The Three Janitors

Janitor duty has started as they have been assigned to clean up SCP███ containment cell. Prior to this, SCP-███ was sent to another secure location. Three janitors by the names of Carol, Travis and Shawn walked in the cell as the door closes behind them. "Well looks like we are going to be here for a while." Carol stated as the three of them started to clean their assigned stations.

"Can someone tell me what time it is?" Sean dropped his broom and wiped the sweat off his forehead. Travis gave a quick glance at his watch then looked at him. "It is forty-five minutes after eight." Sean gave a thanks then continued sweeping, Travis nodded and returned to his work.

Meanwhile, Carol was spending most of her time scrubbing some black like substance off the wall. But no matter how hard she tried, the substance wouldn't come off. She starts to scrub aggressively, "Gosh, this stuff is hard to come off." The two men heard her and walked to her.

Travis looked at the black substance that Carol was scrubbing. "Would you like me to help you?" Carol shrugged and hand him the sponge. Travis starts scrubbing as hard as he could, but it still would not come off. He scrubs aggressively,"Whoa slow down before you scrape paint." Sean stated taking the sponge from him. "We just need to find a stronger cleaning solution."

Carol looked around, "Well, I guess we can figure it out eventually. Until then lets continue cleaning what needs to be clean." The men agreed and continued to work on their cleaning. Several hours later, all three of them returned to the black substance.

Agent Rick returned into the cell, "Okay, so how did everything go? Is everything clean like it is suppose to be?"

Carol looked at him, "Sir, we have everything clean, but this black substance will not come off, we tried scrubbing and scrubbing.."

He interrupts, "Carol, that is not going to come off. It has been there for years now, I am sure you would of know that."

Agent Rick steps inside and takes a good look in the cell. "I approve,and now I need to return SCP-███ to its cell."

Once SCP-███ was re-contained to its original cell the janitors followed Agent Rick. "Okay guys you will now be split into three different areas." He hands each of them a piece of paper. "These papers will tell you where you are going, once you are finished, return to my office."The janitors parted ways to start on their cleaning duties.