Item #:SCP-3XXX

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures:
Item SCP-3XXX is to be kept on a book shelf no more than with three (3) other shelves. The bookshelf is to be filled with other books, but never on the same shelf as the artifact. No other dictionaries are to be kept on the bookshelf. Personnel are to never use SCP-3XXX unless absolutely necessary. The bookshelf being used is to always be kept in Dr.███'s office.

If SCP-3XXX is to be found in any other location other than where it was placed, it is to be incinerated, as this could be a possible attempt at a containment breach. SCP-3XXX will be able to create any word in its pages by itself when it is outside of SCP-3XXX-2 and when it is not being observed, or whenever the containment procedures are not followed.

SCP-3XXX is a classic pocket dictionary, seemingly never expanding, despite its abnormal properties.
SCP-3XXX's abnormal properties include an ability to make any word it has ever heard, including slang, appear inside of a page that would be where it would be placed alphabetically. It has an ability to seemingly erase any unused or misspelled words in a 24-hour period. It also has an ability to create the word a person is looking for. See Addendum 3XXX-1. Lastly, it has the ability to reappear in SCP-3XXX-2 whenever it is destroyed

SCP-3XXX-2 is any type of bookshelf used in the containment of SCP-3XXX. After about 48 hours of use, it appears to start rotting and deteriorating, despite the material used.

SCP-3XXX-3 is any object or being to be created by SCP-3XXX. After use, or in case of accidental use, SCP-3XXX is to be incinerated.

Simply shredding SCP-3XXX or any other attempt at destroying the object, other than incinerating the object, will never work, as it will continue making SCP-3XXX-3 instances.

Addendum 3XXX-1: Words created by personnel include:
Dr. ███
And finally, SCP-3XXX-2
Simply trying to create any non-living organism or any non-materialistic word, will result in it creating a page of the word on it.

Addendum 3XXX-2: An instance of SCP-3XXX-3 has been attempted by simply looking up "SCP-3XXX-3", and simply created a copy of SCP-3XXX. Both of SCP-3XXX have been incinerated.

Addendum 3XXX-3: A picture of Dr. ████ has appeared on the back of SCP-3XXX. This is most likely because of the use of SCP-3XXX being used mostly by Dr. ████. Attempts at incineration have been unsuccessful at destroying the picture.

Addendum 3XXX-4: Destroying any instances of SCP-3XXX-3 other than incinerating them, have been unsuccessful.

Log 3XXX-1 - ██/██/████
-Dr. ████ attempts to find any other means of nullifying the effects of SCP 3XXX
-Dr. ████ pours water over SCP-3XXX, as means to try to destroy it with water. A cat sculpture is created in the west corner of Dr. ████'s office. Dr. ████ then attempts to incinerate SCP 3XXX
-A 24-hour time period was waited before the object was successfully incinerated

Log 3XXX-2 - ██/██/████
-Dr. Light attempts to create two instances of SCP-173 at once. They are created in the east corner of SCP-████'s containment cell, but do not have abnormal properties. Creating two things at once seem to rid of abnormal, or even normal properties.

Log 3XXX-3 - ██/██/████
-SCP-3XXX was used in attempt at containing SCP-682. Was successful by creating another instance of SCP-682. Further testing drew a conclusion to copies being significantly stronger than the originals, but can easily be stopped by specific means