The Hollow Weeper

Item#: SCP-1276-J

Object Class: Enochian

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1276-J is to be contained in a 2.3m x 4.7m x 3.4m, Tiberium cage, carefully laced with the runes crafted from the Omnibus Malefica. Remote divination of SCP-1276-J is prohibited due to the overflow of what Dreadlord Sortelli regarded as "fell blackness."

All Dreadlords of Necromaster or higher are instructed to perform three Rituals of the Frozen Wastes of Forgotten Arcadia upon the Plateaus of Nevermore Peninsula per hour to protect against the Hollow Weeper's wrath. During Weepening events, the sacrifice of two virgin lambs is permitted.

Description: SCP-1276-J, called hereafter by its proper title, "The Hollow Weeper," is a human-formed being measuring at a height of 2.57m with a deadly reach of 2.29 meters. The face of "The Hollow Weeper" appears to be a human face with the exception of a nose, which is where the hollow part comes in. There is nothing in there. The subject face is always in a saddened and crying state. "The Hollow Weeper"'s eyes appear to be all black with no pupils visible and are sunken into "The Hollow Weeper"'s bleak face.

"The Hollow Weeper"'s fingernails are made of pure fleshwrack, measuring many inches long, and are very sharp and sturdy. The subjects nails have been known to cut though flesh, bone, wood, road signs, Bleakwrought Stone, and metal. Since the arms of "The Hollow Weeper" are abnormally long, not many people who have entered one's radius have been alive along enough for it to be documented.

If "The Hollow Weeper" is to break out of containment, all Galleries of Dreadlords must capture and secure it at all costs.