Hungry Ghosts

Item: SCP-2037/Hungry Ghosts

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment: Both the laptop and smart phone 2037-A is currently imprisoned between are secured in a 3 x 3 featureless, cement room located in the subbasement level of site █████. In accordance to recommendation put forth by Containment Specialist, █████, three separate signal jamming devices are secured in the ceiling of 2037-A cell, with an additional four others such devices divided between the immediate corridor and stairwell that can be remotely activated in case of an emergency.

As an added measure of precaution all electronics are strictly prohibited from entering the 12 meter exclusion zone. Level 3 security clearance, and advance written consent of Dr. █████ required for access. Staff entering the exclusion zone must first immediately shut off, then relinquish all cellular phones, and any other wifi capable devices to the assigned security personnel. Failure to follow these mandatory protocols will result in severe penalties, and/or immediate demotion.

Note: After the incident involving 2037-B, and immediate concerns of possible security breaches, all names, including the new site location, have been expunged. Level 4 clearance required in order to view the original, unaltered files, and subsequent developments. Files are not to be transferred through any electronic delivery source.

Description: Agents of task force [Redacted] first believed that 2037-A was broadcasting from some physical location. It was not until [Data Expunged].

It is now confirmed that 2037-A is one of several incorporeal entities literally roaming the internet much the same way a seafaring predator wanders the ocean. It is currently unknown if this species came into existence with the advent of the internet, or have previously existed and are now just exploiting it for their benefit.

2037-A was initially extremely difficult to track, and impossible to capture until it risked entering the chosen laptop of the last victim it was preparing to, what researchers have currently labeled, “harvest” prey. Agent █████ who was leading the task force, and had been tracking 2037-A for nearly 2 years, was able to finally trap and contain the entity through [Date Expunged]

If this is any indication to how this entire species operate then tracking, containment, or failing those options, terminating them will prove laborious but not impossible.

2037-A's hunting grounds were those of online dating sites. For reasons currently unknown it always creates a profile under the moniker, “Curious22”. From there the entity will either lie in wait for users to begin messaging it, or it will make the first move by initiating first contact. Race, age, sexual orientation, and gender seems to be of no deterrence when selecting prey. The hunting pattern strongly indicates 2037-A actively seek out those who are happiest with their lives, and are in search of sharing that life with a significant other. Why this is the main criteria for potential prey can only be hypothesized on at present.

At the beginning of the correspondence 2037-A will not have a picture available on its profile, instead claiming to either reserve such for requests, or protecting its identity due to the nature of their profession. A prime example of this behavior can be found in Case 18 concerning █████, where 2037-A explained to the victim that it was a college professor and did not want to potentially have any students see its profile.

If the conversation goes as planned 2037-A will either email or text a photo of its created persona. Researchers have stringently analyzed several of these photos collected through [Data Expunged]

This disproved the earlier theory that 2037-A was using pictures of real men and women collected from the internet, or some other source. Instead, these extremely life like photos are literally the creation of the entity, which has an uncanny ability to generate an appearance that is extraordinarily pleasing to its prey's desires. To further the ruse it can even stimulate phone conversations or video chat.

However, this subterfuge extends far beyond the boundaries of only desirable physical qualities, as it has been observed that 2037-A fabricates an intricate personality exclusively tailored to win its prey over. This mimicking goes as far as taking on small “quirks” that one might find attractive, such as a certain type of laugh, the way it smiles, a particular vernacular, its physical and verbal reaction to certain subjects, etc.

The current lead of the research team assigned to 2037-A, Dr.█████ noted that this entity apparently utilize subliminal cues to further engender itself to it's prey. Further proof of this was provided after debriefing three of four remaining Class D subjects allowed to interact with 2037-A. [See notes below]

What truly makes 2037-A a formidable predator is it's ability to psychically manipulate it's prey through still unknown means. It has also been discovered that this ability is exceedingly more potent than first estimated. Through the combined interviews conducted with five of its still living victims, and debriefings of the remaining D Class subjects, it is discovered that 2037-A also has the ability to implant false memories of various outings, dates and even sexual encounters in the minds of its prey.

The stronger the emotional connection the easier, and more elaborate these memories will become over time. This discovery firmly answers the important question as to why none of its victims ever questioned why their new love interests only spoke to them online or over the phone.

These memories are apparently so vivid that the D Class subjects, despite being reminded, and provided with evidence on several occasions that they had not as much stepped foot outside the facility since research began, refuse to accept the truth. Research and security personnel should be actively aware that this incessant denial can evidently become violent, as with the case of Subject 04, who unfortunately had to be terminated by security upon attacking and injuring Dr.█████ during his first session.

For all intents and purposes the persona created by 2037-A is a real person to the target. A combination of false memories consisting of spending time together, and daily communication makes this match perfect. That is when 2037-A begins its attack. After offering the target everything their heart could ever desire in a significant other, the entity begins rapidly taking it away in the most painful of ways possible. It is currently theorized, though hardly understood, that 2037-A does this to somehow “open” its prey. See notes below for actual examples.

Finally, when 2037-A's prey is emotionally despondent, confused, and at their most vulnerable, 2037-A “harvest” them. Victims go unconscious, and retains no memory of the event, but researchers report it as a number of incorporeal, dark colored tentacles suddenly emerging from whatever device being used to communicate with, sinking into the prey's head without any physical wounds, and extracting something unseen. What ever is taken appears to profoundly effect the victim negatively on a psychological and emotional level, leaving them deeply depressed, withdrawn, and inconsolable. Such has resulted in all victims either being hospitalized, committing suicide, or both.

Currently, during its extended confinement, 2037-A has completely abandoned any remotely human guises in its increasingly agitated state. As it intermittently “jumps” between the screens on the laptop and phone, it appears as an onyx, amorphous shape shifting with screaming mouths, numerous wild eyes, and multiple hands seemingly trying to “claw” out of the screen.

The frequent distorted screams emitting from both devices have been reported to be loud enough for guards stationed outside it's cell to hear. These sounds appear to be unnerving personnel. Sound proofing has been recommended. 2037-A, when it does choose to as much acknowledge the presence of staff, still refuses to speak beyond threats and demands.

Obsevations: Subject 01 recalled, during his subsequent debriefing, that in high school his first love was a Caucasian girl with freckles and green eyes, that he met in art class during his freshman year. 2037-A, going by the name “Lucy”, took on both physical attributes and claimed to be a graphic design artists. It carried on this ruse for over 3 weeks.

2037-A harvested Subject 01 by disguising itself as a member of local law enforcement to inform him that it had been killed in a fatal automobile accident.

Subject 02 recalled having an intense attraction towards the adult education instructor, an woman of unknown Asian decent, that taught remedial English at the prison he was conscripted from. When interacting with 2037-A, going by the name “Leanne”, took on the form of an Chinese-America woman that was also a creative writing teacher.

2037-A harvested Subject 02 by first implanting a memory of an intense argument during their last “outing” that escalated until he struck her. After returning no calls or emails for two days, the entity called only to first accuse of him of being just like his father (Subject 02 confided in 2037-A that his father, who he deeply resents, was both an alcoholic and abusive husband), then ending their relationship.

Subject 03 revealed, despite growing up in a small town where race was frequently an issue, she had a secret crush on an African-American kid that played football at her high school. When interacting with 2037-A, then calling itself “Charles”, took on the persona of an African-American man that taught college football.

2037-A harvested Subject 03 by telling her it had found a much younger, more attractive woman to spend its life with. It then purposely gave several mixed messages such as telling her it changed its mind because it realized it was her it was in love with, before changing its mind to reject her all over again. Finally it stimulated “forgetting” that the live chat camera was on, and displayed an intense sexual encounter with the younger woman it also fabricated.

Subject 04 was uncooperative, and subsequently violent during attempts to debrief him. No memories of past relationships, or interests could be obtained before he was terminated. 2037-A, then going by the name “Stephanie”, carried on a 5 month farce with Subject 04, even going as far to pretend to become pregnant with his child.

2037-A harvested Subject 04 by first explaining she recently learned that she had a degenerative disease that would eventually end her life. Despite his promises to take care her, and his emotional pleads for the unborn child's life, the entity commenced to mimicking suicide by gun, pretending to kill both itself and the after-mentioned child. It is believed the intensity of this ruse irreparable damaged Subject 04'S psyche.

Dr █████ has currently discovered that administering a Class 3 Amnesiac has some effectiveness in combating the lasting effects of encountering 2037-A. However, despite no longer retaining the memories, subjects still reported bouts of severe, clinical depression, anxiety and reoccurring nightmares revolving around scenarios of failure.

Addendum: Dr.█████ has put forth a strong hypothesis that 2037-A does not preform these hunts out of a need for subsistence. Instead, these attacks are more akin to an addict constantly seeking its next fix. This current hypothesis stems from observations made by Dr. █████, who before joining the foundation, frequently worked in a hospital that routinely dealt with opiate addicts, and recovering addicts on a daily basis. It is her personal opinion that 2037-A is displaying some typical behavior associated with withdrawals, such as increased agitation, anxiety, and difficulty concentrating and confusion.

Recordings of 2037-A screams and demands have been closely monitored and analyzed by several members of Dr. █████ research staff. While the initial “split voice”, static, and other such audio distortions made it initially difficult to listen to, it has now been discovered that while 2037-A is indeed expressing its displeasure and anger, it also frequently call out names. It is theorized these are other beings of its species. Thus far, the team have been able to clearly decipher four separate names that have been repeated. The following are:





Dr.█████ has suggested providing no more subjects for 2037-A and observing the effects over a several month period. She hopes that such may lead the entity into a state desperate enough to finally cooperate in divulging information in exchange for a “fix”, much the same way an addict would. This recommendation is currently under review.

Incident Report After the security breach by 2037-B, greater counter-measures and added surveillance is to be deployed. A second task force has been dispatched in efforts to track down the remaining number of these entities as it is now abundantly clear some, if not all, are growing aware of our efforts.

2037-B was able to enter the facility, and very nearly reached the exclusion zone by concealing itself in Dr. █████'s smart phone. Such was only inadvertently discovered when 2037-B left the first device, and attempted to hijack the facilities systems in an apparent bid to free 2037-A. The second entity nearly succeeded in shutting down the security measures of the exclusion zone, and more disastrously, power to the entire facility, before site security was able to counter with [data expunged]

Which upon 2037-B released an unnaturally, high-pitched “cry” that permanently burned out several devices and systems as it abruptly vanished. It is currently theorized such may have destroyed, or in the least, greatly wounded the second entity.

Dr.█████ has currently been placed under strict quarantine and observation for a period of two months until it can be ascertained if he was under the influence of 2037-B, or was truly unaware that the entity had somehow managed to infiltrate a device in his personal possession.

However there is a positive note to this development. If 2037-B was willing to risk its own existence in order to free 2037-A, such exhibits some form of communal or familial bond that may also exist between the others. Perhaps 2037-A can be used as bait in future actions against these entities.