Heart Locket
Back side of SCP-1501.

Item #: SCP-1501

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Protocols: SCP-1501 is to be kept in security lockbox 17-CT whenever not being tested. Level 4 clearance is required for authorizing or the movement of SCP-1501. Bearers of SCP-1501 are to be classified as SCP-1501-1 until SCP-1501-1 relinquishes SCP-1501.

Instances of SCP-1501-1 are to be kept in human containment cell 1501-1 at Site-19 so long as the individual is in possession of SCP-1501. SCP-1501-1 may have access to art supplies, all other requests need Level 2/1501 clearance to authorize. Identified subjects of portraits made by SCP-1501-1 are to be contained in human containment cell SCP-1501-2 at Site-19, until SCP-1501-1 relinquishes SCP-1501. Unless anomalous or uncooperative behavior is observed, SCP-1501-2 may have access to most amenities except outdoor access. Contact between SCP-1501-1 and SCP-1501-2 is allowed, but must be regulated to at most 3 hours a day and monitored at all times. If SCP-1501-2 does not desire to meet with SCP-1501-1,the request is to be considered but not necessarily accepted.

Note: Since the events of ██/██/████, SCP-1501 may no longer be tested or handled by male personnel. (See Incident Report 2)

Item Description: SCP-1501 is half of a heart shaped locket made of 24-Carat gold, with the letters AM inscribed on the front. SCP-4321 is suspended from a golden chain of the same gold content as the locket.

The anomalous effects of SCP-1501 manifest when possessed by a human male. The subject does not need to wear SCP-1501 around the neck, only physical contact is required for SCP-1501's effects to occur. Testing has supported that no other species is affected by SCP-1501.

Individuals in possession of SCP-1501 are overtaken by extreme romantic infatuation towards a specific person (known as SCP-1501-2), so strong that the subject loses all interest in most activities not essential to self-preservation. It appears that the identity of SCP-1501-2 is random, as no identified instance of SCP-1501-2 has had any prior interaction with the respective instance of SCP-1501-1.

The effects of SCP-1501 cease when the bearer of SCP-1501 relinquishes possession of the object. Subjects who become freed of SCP-1501's influence have no residual aftereffects, and generally feel disgusted of having their emotions manipulated. Repossession of SCP-1501 causes a different instance of SCP-1501-2 to become the focus of SCP-1501-1. SCP-1501-1 is unable to express the identity of SCP-1501-2 in words or writing. SCP-1501-1 is only able to describe the beauty of SCP-1501-2 in various poetic phrases, such as "her beauty is as intense as a thousand suns."

SCP-1501-1 however is able to draw portraits of SCP-1501-2. Portraits of SCP-1501-2 are usually full body portraits, and appear to be SCP-1501-1's preferred depiction of SCP-1501-2. To date 16 instances of SCP-1501-2 have been positively identified, although no anomalous behavior has been exhibited by them. All of these instances have either names of Spanish descent (such as "Francesca" or "Dolores"), or are ethnically Hispanic. In addition, all instances of SCP-1501-2 have been residents of Panama City, Panama for over 10 years. No significance of this has been found, and no other similarities between instances of SCP-1501-2 have been found.

Currently, the other half of SCP-1501 is missing. Although all identified instances of SCP-1501-2 have been thoroughly checked for the possession of such an object with no result, the possibility has still not been ruled out.

Incident Report 1:
Date: 11/15/2007
After 34 days of constant exposure to SCP-1501, the 26th instance of SCP-1501-1 has been terminated. The subject had grown markedly more aggressive due to the repeated denial of the 26th instance of SCP-1501-2 (whom had not been identified). The decision was made to try to remove SCP-1501 from SCP-1501-1's possession as to prevent a possible containment breach. When asked to relinquish SCP-1501, SCP-1501-1 grew visibly enraged and attacked the nearest guard with SCP-1501. He managed to penetrate the guard's armor with the tip of SCP-1501 before being terminated. Before SCP-1501 was returned to its storage unit, a researcher noticed that the AM on the front of SCP-1501 had changed to OD.

Incident Report 2:
Date: ██/██/████
D-4860 was tested with SCP-1501 becoming the 27th instance of SCP-1501-1. The change of letters still persisted from the events of Incident Report 1. After receiving SCP-1501, the subject almost immediately reached for a scalpel on a nearby table and self-terminated. Two days later a report surfaced of a deceased Panamanian woman who had been inflicted fatal wounds by an unseen source. The Foundation investigated the incident and found that the wounds of the deceased were almost exactly the same as the 27th instance of SCP-1501-1. All further testing has been halted by O5 order, and the object class of SCP-1501 has been changed to Euclid.