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Item #: SCP-2404

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2404 is to be kept in a clear, locked box that measures ██ x ██ x █ centimeters inside a 5 x 5 x 5 meter room. Four CCTV cameras are mounted in each corner of the room and are to be constantly recording SCP-2404. Every week, Class D personnel are to check the box the object is located in to make sure it is still inside, along with checking the lock on the box to make sure it is still locked and functioning as normal.

Description: SCP-2404 is a portable CD/DVD drive located at Site-██. When the object is plugged into any PC, a GUI will appear on screen. The GUI will first show a CD/DVD drive state, checking to see if a blank CD/DVD has been inserted into SCP-2404. If not, it will ask the user to insert a blank CD/DVD before proceeding through the software (if there is a blank CD/DVD in the object, it will automatically skip this process). The next screen will show a white text box in which the user can type whatever they want in, with the question “[DATA EXPLUNGED]”, along with a button on the bottom that says “Burn”. The user can proceed to type whatever he wants to burn onto the CD/DVD, as long as it's not a material object (ex. a physical form of currency). When the user has finished and clicked the “Burn” button, the GUI will show a progress bar of the burning progress. It is noted that at this point, the object will begin to speed up, suggesting that the CD/DVD inside is having information burned onto itself. Once the burning is done, SCP-2404 will eject the CD/DVD, ready to be used.

The object has been tested by Class D personnel and is capable of producing information such as bank account numbers, [DATA EXPLUNGED], and social security numbers, all in which is burned onto a CD/DVD. However, if the information that the user requests to burn would exceed the amount of storage space on the CD/DVD, the process would fail and give the user an error screen, informing them that the CD/DVD does not have a large enough storage space to burn the information onto. Currently, no testing is allowed on SCP-2404 due to Incident 2404-A.

Audio Log of Incident 2404-A:

<Begin Log>

Dr. ██████: This is Dr. ██████ recording the first testing session with SCP-2404 on [DATA EXPLUNGED]. D-465, plug in the object to the computer in front of you.

D-465: …Alright, it's plugged.

Dr. ██████: Good, please wait until the GUI appears on screen.

Mumbled audio is heard of Dr. ██████ requesting two guards to stand guard in front of the room SCP-2404 is located in and orders that if anything goes wrong to terminate D-465.

D-465: It's up.

Dr. ██████: Follow the on-screen instructions and when it asks what you want to burn, enter “The answer to ten plus ten”.

A minute or two goes by before an audible “click” is heard.

D-465: It's done.

Dr. ██████: Take the CD out of SCP-2404 and insert it into the internal optical drive and tell me the result.

D-465: Alright [pauses] …it says twenty.

Dr. ██████: Interesting…load another CD into SCP-2404 and tell me when the GUI appears.

A few minute pass, but D-465 doesn't inform Dr. ██████ that the GUI has showed up.

Dr. ██████: D-465, has the GUI showed up on the screen?

D-465: Hold on…

Dr. ██████: D-465, get up from the computer or you will be termi-…

There is a sound that suggests that all power in the facility has shut down before a backup generator restores power to all important areas of the facility. Several gunshots are heard seconds after the power shutting off, suggesting that D-465 has been terminated. The audio cuts out at this section for around thirty seconds before coming back to Dr. ██████.

Dr. ██████: That son of a bitch turned the power off in all the facility! He risked the entire facility to going under a containment breach! Hell, I'm sure in a moment, we'll be under one just for precaution. [sigh] This is Dr. ██████, requesting that no further testing to be done on SCP-2404 without /my/ explicit permission.

<End Log>