel above level 4 clearance are to be escorted offsite during the event and returned when the breach has been cleared.

Description: SCP-3758 is a scarecrow post, comprised of a Cornus kousa. At first glance, the object seems to be an average scarecrow post; however upon closer inspection it appears to have some distinct differences. These include,

  • A rough feel to the touch,
  • A growing feeling of paranoia when in close quarters with SCP-3758,
  • Inscribed Hebrew text. When translated, it reads from Isaiah 14:14 “I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the Most High.”

Why this bible verse is inscribed on the post is still unknown, but most likely because of [DATE EXPUNGED]. Many attempts to destroy SCP-3758 have been unsuccessful. These failed attempts include using gunfire, flames, bladed weapons, and explosives.

During it's active state, a black pool of liquid will flow under SCP-3758. This liquid is designated as SCP-3758-1. SCP-3758-1 has been noted to cause anyone who ingests, absorbs or injects it into their body it to slowly rot and melt away within 6-██ hours. It is also noted that this liquid has chemical properties similar to Hydrofluoric Acid. Strangely, the liquid does not seem to affect the environment around it. After a short while in it's active state, the liquid will start to bubble and around 10 birds commonly know as “Corvus Brachyrhynchos” will emerge from this pool. These birds are to be referred as SCP-3758-1A, SCP-3758-1B, SCP-3758-1C to SCP-3758-1J. They are in most parts the same from their counter-part minus the fact, that their bodies are completely hollow. Tests conducted on the birds show that they are missing all of their organs, bone structure, and the nervous system. They possess one organ which is their hearts. They will start to fly around and attack anyone in the room with them. They attack via their claws and beak which appear to be sharper and after about 5 minutes of flight, they will land on SCP-3758 and attempt to guard it.

Anything which attempts to harm or disturb SCP-3758 will begin to cause anyone within 20 meters of SCP-3758 to feel blind, and paranoid. Even, any indirect disturbances cause this to happen. Disturbances include but not limited to

  • Direct harm to SCP-3758
  • Noises above 100 dB
  • Intense radiation on the electromagnetic spectrum

The main cause of the disturbance will now be referred as SCP-3758-2. During this state, SCP-3758-A1-J1 will begin to multiply and start to surround the post. They will fly in such numbers, nothing can be seen but just a black strip. About 5-10 minutes later, on SCP-3758 will form an entity known as SCP-3758-3.

SCP-3758-3 appears to be a scarecrow standing at about 2.1 meters tall with elongated humans limbs in place of straw/cotton ones. It also appears to bleed the black liquid from several pores on it's body. It's head is a goat skull covered in strange symbols/diagrams. Most symbols are occult, demonic and [DATA REDACTED]. It possesses sharpened human-like teeth, with a sinister grin. It also appears under the skull, a mangled human face.

When it forms, it will be held up by rusted nails. SCP-3758-3 will use great force to pull himself off SCP-3758. When it's off the post, SCP-3758-3 will start to tract and find SCP-3758-2. SCP-3758-3 has been noted as being not being agile but it possesses tremendous strength and remarkable intelligence. The arsenal of SCP-3758-3 normally consists of a bladed weapon, but chooses normally a sickle. It obtains the weapon in a chest cavity which holds a small-enough weapon. When SCP-3758-2 is within range, SCP-3758-3 will attack with the weapon. SCP-3758-3 will always have a sense of location for SCP-3758-2, no matter the distance they may be. If SCP-3758-2 is an indirect source, SCP-3758-3 will incapacitate the nearest subject. Once SCP-3758-2 is incapacitated or in a small enough state, SCP-3758-3 will pick up SCP-3758-2 and go back to SCP-3758. If any other subjects are within range, he will terminate them with the weapon. Any attempts to stop his pursuit including gunfire, flamethrowers, missiles and sharp/blunt objects have failed. Minimum structure damage is seen if above methods are used.

SCP-3758-3 will take the said object/person to SCP-3758 and begin to mount it on the post. If object doesn't have a human like form, it will be nailed in it's center by SCP-3758-3. If SCP-3758-2 is human or possesses a large enough form, SCP-3758-3 will nail the subject by their hands and feet. After they have been crucified, SCP-3758-3 will begin to meditate and start to chant pagan verses. It's voice is very scratchy/raspy and can be described as slightly demonic or unearthly. When recorded and listened back to, they appear to be verses of repentance or rebirth. During this, the subject will begin to feel symptoms which include:

  • Extreme paracusias (auditory hallucinations)
  • Foaming at the mouth or bubbling of SCP-3758-1
  • Paler skin tone, completely missing pupils while still retaining eye color, and drained physical appearance.
  • Darker Blood in color and much more liquidity
  • A decrease of it's internal body temperature lowered to -18 °C

SCP-3758-A1-J1 will start to peck and cut into SCP-3758-2. This will cause immense pain towards SCP-3758-2 however it will not kill them. After SCP-3758-3 finishes the meditiation and chanting, it will walk towards the crucified SCP-3758-2. When SCP-3758-3 reaches SCP-3758, the subject will be stabbed with the weapon in it's center. When this happens, SCP-3758-2 will begin to rot and turn into the black liquid. The liquid will form at the bottom of SCP-3758.

After the subject has finally liquefied and flowed into the base, SCP-3758-3 and SCP-3758-A1-J1 will begin turning into SCP-3758-1. They will flow into the base of SCP-3758. Attempts to stop the transformation of both the subject and SCPs have failed with the personnel involved being [DATA EXPUNGED]. Once all of the liquid reaches the bottom, SCP-3758 will become inactive. It can stay inactive for either 24 hours of over 2 years.

SCP-3758 was discovered in an old abandoned farm in █████. It's properties were found after locals in the area were in terror after seeing SCP-3758-3 getting off SCP-3758 and attacking the locals. It has also been noted the water having traces of SCP-3758-1. SCP agents quickly captured and contained the SCP immediately.████ civilians and SCP personnel were killed by SCP-3758 during initial containment. Class A Anesthetics were administered and a cover up story of “Murderer drains victim's blood into water” was used. It was given the classification of Safe due to it's clear pattern of containment.

Addendum 109-1: Under strict orders of O5-5, SCP-3758 classification has been upgraded from Safe to Euclid due to it's unpredictable nature. Further tests are being done into the events of SCP-3758 and whether high classification is required for this SCP.

Addendum 109-2: Dr.██████ has requested to upgrade classification of SCP-3758 to Keter, pending approval.

Addendum 109-3: Classification request denied because of easy containtment.

Addendum 109-4: SCP-3758-1 is being classified as a level 4 Hazardous contaminant. Any site personnel seen with signs of decay, are to escorted to a cell and monitored.

Give this SCP a chance to roam the urban setting and that place will become a ghost town. Plant it in a rural area and the land will be tainted by it's unholy grasp. Give it over to criminals and they will be destroyed. We can't let this SCP fall into anybody's control. If they control SCP-3758, they could possibly control countries and you bet your ass we're paying for it. We must not let SCP-3758 escape.-O5-█