Hunter's Sandbox
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Item #: SCP-XXXX
Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:  Storage of SCP-XXXX and SCP-XXXXa is to in a locked arms briefcase which is to be locked in a normal combination safe. Once a month, one female personnel is to read from SCP-XXXXa for at least one hour with SCP-XXXX on.

Should the female personnel start experiencing the effects of the object, the room is to be remotely locked down till the event passes. Guards are to be accompanied by a skilled Wicca practitioner, preferably female, to recover the object.

Description:  SCP-XXXX is a pair of ornate gauntlets that that do not appear to have served any practical purpose in terms of armor protection or fighting ability. They have gold enlayed on a slightly radioactive iron base along with two large rubies set in the middle of them. The size seems to fit a smaller hand then that of a typical adult male.

They do not match any type of armor recorded from the Middle Ages of any country that is known to exist during the time period, this is both cause of the size and more ceremonial nature. Upon further researcher these gloves are meant for females due to the anomaly that has been reported with testing.

Males who attempted to put these on have dropped dead on the spot, and the cause of death is still unknown as of writing.

Researchers believe that these gloves where made in secret due to the laws at the time and possible connection to witchcraft. Researchers have discovered a witchcraft connection due to a scent of four flowers used commonly in herbal medicine to keep away demons and pictures from the recovery team of the site it was recovered from.

Researchers also are sure that these gauntlets are part of a set of objects which include: A rosary, a set of gauntlets, a circlet, and a sword. Documents recovered with SCP-XXXX and SCP-XXXXa support this theory. These objects are of interest to The Foundation and are to be secured when found. Documents also note that "When the entire collection is brought back together, an entity known as the Pale One is to appear and reclaim what is rightfully hers."

Evidence supporting the existence of the "Pale One" or "Madame Butterfly" are paintings showing her being a women with a skeleton that is made of crystal, eyes green as jade, hair black as coal, and skin as pale as snow.
When SCP-XXXX is put on by a female subject they gain a heightened intelligence and knowledge of herbs, plants, and alternative medicine, even if they have no former knowledge of the subjects, but this comes at a cost as they can only write in a language that was thought to have gone extinct at the end of the witch hunts,

SCP-XXXXa is a old leather bound tome in an unknown language that was recovered along with SCP-XXXX. Effort to keep these two objects apart have been fruitless as XXXX-a always reappears after sometime, usually an hour, near SCP-XXXX no matter the distance between them. The tome can only be opened by the wearer of SCP-XXXX or a Wicca.

With the former any attempts to keep these two apart results in the wearer of SCP-XXXX becoming agitated, panicked, and annoyed. While in possession of XXXX-a, The wearer of SCP-XXXX can read from the tome for days without stopping for food or water, with no adverse effect on the wearers body.

Testing on the book has shown that it is as old as SCP-XXXX and information obtained after testing has shown that it contains information relevant to SCP-XXXX and the Pale One.

After SCP-XXXX-a has been read through completely the effect of both SCP-XXXX-a and SCP-XXXX dissipate and the subject is free from SCP-XXXX's control. They are to be debriefed and tested psychologically for after effects.

Researchers believe that the effects are some sort of selection process for a map to the other items listed in the documents mentioning the "Pale One". Further testing and research of the documents are needed to try and find a link between the two objects and possible mention of other tomes and items.

A former black project soviet union research group that after the fall of the iron curtain went dark from the new government. According to documents recovered from abandoned GRU safehouse and disclosed interviews recovered by our Russian branch. The group specialized in the paranormal and the occult. They have been linked with several objects and experiments, several of where deemed failures by the Soviet Government.

The leaders name has yet to be found but she goes by the code name the winter witch. She commands a unit known as the witch's horsemen who dealt with recovery and research of objects deemed of interest to the KGB and Soviet Government. Documents have linked them to numerous occult projects for the soviet government.

There logo is of a stylized baba yaga and her cauldron. It is unknown if it has changed since the founding of the unit since most of the documents where lost and believe to be burned during a fire in the soviet government archives during the closing stages of the Cold War, Of note however ,from surviving documents, they seem to operate on an alternate revenue stream since the fall of the soviet union. Forensic accounting experts that where hired believe that they trade in artifacts and hard resources like diamonds, gold, and jewels instead of using money.

The group is also known to use other mercenary companies and private security forces to wage puppet wars against there enemies this includes the Chaos Insurgency and GRU-P Remnants as well as the GOC. The only group they seem handle on there own is the UIU, they have had incidents in the past in the mountains of Tibet, the jungles of south America, and warzones in central Africa.

Taskforce Guardian Angels

Emblem: Winged Shield with Sword

Size: Classified (though they are not seen in groups higher then 40 operators in the field at a time.)

Current Deployments: SCP-XXXX researcher defense. SCP-XXXX containment.

Brief description: Task force Guardian Angels recruits from former members of various military branches and police forces around the globe. They are a recent taskforce created within the last decade tasked with dealing with NOPRG objects and sites. They have a friendly rivialry with Taskforce Atomic Renegades usually cumulating into either a paintball game or baseball game during operative downtimes. The taskforce also has a number of painclothed members who handle most of the research and investigation work rather then tying up other foundation resources.

Equipment and materials: Task Force Guardian Angels personnel are all armed following standard Foundation organization though they do deviate in the deployment of Environmental Hazard Troopers, Who are armed with flamethrowers and specially modifed suits of fire resistant armor. These troopers are a necessity when dealing with SCP-XXXX: Codename Black Wind.