Hoovyman's SCP proposal
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As a result of trial and error experimentation, SCP-XXXX is to be stored in an SCP humanoid containment cell. The door and walls are blast-proof. No less than two guards are to be outside of these doors at any time.

The floor is to be made of a titanium grade 5 alloy (including vanadium, aluminum, iron, and oxygen) that was specifically made by SCP-XXXX to make an escape by digging through the floor to breach containment. This material is to be checked weekly for any possible breach. If an escape attempt has been made by SCP-XXXX in any form, repairs are to be made immediately.

SCP-XXXX is to be bound to the back of the cell by stainless steel chains and shackles. The shackles are to be placed around its neck and gauntlets made to keep hands together are to prevent it from manifesting objects that will help it escape.

If it is necessary for SCP-XXXX to be removed from its containment for experiments or nourishment, a shock collar is to be placed on the neck to ensure no breach of containment once the shackles are removed. The remote to access the collar is in the possession of Dr. █████, the head researcher on SCP-XXXX.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a 1.83m tall Caucasian male, about 20 years of age, with blonde hair and glasses, and appears to have a thin build. If allowed to be released from its shackles at any time, it will be inclined to immediately breach containment, or formulate a plan to do so. It is not bound by normal laws of physics.

It will be bound by cartoon physics, (as described by SCP-XXXX) and completely neglect any other normal laws. SCP-XXXX has displayed abilities of negligence of injury (despite it being obviously being hampered by injuries inflicted) by falling from high areas and being crushed by heavy objects. While it can feel pain, only electric shocks by tasers are capable of subduing it for a long amount of time. Explosions at close range seem to affect it greatly, but do not kill it. SCP-XXXX will remain intact, but be covered in soot after an explosion or highly powered shock. It has proved to be impossible to kill by all methods available to humans; but it is still vulnerable to chemical poisons and memetic hazards. Also, SCP-XXXX does not possess supernatural strength.

Amputation has no effect as it can re-attach severed limbs. Most importantly at the head, which many observers have found disconcerting. SCP-XXXX has an obsession to escape containment, and do whatever it wishes. It will make any attempt to escape. This obsession had made it difficult to capture upon first discovery. It has also shown tendencies similar to that of cartoon characters from older animated shows. This makes it spontaneous and unpredictable, but humorous to watch (according to some agents who had first tried to capture it).

It may also run at superhuman speeds and stretch with great elasticity at its limbs. This is noticed primarily at the arms. It can shift its body shape to hide behind similarly shaped objects. While it can move at speeds up to ██ km/h, this is only in short bursts. It's elasticity for stretching outward is also rather limited, only to the average length of a baby grand piano.
Another ability it has displayed has been to spontaneously pull objects seemingly out of nowhere: (including but not limited to) food, tools, and weapons, so it could hypothetically sustain itself. This power is only limited to its imagination. Tools it has manifested have been shovels,(used to escape) and an MP3 Player to listen to music. Weapons have mostly been high-caliber guns and rifles. In one case, [DATA EXPUNGED] was used to escape. It has also manifested close-range weapons such as swords, a comically oversized hammer, and a large fish used to 'leave people with a fishy taste in their mouth!' - A direct quote from SCP-XXXX.

Thankfully, these objects appear to be limited only to handheld objects. Fictional weapons cannot be manifested in any way, but it can scale the objects it manifests to be larger or smaller depending upon it’s need for use of the weapon or tool. It may alter the chemical structure of the materials it manifests to meet its needs. It will always be able to maneuver these objects, regardless of size, even if it should be physically impossible to do so. Investigation into this capability is ongoing. Testing to see if it can manifest weapons or tools SCP's is forbidden at this time. The composition changing ability of SCP-XXXX has subsequently led to it's containment once the shovel it used was analyzed, and it was determined that it cannot make any unfeasible or anomalous alloys, it was deemed necessary to make more of the material to implement into it's containment chamber.

It has also manifested explosives to blast out of its containment on numerous occasions. It has manifested multiple pies to throw at containment teams, for blinding them.
One other ability is to set up traps, many of which have caused casualties, much to SCP-XXXX's chagrin, (so it says). Some of which are in similar, overcomplicated nature to the cartoons [REDACTED], [REDACTED], and of course [REDACTED].

However, it does not desire to severely injure others, as experienced in multiple statements, and signs of showing restraint to containment teams on breaches, and otherwise shown sad expressions upon accidentally killing personnel. Many of its researchers attribute it to [DATA EXPUNGED], and others on its staff assume it is trying to win a sympathy vote with the Foundation staff.

SCP-XXXX is generally benign, however, and has cooperated with the Foundation on all matters not regarding its attempted breaches.

SCP-XXXX came from [DATA EXPUNGED], and has not been able to explain how its abilities manifested, as it remembers a time when it was obedient with its parents. It says its abilities have manifested in accordance with its puberty, and once it was done with puberty, life had taken on a much more drastic turn. Once it learned of its powers after being run over by a semi-truck, and surviving, it went on to do whatever it pleased. It was captured on its 20th birthday, █/█/20██.

Containment log:

Attempt 1: Standard humanoid SCP containment cell
Result: Breached within one hour of containment, and almost escaped the building before being stopped by tear gas grenades.
Note: “Yeah… I THINK it would take more than THAT to contain it you morons!” Dr. ██████

Attempt 2: Standard humanoid SCP Containment Cell with two Guards.
Result: Large explosion, (Presumed to have been made by spontaneously created TNT) resulting in the deaths of both guards. SCP-XXXX began crying over the deaths, and voluntarily surrendered itself.
Note: “Great, we need it to be explosion proof as well?!” Dr. ██████

Attempt 3: Blast-Proof walls and door, with two Guards on the outside.
Result: Seemed to have worked until about three months later, when a hole was found in the center of the cell. Upon following the hole, it ended up in [REDACTED], New Mexico, where SCP-XXXX was found asking for directions before being subdued by Foundation Agents when left alone. It resisted greatly, with non-lethal methods, but was eventually caught.
Note: “Now we need it to be too solid for a shovel to dig through. What was that shovel made from anyway?!” Dr. ██████
Note 2: Questioning of SCP-XXXX revealed that it had used a titanium-Kevlar hybrid shovel, which was more than enough to dig through the ground uninhibited by anything, though it commented on seeing a lot of moles.

Attempt 4: Blast-Proof Walls and door, titanium-Kevlar hybrid floor (made by SCP-XXXX itself, and implemented by Foundation Engineers), with two guards on the outside and video surveillance implanted by hidden cameras on the inside.
Result: The [DATA EXPUNGED] it manifested was used to escape through the windows in its cell. It managed to escape into the site parking lot, but was stopped by Foundation Agents.
Note: “Either we remove the windows, or bind it to the wall. Find a way to make it unable to use its hands.” Dr. ██████

Attempt 5: Blast-Proof Walls and door, titanium-Kevlar hybrid floor, with no less than two guards on the outside, video surveillance implanted by hidden cameras on the inside, and binding it with chains and shackles to the wall of its chamber.
Result: Successful on all fronts.
Note:” At least it won't get any more compulsions to escape, am I right?” Dr. ██████

Addendum SCP-XXXX-01: Since it can alter the chemical makeup of materials it manifests, it has been considered to use it to help create containment cells for hostile SCP's that try to breach containment frequently. Proposal is up for O5 review.