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SCP-001 is a humanoid entity, formerly known as Researcher Gary Keepler, located in an undetermined location around Site 19, Site 61, Site-64T1. New staff, especially Junior Researchers and Assistant Researchers which send their first documentations exposed to SCP-001 report hearing a voice in their heads, giving them a directive with a relatively weak memetic effect, the subject reporting feelings of unease and annoyance. The most common directive is "OH NICE YET ANOTHER THING THAT DOES A THING WHICH KILLS SOMEONE", which results in the subject walking away from SCP-001 with no memory of having encountered it. On rare occasions, however, other directives have been given: the most famous of these is the one given to the Founder ("PREPARE"), which he has claimed formed the impetus for founding [DATA REDACTED] to catalog and contain any and all supernatural and/or paranormal artifacts that represent a serious threat to the current existence of humanity. This is the organization now known as the SCP Foundation.