Item #: SCP-3628

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The entrance to SCP-3628’s pocket dimension is currently located outside of Dipayal, Nepal, hereby known as Site-85. Due to the nature of the Site itself and the entrance to the pocket dimension, the portal should be guarded by four armed guards cycled and replaced every 30 minutes with protection to the anomaly’s radiation. Entrance into SCP-3628’s dimension as well as interaction, study, or alternative forms of testing should be cleared first with the Site Overseer or the Head Researcher assigned to SCP-3628 (currently Dr. Joshua Ming) as well as being escorted by an armed guard. All interactions should be recorded and documented afterwards at the discretion of the research team, as well as requests by SCP-3628 regarding materials provided for the anomaly.

Previous containment procedures unnecessary at this time. All information transmitted from SCP-3628 should be kept on the data banks at Site-85 and be considered of the utmost importance. Secrecy of collected data is to be determined by joint members of SCP-3628's research team and RAISA. No less than four armed guards and 24-hour surveillance should ensure the protection of data from SCP-3628. Head Researcher Joshua Ming will curate all knowledge transmitted from the anomaly as well as receiving and logging it. Research team should sort and transmit all data received as needed. In the event of receiving a live specimen from SCP-3628, situation should be dealt with by on-site containment teams (currently operatives from MTF Beta-7 due to presence of radiation or caustic substances in specimens) and logged for further study. See Addendum 2-1-3628 for more information.

Information recovered from interviews with SCP-3628 suggest the existence of sentient life on Saturn and potentially on nearby moons. Foundation-sanctioned space exploration must exercise due caution around the planet, and embedded agents in international space exploration agencies must discreetly prevent interplanetary exploration of Saturn until peace is assured with Saturn's inhabitants. At this point, researchers on the SCP-3628 team should contact the anomaly and attempt to establish contact in order to best establish a peace agreement by utilizing a relationship with a member of their race. Further

Description: SCP-3628 is an extraterrestrial being originating from Saturn, apparently dated at over 60,000 years old. SCP-3628 has been determined to not be the sole survivor of its species, all of which have the following features as defining traits of SCP-3628’s certain “tribe” (see Interview Log 1-3-3628) among the anomaly’s species. SCP-3628 has the following physical features:

  • Height of 1,110 meters, weight unknown.
  • Wingspan of 1,220 meters per pair of arms (Two pairs).
  • Black and gold body makeup, testing reveals a possibly unknown element composing “flesh” of the anomaly.
  • Bottom half composed of three legs with sharpened ends allowing for propulsion across surfaces and through space.
  • “Head” composed of solid cranium without eyes, nose, mouth or ears, but SCP-3628 has the ability to communicate telepathically.

SCP-3628 has the ability to communicate telepathically, speaking in the native tongue of its tribe and several other tribes as well. Additionally, it speaks a handful of terrestrial languages, such as Mandarin, English, and Sanskrit. There appears to be no limiting range to this telepathy, including beyond the boundaries of SCP-3628´s pocket dimension. SCP-3628 demonstrates a wide variety of metaphysical abilities, including but not limited to telekinetics, psychokinesis, and omnikinesis. Utilization of materials inside SCP-3628´s pocket dimension within the Foundation has been suggested, and may be cleared by the 05 Council if permission for utilization is acquired.

SCP-3628 is housed within its own pocket dimension, known by SCP-3628 as a term roughly translated to ¨vessel¨ or ¨habitat.¨ This alternate dimension strongly resembles SCP-3628´s planet of origin, both in physical appearance as well as atmosphere composition (75% hydrogen, 25% helium, with trace amounts of ammonia crystals in the atmosphere as well.) The pocket dimension resembles a biosphere with a size consistent to 1.5 times that of Earth, covered in a surface crust composed of a ferrous compound thus far unknown that is without physical features in any area except for instances of SCP-3628-1.

SCP-3628-1 are anomalous, obelisk-shaped structures composed of a multitude of trace materials from a variety of locations and with a variety of ages, ranging from unidentified organism flesh (theorized to originate from jovian environments) to elements such as uranium, with a mean height of 1,200 meters. SCP-3628-1´s anomalous properties are shown when interacted with by a biological creature or SCP-3628 itself. SCP-3628-1 instances cover the surface of the pocket dimension with approximately 10 square kilometers between each instance, and, when interacted with through physical contact, seem to contain an indiscriminate amount of data and specimens from different planets and times (oldest specimen dates back 2.7 billion years ago). SCP-3628 claims to have not only created each instance of SCP-3628-1, but also to have inputted the contents of each instance through as of yet unknown means. These structures, as well as testimony from SCP-3628 itself, seem to suggest that the anomaly acts as a sort of researcher and/or collector of various items and knowledge from all over the local solar system as well as other star systems and galaxies. SCP-3628´s pocket dimension appears to be the transportation SCP-3628 uses in order to traverse alien environments including that of Earth, and the pocket dimension appears to be able to relocate itself across distances at approximately 11,000 times the speed of light. SCP-3628 seems to have only come to Earth as an additional area of interest in its collection of knowledge (See Interview Logs 1-1-3628, 1-2-3628, and Addendum 2-1-3628.)

Note: The interaction between Dr. Joshua Ming and SCP-3628 has established him as Head Researcher on the anomaly. After a twelve hour period of unconsciousness, Dr. Ming awoke speaking indecipherable words. From what we have been able to glean, these words may have been from the anomaly's native language. This interaction seems to have granted him some sort of understanding of the language spoken by the anomaly, perhaps given through a pseudo-telepathic interaction, and for the duration Dr. Ming will be tasked with recording and translating the words and phrases used by the anomaly. Investigation into this interaction is ongoing.
-Site Director Rajesh

Note: The willingness to answer our inquiries as well as non-violent motivations suggest that SCP-3628 could be a valuable asset to the Foundation. However, due to the limitations of the anomaly's dimension, I think that our aid in giving him knowledge of Earth and (potentially) the Foundation would encourage a sort of trade agreement between our species and it. We could study extraterrestrial life and astrophysics the likes of which we've never even scratched the surface of. Requesting permission for this sharing of information in order to procure knowledge.
-Head Researcher Joshua Ming

Granted. We have given you a list of Foundation-related topics you can address with SCP-3628. Don't make me look like a traitor, doctor.

Note: SCP-3628 hoards a vast amount of information, and if it is departing soon a research team should be dispatched with it to communicate information recorded on that journey back to Earth. It is a chance we will not be presented with again, and, as SCP-3628 is a peaceful anomaly, it may offer us a way to keep tabs or discover other anomalies based around and outside of our solar system.
-Head Researcher Joshua Ming

Proposition will be brought to the Council to be voted upon. Reveal no more information about the Foundation's decision on the matter or the nature of the proposition to those on your research team without clearance or the anomaly itself.

Some of my colleagues on the Researcher Team seem to be displeased with how few and far between our interactions with this SCP are, and I understand their frustrations. I'm able to record interviews only by memory, and translating words and terms that don't directly agree with certain grammatical rules in our language. Regardless, I can't help but be in awe of the anomaly. Perhaps it's some sort of latent cognitohazardous effect, or a symptom of the telepathic reaction when I first interacted with the anomaly, but I swear I've begun to dream in the language of 3628. Maybe the O5's don't see it yet, but an alliance with this SCP could launch us into a golden age of knowledge. I truly believe that this is not just some non-hostile entity, but a friend to the Foundation. -From The Journal of Dr. Joshua Ming