A specimen of SCP-[num]-1

Item #: SCP-[num]

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Specimens of SCP-[num]-1 and SCP-[num]-2 are to be kept in a greenhouse enclosure with surrounding 20-meter buffer zone. Personnel are not to enter the enclosure at any time. Cuttings of SCP-[num]-1 may be taken for testing. All study and observation of SCP-[num]-2 is to be conducted with researchers well out of the radius of effect of SCP-[num]-1. Specimens of SCP-[num]-2 may be removed from the enclosure for study in isolation. Mammalian prey items are to be released into the enclosure twice weekly.

Description: SCP-[num]-1 is a species of orchid of indeterminate genus originating in [REDACTED]. Through unknown mechanism, mature specimens are able to cause temporary motion-blindness in mammalian species. The effect persists over an average radius of 11.3 meters, with the strongest recorded range of an individual specimen at 18.7 meters. Cuttings of SCP-[num]-1 retain the effect, though gradually reducing in radius, for up to 36 hours after removal. EEG and MRI testing on affected subjects has shown that proximity to SCP-[num]-1 induces a complete darkening of the V5 area in the visual cortex. Prolonged exposure (>2hrs) is likely to cause permanent lesioning, and is not recommended.

SCP-[num]-2 is a species of mid-size reptilian predator in close symbiosis with SPC-[num]-2. Mature specimens weigh up to 40kg, with female specimens on average slightly larger than male. SCP-[num]-2 has highly effective camouflage, being almost impossible to detect amid its natural forest habitat when not in motion; testing as to whether this property is anomalous in nature remains inconclusive. The species is bipedal and digitigrade, being built for speed and silence. It is also social, preferring to hunt in groups of up to 10 loosely genetically-related individuals. When hunting, a pack of SCP-[num]-2 will wait motionless in a loose circle surrounding patches of SCP-[num]-1 until a prey item wanders into their midst. Once this has occurred, the pack will work in tandem to quickly bring down the prey item while it is affected by SCP-[num]-1. SCP-[num]-2 will target any mammalian prey, though it shows a marked preference for large primates.