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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: No more or less than 1 instance of the object is to be allowed to exist at any time. The single instance is to be hand-written on a plain sheet of white paper kept in an opaque folder, which shall be kept within a standard secure safe. Any access to the paper must be expressly approved by the O5 council or the overseer 2/XXX. Permission to access the object is granted on a per-access basis only. Unless by direct override from the O5, anyone who views the object must immediately take a class-B amnesiac after completing the purpose they viewed it for.

Under no circumstances is the object to be stored electronically, or on mechanical objects capable of expressing any kind of data such as abacuses or adding machines, or recorded or transmitted in any form. No numbers derived from the object may be permanently recorded or remembered in any way either. By its nature, not even personnel involved in its containment may know the informational content of the object. Personnel may recognize instances of containment breach by the characteristic effects of the object on anything connected to mathematical processes, such as computers, surveys, statistics, measuring instruments, and human brains.

Description: SCP-XXX is a mathematical formula consisting of ██ variables and █ constants on █ sides. As every constant is on the same side of the equation, the formula seems unsolvable. However, when substituting for any of the variables, the formula can be solved by anything capable of mathematical calculation and outputs integers value of every variable. If calculated with the same input repeatedly, the equation will generate a different output after every third computation.

Additionally, any output of the equation, SCP-XXX-1 will exhibit anomalous effects if used for other mathematical operations, the outputs of which in turn exhibit similar effects. For example, if a computer solved SCP-XXX and returned █=Y, then subsequently solved for 2Y=4, it might return Y=3. If the computer then performed an operation involving 3, such as 3+2, it would return another abnormal result, such as 8. Afterwards, any operation the computer performed involving Y, 3, or 8 would be affected similarly. This example output is fictitious, and thus not contagious: SCP-XXX in reality outputs only integers, and not variables such as Y.

The effect only propagates from direct lineage: a human observer seeing the 8 from the computer process would experience similar effects if they performed any computation involving 8, but a human who had never seen the specific 8 result descended from the SCP-XXX output would be completely unaffected.