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SCP-3542, during "The Day The World Went Dark". Picture taken from Lunar-32.

Item #: SCP-3542

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3542's current location is 5 light-years away from Earth as of this date. Any observations of planets being consumed, or SCP-3542 coming any closer than closer to Earth is to be reported to the Site Director of the location discovered. The main observation area of SCP-3542 is at Area-02. If SCP-3542 is heading for Earth, this may result in the start of a WK-Class end of the world scenario; And Protocol Manducare1 will be enacted. If Protocol Manducare is unsuccessful, a Thaumiel entity may be used.

Description: SCP-3542 is a colossal Serpentes-like creature estimated to have a length of 120,800 kilometers and width of 22,500 kilometers. This creature does not appear to require air to breathe, and only relies on planets and large bodies of mass as its food source. SCP-3542 "flies" through space similar to the swimming pattern of a Hydrophiinae. Because of the time it takes to move through space, SCP-3542 most likely travels close to the speed of light. It has been observed to swallow planets whole, and leave them undamaged when exiting through the ████ of SCP-3542. It has been hypothesized that it does this when not hungry and passing by a planet.

This creature has been reported many times throughout history; With many cultures writing and illustrating a snake creature consuming stars. All artifacts and writings created depicting SCP-3542 have been confiscated and collected for authentication by the foundation.

Discovery: SCP-3542 was first observed in 19██, after reports of a planet seemingly disappearing during an observation of SCP-179. A long snake shaped entity was seen moving away from Barnard's Star, roughly 6 light-years away from Earth. After viewing the entity with a █████████ ███ Telescope, SCP-3542 was visible for the first time.

Addendum 3542: In 19██, all populated locations on Earth reported that it became "night time is less than a second" in in parts of the world during the day, and that the "stars went out" in areas during the night. The darkness lasted for 23 seconds, before everything returned to normal. However right after the sunlight re-lit the Earth, several places reported [REDACTED]. This event, caused by SCP-3542, is known as The Day The World Went Dark.