An Extended Soylent Promo
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a 100 meter X 100 meter cell equipped with standard humanoid living facilities. The only food provided must be deemed sufficiently neutral in taste, texture, and consistency, such that SCP-XXXX-a will not manifest. The cell must be equipped wall-mounted canisters able to administer aerosolized sedatives capable of entirely flooding the cell within 5 seconds or less.

If SCP-XXXX-a renders the sedatives ineffective, (for example, if SCP-XXXX-a is comprised of a fluid medium), an appropriately field agent is to be dispatched to enter SCP-XXXX-a and directly administer the sedative from within. SCP-XXXX has shown thus far to be largely cooperative with containment efforts, although the entity becoming distressed (for example, should it begin drowning or sealed within SCP-XXXX-a) may render SCP-XXXX-a too volatile for effective communication with the entity. In this event, sedative is to be administered by sniper. Should SCP-XXXX-a manifest as a solid medium rendering the entity unable to communicate, and very likely highly distressed, Mobile Task Force Theta-6 ("Child Support") is to be deployed to enter SCP-XXXX-a to retrieve SCP-XXXX.

Cross-testing with any anomalous object capable of producing any fluid, especially gasses with a distinct smell or taste, is completely prohibited.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a 1.78 meter tall young adult woman of Japanese descent. It possesses shoulder-length black hair, blue eyes, and an average build. When SCP-XXXX begins to think about, or consume, any food with distinct qualities experienced when eaten or smelled, its anomalous properties manifest.

When visualizing any normally consumable food or drink, including raw ingredients, subjects within 2 meters of SCP-XXXX report smelling a scent that highly resembles that of the food, drink, or ingredient in question. Further analysis of the air surrounding SCP-XXXX during these events has shown molecules present which are identical in composition to those found in the associated foods. During blind testing, subjects completely and consistently failed to distinguish between the smell produced by SCP-XXXX, and the food itself.

SCP-XXXX-a manifests roughly 40 minutes after SCP-XXXX consumes a food or beverage with some significantly distinct qualities in flavor, texture, consistency, or smell. SCP-XXXX-a is a sphere, varying in size from 2 to 95 meters in diameter, which is centered upon SCP-XXXX. It consists of an internally contained miniature landscape or room typically associated with the food or beverage consumed.

SCP-XXXX has made attempts to cease the creation of SCP-XXXX-a, but these attempts, including willing them to stop growing, moving from her current position (thus causing SCP-XXXX-a to lose its center), or spitting out the food or beverage which triggered the growth. All of these attempts have been unsuccessful,