Human Eggs
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

^^ SCP-XXXX-C Being dissected by a team at Site 19 April 4 20██ ^^

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-XXXX-A through -D are to be kept in a locked freezer units at site 19. SCP-XXXX -E is to be kept at the same facility, within a humanoid containment cell. Access is granted to all personnel with Level 3 Clearance and above.
All interested researchers should contact Dr. Burns who is coordinating investigatory efforts.


SCP-XXXX-A through SCP-XXXX-D consist of humanoid corpses exhibiting phenotypic features consistent with Caucasian males in their thirties. Each of the specimens was formerly encased in a standard steel oil drum with ‘concrete’ (see below) filling the gaps and sealing them in (this related biological material is stored in the freezer with them). SCP-XXXX-E is a human-like figure which was successfully^ extracted from a similar drum live.

The specimens were approved for dissection on April 18th 20██. While maintaining the surface appearance of ordinary human beings magnetic Resonance Imaging and microscopic examination revealed that the entities’ internal structure consist of [Redacted]. Moreover, spectrographic analysis confirmed that the ‘concrete’ sealant is a nutrient rich pseudo-cartilage of unknown biological origin. Current speculation by Foundation biologists suggests that that the ‘drums’ are egg like casings to protect and support the development of the human like entities to be contained within.

When SCP-XXXX-E was cut out of its casings it began respiration and to exhibit basic reflex responses. – SCP-XXXX-E was wholly unresponsive to everything except standard human reflex tests and is listed as brain dead.—.(See Addendum 1)

SCP-XXXX-E spends the majority of its time staring northwest, the angle of its stare changing slightly when switched between containment cells.^1 The specimen maintains a peak physical state on a diet of 400 calories a day.

The organisms were recovered by a fishing trawler ███ kilometers off the coast of ████████ on April 5th 20██. At the time, all SCPs were completely contained in their steel drums/biological casings. The trawler crew issued an emergency call when they heard what they thought to be human speech emanating from one of the drums.

A rapid response team intercepted the call and recovered the specimens under the cover story that they represented victims of a particularly brutal form of narco-violence.

Addendum 1
On October 15 20██ SCP-XXXX-E began to speak rudimentary English; although this remains largely unintelligible except for its repeated requests to be allowed to travel to [REDACTED]. Subsequent information confirms that SCP-XXXX-E possesses sapience or at very least more complicated behavioral instincts.

Recent research has revealed at the exact angle that would lead to [REDACTED], this behavior is resumed and adjusted when switching cells as SPC-XXXX-E tracks [REDACTED] though unknown means.
SCP-XXXX shows no need or desire for clothing, no signs of boredom or other trauma related to its prolonged isolation providing further confirmation.

Addendum 2:
Dr. Burns requests clearance to release SCP-XXXX-E at [REDACTED] to observe behavior there. – Request denied *O5-4

Addendum 3:
Despite increased security sweeps at [REDACTED] following the interview with SCP-_-E, nothing akin to the SCP-XXXX or any anomalous activity has been detected.

^We actually don’t know the extraction was successful, SCP-XXXX-E’s erratic behavior may be the result of underdevelopment due to a premature ‘birth.’ *Dr. Burns