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Item #: SCP-5035

Object class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5035 is to be contained within a 6m x 6m x 6m cube constructed entirely of Marble, with at least two (2) video surveillance cameras monitoring activity at all times. No personnel are permitted to enter containment area unless authorized to do so. Under no circumstances should any individual under the influence of Alcohol attempt to use SCP-5035.

Description: SCP-5035 is a wooden dining chair, with a seat height of approximately 16",
a seat width of 15" in the back, and 18" at the front. The object consists of mahogany, but traces of blood thought to be from [REDACTED] have been found.

SCP-5035's anomalous properties manifest when a subject within the age range of 35-40 sits on the seat of the chair. The subject will become 'glued' to the chair through means currently unknown, and any attempts to get up from the seat are futile. The effects of marble seem to negate the effects however, making it possible to escape with enough force applied.

The subject will then proceed to ask the nearest Human within a vicinity of 3m to ask it personal questions. The requests will continue until either the request is granted, or a period of 24 hours passes. In the event that the time required does pass, the seat of the chair will begin to consume the subject, although it is not known how, as there are no biological organs present in SCP-5035.
The consumption time varies, however it usually happens within a two hour time frame.

In the event that the subject sitting upon SCP-5035's requests are granted, the subject will wait patiently, and will respond to any questions asked in a female, monotone voice, regardless of what sex the subject is. It has been observed that subjects answering questions must give an answer to every one asked, and the object's properties seem to negate any emotions the subject may have when answering potentially defaming questions. After five (5) questions have been asked, the subject is then released from the chair, with no adverse effects thereafter.

When asked about the origin of SCP-5035, the subject will become extremely agitated, requesting
that the questioner ask something else. If the questioner persists in asking this, the subject has been observed to have their skin replaced with the same materials that compose SCP-5035, and will proceed to [REDACTED] The questioner, and asphyxiate approximately three (3) minutes later.


Researcher: Dr.B

Subject: D-5156, a 35 year old female.

begin Log ██/██/████ A1

D-5156:I can't move, what the hell is this?!

Dr. B:Stay calm, we're just testing the potential of the object

D-5156….I just want you to ask me shit that's all, I don't want to test potential

Dr.B:What do you mean by that?

D-5156: Thank you. I mean that you gotta ask me questions, Doc.

Dr.B:Why have I got to ask you questions?

D-5156: Cause if you don't it'll be a waste.

Dr.B: A waste? Of what?

D-5156:A good specimen.

Dr.B: Where did SCP-5035 come from?

D-5156: ….. Proceeds to [REDACTED]


Addendum: No questions regarding the origin of SCP-5035 are to be asked of any subject utilizing the object.