scp "dream jars"
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-XXXX's are to be contained in clean and secured cases. Any usage of the objects by any personnel or researcher are to be registered and recorded. SCP-XXXX's aren't allowed to be used outside Site-██. After using the object, its must be cleaned properly before returning it to the on-duty staff at Site-██.

in order to not losing SCP-XXXX, any instances of SCP-XXXX are to be placed a ███████ tracking devises.


SCP-XXXX are a collections of jars (7 (see addendum-01-A) 5 objects are currently located in the foundation but presumed that there is Mire that are not recovered yet). Recovered in an abandoned house located at ███████, ███████ on 01/05/████ (DD/MM/YYYY) inside a box. the box appear to be able to contain at least 20 of the jars but contained only 7 and a note when recovered. All of SCP-XXXX have number written on it, the jars that were collected were numbered: 2, 6, 9, 11, 13, 15 and 17.

SCP-XXXX is made of unknown light materials with somewhat of a high density and can withstand High temperatures. Each of the SCP-XXXX have a weight of 767 grams with 14.8cm in diameters and 21cm in height.

Though SCP-XXXX's have different number, all of the object shares the same anomaly properties. The anomaly of SCP-XXXX is that if the object is cleaned, not occupied with another gasses and placed near a sleeping living sentient being , it will formed a colored gasses that will not leave the jar. The gasses are Non-toxic, are colored and made out of of unknown materials (research on the gasses was unable to be conducted due to the nature of the gas unable to leave the jars and when scooped with a smaller canister, the gas will simply just disappear without a trace).

when a living sentient that are being a subject are sleeping near an empty SCP-XXXX, it will form a colored gasses inside SCP-XXXX if that subject is actually sleeping and dreaming (faking a sleeps will not form the gasses and a sentient being that does not dream will also not from any gasses inside SCP-XXXX). the colors of the gasses depends on the type of the dream the subject is having, although it is currently undetermined what colors is each type of dream have, the current research have concluded that darker colors tends shows nightmares while lighter or brighter colors tends to show happy dreams with the exception of white or grey color that determined lucid dreaming. the density of the gasses are affected by how clear is the subject dreams, the denser the gasses is the clearer the the dreams subject have.

when the subject is done sleeping, gasses inside SCP-XXXX will stop forming. when a person place his or her finger inside SCP-XXXX that has stopped forming gasses and then close his or her eyes, that person will enters "semi-sleeping" state and can see the dream that the subject were having. multiple people can do this at a time and there is no limit on how many people can (with the exceptions on real world spaces). when a person enters the dream, he or she will be able to see the dream but unable to alter or interact with it. time spent inside the dream are different from dreams to dreams but and rarely follow real world time, for examples 5 minutes spent in real world can mean hours, days or weeks inside the dream. the person who is currently inside the dream wake up to real world by simply wanting to leave the dream or when the finger is removed from the SCP-XXXX.

The gasses inside SCP-XXXX will not disappear unless it is filled with water completely and then washed properly (experiment shows that if not cleaned properly after filled with water SCP-XXXX can’t be used, method of this procedures are found accidentally when dr.███████ washes it after experimenting on SCP-XXXX and doing an experiment on the next day).

Addendum-01-A: in order to determined what materials are used to make SCP-XXXX. the former researcher on the SCP-XXXX Dr. ███████ use SCP-XXXX-6 and SCP-XXXX-11 as a test subject. SCP-XXXX-11 are used in melting point testing and the object melted at 1593 degree Kelvin (or 1320 degree Celsius) and SCP-XXXX-6 are used at pressure testing and completely Crushed at 342 Pa (pascal). any remains of the experimented object are tested again but was unable to determined what material are used

because of the 2 instances of SCP-XXXX are destroyed, Dr. ███████ are currently being punished by the higher authority.

Addendum-02-A: ''semi-sleeping" is a statement created by Dr. H███ to describe the state of a person that are currently inside/observing the dream. during this state, that person is biologically sleeping, the person breathe normally and show normal sign of sleeping however the person will not move by any mean unless it is moved by an external force (e.g. push or pull) and brain activity and heartbeat are shown to be work as if the person is still awake. when a person enters "semi-sleeping" during standing positions and for a prolonged duration's, there's a chance of encountering stiffness problem (Dr. H███ himself felt the stiffness after 18 minutes of standing still in "semi-sleeping" state, but according to the Doctor himself he does not felt the stiffness while inside the dream). thus when doing an experiment the dream observer are to be seated on a comfortable seat in order to not experienced the stiffness after observing.

"well i didn't think that stiffness would be much of a nuisance but damn if it is not pleasant. oh well." D. Hr██ after the stiffness