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Possible photograph of SCP-XXXX, recovered from a cell phone at the location of SCP-XXXX event #057130. Click to enlarge.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Web traffic and law enforcement channels worldwide are to be monitored for evidence of SCP-XXXX activity, and particularly for cases of stalking or reports of anomalous phenomena involving families with young children.

Should an SCP-XXXX event be suspected to be in progress, the nearest Containment Task Force is to be dispatched to attempt containment of SCP-XXXX. Standard PDP/VIII Humanoid First Contact Protocols apply.

Media coverage of family deaths attributed to SCP-XXXX is to be suppressed or falsified to make said deaths appear as non-anomalous home invasion murders. Forensic evidence and SCP-XXXX-A instances collected by non-Foundation agencies are to be confiscated, and witnesses amnesticized.

Description: SCP-XXXX is currently believed to be a single, exceptionally long-lived humanoid entity of unknown origin. Survivors of SCP-XXXX events typically describe SCP-XXXX as a very tall (between 2m and 2.3m) elderly male of European descent, with an extremely emaciated appearance. The entity always appears completely naked, even when observed outdoors in freezing weather.

Though the nature and extent of its anomalous properties remain uncertain, SCP-XXXX appears capable of instantaneous or near-instantaneous travel to any location north of 40°N latitude, and possibly to any location on Earth.

SCP-XXXX activity occurs exclusively within a period of 12 consecutive nights every year, from the night of December 25-26 to the night of January 5-6 (this period is known as SCP-XXXX’s “active phase”). During this phase, in what are termed "SCP-XXXX events", SCP-XXXX will appear at dwellings in one or multiple locations north of 40°N latitude. In all known SCP-XXXX events, these dwellings have shared the following characteristics: isolated rural location, home to a family with at least one child under the age of 8, and situated in an area with snow cover lasting throughout the duration of the event.

SCP-XXXX events consist of the following general progression:

Nights 1-7: Children will report seeing SCP-XXXX in the vicinity of their dwelling. Initially, the entity will be observed watching the dwelling from a distance, such as from across a nearby field or from the edge of a neighboring forest. As the active phase progresses, children will report seeing SCP-XXXX standing just outside their dwelling, or waking up at night to find SCP-XXXX watching them sleep through a window.

Nights 8-11: Family members (including the parents) will report sounds of footsteps coming from the roof or the attic. An extremely unpleasant odor will also frequently be reported inside the dwelling. No explanation for these phenomena will be found. As a result, parents will often start to suspect they are being stalked, or even that their dwelling might be "haunted".

Night 12: Over the course of the night one of two scenarios will occur:

  • The first, and most common, is that SCP-XXXX will kill all members of the family except for one child under the age of 8, whom it will abduct. SCP-XXXX will inflict incapacitating injuries to family members while they are sleeping, then herd them into a single room of the dwelling where it will proceed to kill them in view of each other. The method of killing varies with the event, and will typically be preceded by some form of torture, which appears to serve a ritualistic purpose.
  • In the second scenario, which has occurred in roughly 15% of known events, SCP-XXXX will not harm the family. Family members will typically report hearing footsteps inside their dwelling during the night, though no signs of forced entry will be found. In the morning children will discover presents at the foot of their beds; these will consist of toys crudely crafted from the remains of human children.

The criteria, if any, by which SCP-XXXX determines the outcome of an SCP-XXXX event are unknown.


Fingerprint belonging to SCP-XXXX. Note the unique double-whorl pattern.

Discovery: SCP-XXXX’s existence and ongoing activity were first detected in 1974 through the Foundation’s newly-implemented Anomalous Signature Recognition Program,2 when several highly-similar home invasion incidents resulting in family deaths were found to have occurred throughout the Northern hemisphere during the night of January 5-6.

Extensive research into civilian and law enforcement archives worldwide eventually uncovered evidence of probable SCP-XXXX events for nearly every preceding year, going back to the late 18th century (average of 3.1 known events per year). Numerous historical documents were also found which appear to describe SCP-XXXX activity occurring prior to this period, in some cases as early as the 2nd century AD in Europe and Russia, and as early as the 1st century BC in Scandinavia.

Fingerprints belonging to the same humanoid entity have been discovered at the locations of all Foundation-investigated SCP-XXXX events; these have been matched to a partial fingerprint found preserved in dried blood on a recovered SCP-XXXX-A instance dating from 1873. The fingerprints present characteristics not known to occur in human beings (see image). Human-like white hairs were also recovered from the locations of several SCP-XXXX events, though no DNA, human or otherwise, could be extracted from them.

Addendum XXXX-01

On 06/01/2018, several SCP-XXXX-A instances were discovered at a family's residence in Hoonah, Alaska, following the conclusion of SCP-XXXX event #060198. Among these instances was SCP-XXXX-A-0960, which consisted of a crude, life-sized doll made from the emaciated body of a female child, to which the following modifications had been made:

  • A dress made from various pieces of dirty, discolored clothing had been sewn around the body, and at several points, into the body's skin.
  • The mouth had been sewn shut with thread made from human tendons, and the lips been painted red with a solution consisting primarily of human blood.
  • The fingernails of another child had been glued over the body’s fingernails with pine resin; these had been painted red with the same human blood-based solution. Three of the body’s fingers were missing.
  • The entire scalp had been removed from the head, and the scalp of another child with long, blond hair sewn onto the head in its place. The hair had been tied into two braids.
  • The eyes had been removed, and two large round pebbles on which eyes had been crudely painted placed into the empty orbits.

Upon examination by the family, the child from whom the doll had been made was found to be still alive, albeit unconscious. Authorities were notified, and the child was airlifted to Bartlett Regional Hospital in Juneau, Alaska, where she survived for 18 hours. Two Foundation agents were dispatched, and were able to interview the subject (see below). Following the subject’s death, her body was confiscated by the agents, and all witnesses amnesticized as per standard procedure.

DNA testing revealed the subject had been Ekaterina Morozova, age 7, a known abduction victim of SCP-XXXX taken from her family's residence in Dubovka, Russia on 06/01/2016.

Autopsy of the subject’s body showed she had been severely malnourished during the two years following her abduction, which had resulted in considerable stunting (weight was only 15 kg, height was only 90 cm). A number of scars and burns were present on her skin, and several of her teeth were chipped or broken. She was also missing three fingers (left 4th digit and both 5th digits) and had suffered two bone fractures (left tibia and left ulna) that had not been reset and had healed improperly (tibia fracture had likely resulted in the subject walking with a limp). Hands were heavily callused. Cause of death was attributed to multiple organ failure resulting from severe, sustained malnourishment.