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Recovered photograph of SCP-XXXX near its original sighting site. The photograph was recovered from one of the pockets from a victim of SCP-XXXX.

Item #: SCP-XXXX
Object Class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-XXXX must be kept in a 3mx4mx4m air-tight chamber with exposure to solar radiation through a thick glass panel in the ceiling that contains a manually operated hatch. SCP-XXXX must be over a 60cm diameter steel aperture, the opening for a 1,7m deep cylinder containing humus.
There are two doors to enter SCP-XXXX's chamber, as it‘s air-tight, and once leaving, The air beetwen doors is sterilized with several gas-based chemical/toxins.
It should be watered 100 mL once per week and should not be exposed to air, since its absence inhibits SCP-XXXX’s ''growth''. SCP-XXXX must have no more than 3-4 hours of solar radiation exposure per day, and a minimum of 1 hour. No organic matter should have contact with SCP-XXXX ; in a radius of 30-40m.
Any reports of any form of SCP-XXXX outside the facility are to be secured immediately. Protocol Gaulish is currently undergoing.


Photograph taken by the foundation's investigation personnel at the time of recovery in site-█████.

SCP-XXXX is a humanoid being, found in █████ [Brazil]; measuring about 1,8m in height and weights about 38 kilograms. It resembles a human being with disproportionately large head and hands; it also has aerial roots in place of its fingers and lower limbs, although it has roots in fixed position1 out from its torso; the cranium has a fixed position, as it lacks a neck, with ''roots'' coming out of its oral cavity,.
SCP-XXXX appears to be constituted by a ''grey, aged oak''2, with the abscence of any leaves or flowers, although, there is undecayed ''inner bark'' remainders. Genetic testing was inconclusive as there is no species with corresponding DNA. And material composition tests have demostrated that it‘s for the most part, composed of organic compounds. Under normal circumstances, it displays minimal sentience, however at extensive xposure to the solar radiation, SCP-XXXX becomes more sentient of its surroundings and physically active.
SCP-XXXX is capable of growing ’'roots'' with several large thorns, that tend to grow in several directions, interlancing and tensioning them, that will, under external force or not, cause the fibers to shatter and launch the thorns in several directions or flagellate the ''root'' with thorns. It‘s capable of inflicting heavy injuries in the victim, due to severe damage to main veins or arteries.
Direct contact with SCP-XXXX ’'skin'', will result in a reaction where several ''needle-like'' structures will inject SCP-XXXX-1, Which is a potent neurotoxin; SCP-XXXX-1 deflects a good part of the electromagnetic spectrum [Further research is needed], and, under friction or having contact with [REDACTED], combusts in a agressive reaction that might cause minor electronic disturbance and temporary blindness and/or deafness.
Although the DNA test was inconclusive, SCP-XXXX is capable of ''gernination'' of spores (similar to those of a fungi, which SCP-XXXX has shown no correlation nor similar structures), which, when under contact with a surface, under the right circusmstances; will grow into SCP-XXXX-2 which resembles a lichen, with the sole purpose of ''germinating'' more spores3 . When spores come in contact with biological beings, through direct contact with the being's exterior surface, or through inhalation, will cause the being affected to turn into SCP-XXXX-B.
Discovery of SCP-XXXX Log

Incident SCP-XXXX-1