Item #: SCP-2956

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A Foundation-operated bot (I/O-SILVER) is to review IntSCPFN servers for references to Site-5. Corrupted files are to be isolated and reported to the on-duty server administrator for review and correction.

All records regarding SCP-2956 are to contain repeated affirmations that there is no Site-5.

Description: SCP-2956 is a phenomenon involving the anomalous alteration of internal Foundation files. Affected documents are modified to include references to a fictitious facility ('Site-5'). Although it is not yet understood how these references emerge, documents which repeatedly affirm the non-existence of Site-5 have demonstrated significant resistance against SCP-2956's effect. For this reason, personnel are to be reminded that there is no Site-5.

Depictions of Site-5 are inconsistent, but include several recurring details:

  • It is located on a man-made island.
  • It contains numerous anomalies centered around cognitohazardous effects.
  • It employs Professor Emelie Roth1 as a senior researcher.

As of 19/09/2010, it has been determined that occurrences of SCP-2956's effect are decreasing at a linear rate. At its current pace, SCP-2956 will cease all activity by 2017.

Personnel are to be reminded that there is no Site-5.

Addendum 2956.1: Attachments