Item: SCP-####

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedure:

Necessary involvement with resurgent Taliban and Northern warlords and regional government. Special dispensation. ISAF and AFGOV liaison to ensure a surveillance / overflight exclusion zone.

First layer of containment is simply spatial. Security perimeter. Drone overflight. Monitoring ingress attempts and escape attempts. Stationary drone observation (peraheloid).

Second layer is informational. Public dissemination - Conservation area? Something boring? Govt dissemination, filtered through assets in DOD (DIA / USSOCOM), ISAF - UXO, cluster munitions / depleted uranium

Third layer is (where the dragons are, dreaming slow and dark and liquid). Enact protocol AZURE SEA.

TF Rho-39 (“Dirge Callers”) responsible for enacting and maintaining containment protocols. Surveillance, tracking and acquisition of SCP-####-1 instances. In event of breach / contamination / exposure, incendiary firing solutions.

Fourth layer is (where we will be, where we have been, again and again). Enact protocol AZURE OCEAN. (Restricted, L-4 and above)


A fort complex in Kunduz province, Afghanistan, containing a graveyard, a shrine and a madrassa. Empty complex. A prison. A place of experiments. A place of connection. A place of contact. A place where prisoners were remade. A place where the dead are numbered, and rise up slowly to commune with the changed world.

The madrassa itself is built on the exact long/lat coords marked UXO. At time of discovery, there were 25-30 students, 9 teachers, 4 support staff. Present strength varies from 0 to 1 soul, depending on event cycle.

Ghosts rise and go wandering when event criteria are met. Event criteria determined so far: 3 - 5 stillbirths in the preceding spring. Caves full of wolves dead from starvation.

Beneath the bones and hiding out of sight is an idiot machine, Ctrl V ing everything it comes across. The processes are broken, somehow. It should move, but it does not. It shouldn't eat everything, only copying, but it does.

But storage space isn't infinite. And so, there are - eruptions. Overflow. Cascading errors. Overrides to localhosts (sapient, or not). Wolves that are much smarter than they should be. Barely cogent humans. Flocks of corvids, operating as a distributed / swarm intelligence.


Pilgrims / supplicants to the altar. Site of bombing activity. Flagged by DOD (ISA) assets under UXO circa soviet occupation.

Conversion event dated --.

Green lights and distant conversations, humming and creaking. Three separate instances of activity have led to identification and enactment of containment protocols. The first observed event is actually the third recorded event. During research, two previous events uncovered.

First event log - GOC debrief, extracted by Foundation assets.

Second event log post containment, during regional disruption of Foundation operations in ####. Records are sparse, but log of events collated and reconstructed from commercial and govt sources.