Incident Report Titan-A-1

Date: 7/11/2082

Location: Titan Research Facility

Items/Anomalies Involved: Titan Artifact #004 (Awaiting Confirmation)

Foreword: While workers and archaeologists were collecting artifacts and stone samples of the underwater structures on Titan, they found Artifact #004. Artifact #004 was the most well preserved object found by personnel, being discovered at the centroid of an isolated room. It was a device that ran on a power source separate from the main power grid, making it a valuable find. Artifact #004 is a doorway constructed from an unidentified element, only 1.7 meters tall and one meter wide. It's intended function remains a mystery, and attempting to activate it once again could prove disastrous. Incident Titan-A-1 is believed to be linked to Artifact #004, as it began soon after a battery was inserted into the Artifact.

Summary of Events: The exact nature of Incident A-1 is unknown. Once it began, all communication devices shut down, along with 30% of all other electronic systems failing. Although the security footage is unclear, it has depicted several bipedal entities moving around the facility. A larger entity was allegedly spotted in the unused sewage system under the base, but no evidence of such a creature has been found.

The recorded footage of the activation of Artifact #004 shows all of the purple symbols inscribed into the artifact lighting up. An image, believed to be holographic, appears in the opening of the device. A hazmat worker picks up a pipe wrench and passes it through the hologram. It is unclear if the wrench appeared on the other side of the artifact, however, when the worker pulls the wrench out, the other half of the wrench was missing. This has created speculation that the hologram was masking a wormhole that lead to another location where the other half of the wrench was removed. It is also believed that, because the other side of the artifact cannot be seen, the other half of the wrench did appear on the other side, and was cut off from the other half by a force masked by the hologram, falling to the ground on the other side. However, neither of these theories have been confirmed, as most of the security footage has been corrupted or destroyed, and few survivors were found before the facility was destroyed. A PDA with multiple audio diaries on it was found beside Alexander Ivanov a Russian-American member of the research team. His audio diaries describe events not recorded by the remaining security footage, and backs up descriptions given by D-98657, one of the few survivors of the incident.