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SCP-2088 in containment area

Item #: SCP-2088

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2088 is to be kept in climate-controlled, restricted access containment room at Site-████ measuring 8 meters on all sides, with one entrance on the south wall of the room. The room must also contain a standard washer and dryer unit. Access to SCP-2088 is restricted to Class D personnel for testing purposes only, under the direct supervision of Research staff.

Description: SCP-2088 is an ornate, carved and stained wood bed frame, king-sized mattress, with matching sheets and pillows. The frame design and other materials are consistent with similar designs of the late Victorian era, from approximately 1860 to 1890. No identical designs have been found, and SCP-2088 has no manufacturer markings.

When subjects fall asleep in SCP-2088, they quickly enter REM stage and begin dreaming. While SCP-2088 does not appear to affect the content or narrative of the subject's dreams or nightmares (dreams described by the subjects are common), it causes physical manifestations of the dreams as physical or psychological symptoms.

In some cases, the effects of SCP-2088 are only psychological. Patients are traumatized by the experience, necessitating psychiatric evaluation after testing procedures. When a subject experienced injury in the dream, the subject's body responds in accordance with the dreamed injury, with severity varying relative to the dream, injuring the approximate area or organ(s) affected. Some tests have indicated that SCP-2880 directly causes viral, bacterial or cancerous infections, but further testing is necessary to conclusively determine if these conditions were a direct result of SCP-2880 or pre-existing conditions that were exacerbated.

Experiment 2880-01: One member of D-Class personnel, under instruction from Dr. G███████, entered the containment area. Once the subject had fully entered the containment area, she was instructed to lie down in SCP-2880. The subject complied, placed herself under the top sheet and blanket, and promptly fell asleep. After seven minutes of sleeping, subject awoke and called for "Susanne". After several repeated attempts to summon "Susanne", the subject grew impatient and began yelling and pounding her fists on SCP-2880 in frustration. After removal from the containment area, it was discovered that the subject believed herself to be the daughter of a wealthy diplomat in Edwardian-era Great Britain, and she was calling for her chambermaid. More study on the amnesic effects of SCP-2880 are necessary.

Experiment 2880-02: One member of D-Class personnel entered the containment area, following the same procedure as Experiment 2880-01. After sleeping in SCP-2880 for five minutes, subject awoke in an elated state, jumping, cheering and pumping their fists in the air. The subject then began banging on the containment cell's entrance, stating he "had enough to buy his way out of here". Subject later described he had won the lottery and has consistently attempted to bribe security personnel into aiding his escape from the Foundation after testing was concluded.

Experiment 2880-03: Ten minutes after falling asleep, subject awoke and sat up, staring directly ahead at the opposite wall. After repeated attempts to get the subject to respond to questioning over the PA system, security staff removed the subject from the containment area. The subject since has been in a catatonic state and has not responded to psychiatric therapy.

Experiment 2880-04: After sleeping in SCP-2880 for five minutes, subject quickly awoke, rose slightly, screamed, and then collapsed back down. Subject was found to be alive but unconscious, with a bloody nose. Subject later described to dreaming that he had fallen down a flight of stairs, and had broken his neck. Subject described intense neck pain for the following six weeks, and stayed motionless in his infirmary cot until the pain subsided.

Experiment 2880-05: Seven minutes elapsed, before the subject quickly awoke in pain, clutching the left side of his face and screaming. After the subject was evacuated from the testing area, Dr. E███████ discovered the subject was now partially blind in the left eye, and the left side of his face was severely inflamed. Post-testing interviews revealed that the subject had dreamed of an assailant pouring acid on his face.

Experiment 2880-05: After sleeping in SCP-2880 for seven minutes, subject began to violently seize. After approximately 45 seconds, the seizures subsided and the subject laid motionless. The subject was placed in the infirmary ICU, with bleeding presenting from the ears, mouth and anus. During post-testing interviews, research staff learned the subject had dreamed of getting a cold and missing a day of work. The subject expired six days after testing. Autopsy revealed the subject was infected with an unidentified hemorrhagic fever, and died from multiple organ failure.

Note from Dr. E███████: A washer and drier have been installed in the containment area following Experiment 2880-05. Cleaning should be performed after each round of testing to eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination between test subjects.

Experiment 2880-06: Prior to testing, one Class-D test subject was screened for any pre-existing medical conditions. After sleeping in SCP-2880 for eight minutes, subject awoke in a panic, clawing at his abdomen and screaming "Get it out! Oh, god. Get it out of me!". The subject described being impregnated by a group of [REDACTED] after being abducted from his home. Medical imaging indicated a 0.7 kg mass in the subject's stomach, consisting of [REDACTED] tissue, that was then removed surgically. DNA testing on the excised mass is still in process. The subject was subsequently treated for post-traumatic stress disorder, then terminated.